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The Painters

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We had just bought a new house and we were very happy to move right in so I called a painting company to come in and paint the rooms . The second day that the painters were at the house I noticed my wife was kind of liking the looks that she was getting from them when she was in the room.

One day after she was in the room with us talking to one of them I noticed her looking directly at one of them right in the middle of his crouch. I said to myself now that can’t be. I must imagining things so I called her apart and asked her to come back to our old house to pick up some new things.

On the way there she didn’t speak a word. When we got home (old house ) I started to feel her and asked her to make love. She agreed instantly like always but when I went down to eat her lovely pussy I noticed that she was wetter then ever so I got suspicious and remembered what I saw before.

She is incredible. We made love for hours and at one point I started with my teasing her with my fantasies about her with another man. I always ask her if I can talk to her about it and that day she agreed in a heartbeat. So in my head I said “can it be possible that my dear housewife has thought about the strange painters”? I had to put her to the test and so I did the very next day we went back to the house and found the 3 painters.

There I asked her after a little while to go up stairs with me in our bedroom to where there was only a mattress and a few chairs at the moment. I started to feel her breast and she asked me to stop but in a low tone of voice I said “no I want you right here right now. I love the fact that someone is in the house while we are making love.”

At first she thought I was nuts but after a little bit when I went down on her while she was sitting on a chair she started to relax. After eating her I made her position herself on the mattress and lift up her skirt. I started to fuck her from beyond and she started to make noises. I had left the door cracked open and the noises she was making was easy to be heard from the other room. After a few seconds I saw one of the painters stand by the door watching and at the same time stroking himself as fast as I was fucking my wife.

I told her about him and she went nuts but I told her “it’s ok, let him look,” so she went back on her knees again but I noticed that she tried to look towards the door a few times so I decided to step up the tempo and asked the guy to come in. He walked in and sat on a chair he never stopped to touching himself. He looked at my wife like a volture looks down at his victims. I began to fuck her harder and she began to moan again while he unzipped his pants and took out what I only can describe as a cock 3 inches bigger then mine and as thick as my fist.

My wife look at him and his monster and lowered her head down. I asked her if she wanted to feel his cock and at first she said no way but I asked him to get closer and he did he stood inches from her head. When she looked up she looked at me and asked me if it was ok for her to touch him I said “if you want to”. So she began first at his balls then his shaft admiring it. Keep in mind I was the only man she ever touched or fucked she was amazed.

So was I when I saw her tongue lick the precum on the huge head. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Seconds later she had his cock in her mouth and started to give him a royal blowjob. There was no stopping her now. At the site I just couldn’t hold back anymore and she knew that. In one movement she loosen herself from him and dropped on her knees in front of him before I could cum in her cunt. So I sat down and watched how they position themselves in a perfect 69. He couldn’t wait any longer and in a quick movement position himself between her legs and told her to guide him inside. She said “please be nice” ..and he told her “don’t worry when I am done here you will beg for more” and with that he started do disappear in her cunt.

I looked at her face and knew that she had already cum in to a deep orgasm as he started to pump harder and harder each time until he came. I saw her face intense pleasure while he was pumping his cum into her. They stop for a moment but to my wife surprise he moved in front of her and asked her to lick him clean. She obeyed but never noticed that the noise had attracted the other two men who by now wanted a turn with this beautiful naked women. She was licking him clean when she felt the tongue of another man playing her clit. She looked back and forward again and continued to suck the other mans dick and in a matter of seconds the other guy was pushing his cock in her cunt while she was blowing the first guy to a new bloiling point. Tthe third guy got under to suck on her nipples.

20 minute later I observed the most intense fucking that I could ever imagine my wife Would give. She now had one guy in her mouth one under her in her cunt and the big monster in her ass. (mind you I fucked d her ass just a few times and had to beg for it) Now she was begging this strange guy to give her more. Well the first to cum was the front man in her mouth. She surprised me again when I didn’t see her spit out the cum but swallow the all load. Still asking for more the second one came and then the third in her ass. She licked them clean and they began to fuck her again and again. They made her get on her knees and told her to open her mouth. She blew one while she jerked off the other two.

They came in her mouth, on her face, and all over her tits. She loved it and the guys do too. After she cleaned them good they left drained.

I stood there in disbelief as she looked at me and said “well that’s what you always wanted me to do, now at least we don’t have to pay for the painting of the house anymore.” We started to laugh and made love after that until night fall. The painters had 3 more days to finish and for three days they all took turns fucking her in every room and in every hole and in all possible positions. The very last day when the painting was over she said goodbye to them but not before giving them each one last blow job right by the front door.


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