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Nasa Tagaytay ako last Sunday. Irish was not in the country. I visited one of our advertising signages sa Tagaytay City.
Meeting ko sa mga clients inside the conference room. Hindi naman namin napansin agad ang ashfall from Taal kase medyo serious ang usapan. At around 5:00 pm nung sumilip kami sa bintana, that’s when we saw that shit, it was already dark and messy.
Nag-adjourn kami agad ng meeting. Since I was alone in the meeting, I brought a small car, a Honda Civic. Naka-park sa basement, so safe naman. I said to myself, I cannot drive out of the mess using such small car. I regret not driving an SUV.
Nagkakagulo sa lobby ng hotel where we were meeting. Immediately I planned to stay na lang in the hotel versus going back to Manila. Irish was on the phone shortly.
“Honey I heard Taal volcano erupted?”
“Yes, and I’m now trapped in Tagaytay.”
“Are you ok?”
“Yes, I’m ok. Problem is how to go home.”
“Do you need to go home?”
“May meetings ako bukas ako ng umaga honey… pero I will try to reschedule siguro.”
“Don’t risk driving na, unless you’re being evacuated. Book somewhere na lang diyan.”
“Yes luv, don’t worry. I’ll update you from time to time, gawan ko muna ng paraan.”
After talking to Irish, I approached the front desk, asking if they still have a room for the night. Negative, they said they’re fully booked even before the ashfall. I spoke to the Manager, baka pwede pa kong ma-accommodate. Hindi na raw talaga kaya.
I stepped out and the ashfall was thick. I did not have anything to cover myself with. Nanghiram ako ng payong sa hotel then walked to a nearby Starbucks to relax a bit. I had thick tissue papers to cover my mouth.
Surprisingly kaunti lang tao sa Starbucks. I had some dirt on my legs, naka-shorts lang kase ako, because of the thick ashfall so I did not sit down right away. I wiped myself clean with the tissues then looked for an empty table. My phone rang, it was my secretary. I told her I’m ok. She was asking if I need help, kase alam niya I was in Tagaytay. Sabi ko I will call her if ever.
I stood up to order. There was a young couple ahead of me. They were taking their time. Ok lang naman kase I was checking my FB, ang dami na palang mga post regarding the volcanic ashfall.
I decided to call our company driver.
“Manong, stuck po ako sa Tagaytay…”
“Naku sir nakita ko nga po sa net, grabe na daw ashfall diyan.”
“Baka po kailangan niyo kong sunduin, kung makukuha niya Land Cruiser ko sa condo?”
“Sir pwede pa, pero sa Pangasinan po ako manggagaling, dinalaw ko po si amang at inang.”
“Naku ang layo niyo pala…”
I checked on Waze, how long will it take from Dagupan City, Pangasinan to Tagatay. Seven hours!
“Sige Manong, no need, ako na po bahala…”
The young guy in front of me spoke, “Ah you’re also stuck here in Tagaytay?”
“Yup, I won’t risk driving my car in this kind of situation.”
“Same with us,” he said as he pointed to her female companion.
She spoke, “Yeah, we’re just lucky our hotel allowed us to extend our stay for another night so we plan to go home tomorrow.”
“Good for the two of you!” I replied.
The guy was chatty. He narrated that he has a friend who was in a seminar at a resort near Taal Lake who has been evacuated by the military. That’s when it really dawned on me, shit this is a serious situation.
It was my turn to order. The couple sat at a nearby table.
When I order came, I asked if I can join them.
The dude said, “Sure!”
As I sat down browsing my phone and reading the frantic posts of some friends in the area of Batangas, the girl asked, “Are you also a guest of the hotel?”
“Yes, but we were in their conference room. Hindi kami naka-check in.”
“Oh, hindi pala ikaw yung nakita ko sa gym last night,” the guy added.
“Can’t be me because I arrived early this morning lang.”
“But you obviously go to the gym, no? With your build and your strong legs,” the girl asked.
“Uy thank you naman. I try to maintain my weight. After the holidays, eto may tiyan na nga.”
“I’m Benedict btw.”
“Rob,” sabay handshake.
“And she’s Vernice, my fiancee.”
I reached out to shake her hand as well.
My phone rang again, it was our company driver. I stood up to excuse myself.
The couple for sure overheard me telling him he’s too far and that it will take him seven hours to get to Tagaytay, and therefore by that time, baka naka-drive na rin ako back to Manila.
I walked to the window and looked outside. It was chaotic. Traffic was on stand still. The ashfall seems getting thicker. The sky was very dark. It was an ugly scene.
I went back to the table.
Benedict smiled at me, “Relax man, it’s not the end of the world.”
I smiled back and thought oo nga naman. “Yeah, I just did not expect this, I hate not being prepared. I don’t even have extra clothes to wear assuming I sleep in my car.”
“Sus yun lang pala e. I have spare shirt that I can lend you, dude.”
Vernice broke her silence with a joke, “No actually, it’s now for sale, 500 pesos lang for you!”
Then we all laughed.
Our chat went on and on, which is good as it moved my mind away from the ashfall and being stuck in Tagaytay. I learned they were young entrepreneurs, that they own three branches of a rather famous Milk Tea franchise. They were in Tagaytay to look at a possible new location for their fourth branch.
It was several minutes later when I started looking at Vernice. Both of them were definitely Chinese. Vernice is a typical kolehiyala appearance, on the slim side, maputi, long hair na naka-pony tail. I was surprised however to see a sizable cleavage on her V-neck shirt. And though seated, I could guess she’s probably around 5 feet 2 inches which makes her quite petite.
Benedict is definitely a gym buff. His muscles were pressed on his shirt. He’s likely 3 to 4 inches shorter than me kanina when we were standing to take our orders and I’m 5 feet 10.
“Hey, we’re going back to the hotel for dinner, you can join us if you want,” Benedict invited.
“Well, I have nowhere else to go.”
Cut the story short, they were a terrific couple. Dinner and a few drinks, and we were talking like we knew each other for so long. They were happy to know I’m also an entrepreneur. I shared with them some of my mistakes, and how I survived.
Before we knew it, halos 9pm na. Nahiya naman ako so I said, “Hey guys, I really appreciate this but I also don’t want to keep you. Medyo late na rin and maybe I can now drive back to Manila.”
“Ha, good luck mister!” Vernice said. She continued, “A friend of mine is still stuck near Taal Vista Hotel area, and they left their hotel around 6:00 p.m. Tatlong oras na sila stuck.”
I shook my hand and looked at my phone. The news and posts are all the same, people frantically trying to leave Tagaytay.
I saw a message from Irish, I assured her I am ok, that I’m having dinner lang.
Vernice gestured to stand up, “Rest room lang ako.” As she stood up, “Babe san ba rest room dito?” talking to Benedict, who pointed to where it is. “Samahan mo na lang ako please, tara.”
I found it strange that a woman would ask her boyfriend to go to the rest room with him, but what the heck, whatever floats their boat.
They came back together after around 10 mins.
I was still typing on my phone, sending an email to my Secretary to reschedule my Monday meetings.
Tapos Benedict said, “Dessert pare? Or coffee?”
“I’m good pare. Too full for dessert. Thank you.”
“I’ll have a pot of green tea,” Vernice told her bf.
“Hey dude, sorry for this personal question ha. We don’t notice a wedding ring. At your age, you’re still single ba?”
“Ah not really, I’m engaged like you. Saka I’m only 33 pa lang naman.”
Benedict goes, “Ah ok.”
“Where is she?” Vernice asked.
“She’s in Singapore on a business trip. She’s back in a week.”
“Ah kaya pala you’re alone. So when’s the big day?”
I turned to Vernice as she spoke with a tease, “The big day is middle of this year. She wants to be a June bride.”
“Wow, romantic!” she continued to tease.
Benedict said, “Kami sa December, sabay honeymoon na rin sa States.”
I also learned through our chat that he’s 28 and she’s 23.
Vernice’s pot of tea arrived. Halfway through sipping on her teacup, her boyfriend broke the silence.
“Hey Rob, we know you’re in a tight spot now. We actually don’t mind that you spend the night in our room.”
I’ve been in this situation before, and it never gets less tricky. Usually my first response is, “diyahe naman, etc.”
“Wow, thank you, so generous of you, sir!”
Vernice was quiet, but she was looking at me. I paused. A bit of an awkward moment there.
Benedict again broke the silence, “So is that a yes, you’ll spend the night with us?”
Ok, to be clear, hindi pa rin ako sure kung good time hanap nila or mabait lang sila. So I played safe.
“Yes – only if you will let me pay for at least half of the cost of the room, and this dinner.”
Vernice laughed, halos mabuga niya yung tea that she was drinking.
“Oh you don’t get it…” she said.
I responded, “I don’t want to assume, but I like where this is going.”
It was Benedict’s turn, “Dude, it’s ok, don’t worry about the cost. Have fun tonight with us, ok?”
I smiled looked at Vernice, “Of course!”
“Deal?” Benedict asked, with a hand extended to me. I grabbed his hand and said, “Deal!”
“Just one rule,” Vernice said.
I said, “Let’s hear it.”
“Condoms please.”
My cock got so hard when I heard her say that. “No problem,” I told her. She’s ready to get fucked, in not so many words!
“There’s another rule, pare,” Benedict declared.
I looked at him, curiously waiting.
“She says stop, we stop. Nothing that she doesn’t like.”
“Oo naman,” I assured them.
Just like that and he requested for the bill.
While waiting for the waiter, Vernice asked. “Since we all agreed anyway, I am curious, if you don’t mind one question…”
“I don’t mind.”
“How big are you?”
“Just right, seven.” I did not want to oversell myself.
She smiled in a naughty way.
“Bigger siya babe,” she told her boyfriend, who said, “That’s even better di ba?”
She smiled.
We went to the elevator then walked to their room. They were walking in front of me. Turned out they had a junior suite, with a small living room.
I sat down then they both went into their bedroom.
Benedict then was the first to appear again with a towel wrapped around him. “Join us in the shower, dude.”
I stood up and walked towards their room. I started taking off my shirt, pants. I was down to my underwear when I entered their bathroom. It was a large toilet and bath with a bath tub and a very wide shower area. Vernice was already in the shower, facing the wall. I could see her shape despite the mist.
“Mababasa underwear mo, Rob.” Benedict jokingly reminded me.
“No plans to keep it, pare. Not with a girl like that.”
“Go, man!”
Totally naked, I stepped into the shower. Nakatalikod si Vernice. I approached her, placed my arms on her shoulders. Hinawi ko hair niya then kissed her neck. Her shoulders. She moaned quietly.
Then I placed my hand on her breasts. Wow. A young woman’s breast, unmistakably. Sobrang firm and supple. I played with her nipples, enjoying her ten years younger than me body.
I felt Benedict enter the shower too. He moved in front of his girlfriend and started kissing her. I could see their lips and tongues lapping at each other.
I moved my left hand between the legs of Vernice. She was warm and wet. I told her in a way that her bf can hear, despite the sound of the shower, “Spread your legs a bit.”
She did.
I placed my fingers on her crack. Basa at mainit na puke niya. Walang hair masyado. I played with her clit. Slowly. Then I placed my middle finger inside, tracing her hole, gently. She was wet and it was almost effortless.
I heard Benedict tell her, “You ok babe?”
A soft, “Yeah” from her.
I was so hard and I wanted to fuck her right there and then. I moved closer to her and rubbed my body on her back. I was still playing with her breasts when I felt the mouth of her boyfriend going for her nipples.
Benedict turned the faucet to reduce the volume of water falling from the shower head.
I fingered her girlfriend and grabbed her hand, placed it on my hard cock. She wrapped her fingers around it, “Oh you’re big…”
“It’s bigger when inside you.”
Benedict lifted her girlfriend’s left leg then began to kneel in front of her. Kinain niya girlfriend niya so I had to stop fingering her.
“Sige lang pre, finger her while I eat her.”
I resumed fingering her, while he was tonguing her clit. Awkward because he would sometimes hit my finger with his tongue. His girlfriend was moaning and moving to meet his mouth. She also squeezed my cock a bit.
I buried my finger deeper into her. She was getting more wet and more tight. I played with her breasts too then kissed her neck, her face, her ears. She was more violently moving and moaning louder.
Benedict turned off the faucet completely.
I can hear nothing but our heavy breathing and the moans of Vernice. Tang-ina ang sikip ng puke niya, sakal halos finger ko. It’s been a while since I had someone this young.
Then she came, nakasabunot kamay niya sa buhok ng boyfriend niya habang tuloy pa rin pagdila niya sa puke ni Vernice. My finger was trapped inside her, and she was throbbing. She released my cock in the process.
Tumayo na si Benedict. Yumakap sa kanya si Vernice. I let go of her breast and removed my finger from her cunt.
May binulong sa kanya si Benedict. Hindi ko narinig. Whatever it was, she turned around me and pushed me lightly to the bathroom wall. Then she licked my chest, my nipple. Her tongue was so tender and warm. Tapos lumuhod na siya sa harap ko.
Without looking at me, she swallowed the head of my cock. In and out of her mouth, pero yung ulo lang. Benedict was jerking off while watching her girlfriend. He sat on the edge of the bath tub while watching.
Vernice played with my balls. I was enjoying her mouth. I got very hard when she placed her tongue sa dulo ng burat ko, tapos pinaikot-ikot niya, hanggang sa ilalim ng ulo. She definitely knew her game.
“Subo mo pa babe,” Benedict commanded her.
She did. She tried. She paused halfway. I started to fuck her mouth.

To be continued…


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Written by Rob Galvez


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