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For the first time, I managed to close my eyes inside the privacy of their bathroom. Ninamnam ko yung bibig ni Vernice on my cock. While she was struggling to put all of my cock inside her mouth, her slurping sound tells me she is enjoying.

When I opened my eyes, I saw her left hand wrapped around my shaft, then yung kanang kamay niya nakakapit sa legs ko. She was almost seated on the bathroom floor. I placed my hands around her face. I was pumping her mouth gently. Jakol ng jakol yung boyfriend niya.

“Pucha ang sarap mo…” – words that came out of her mouth when she stopped sucking me. Then my cockhead disappeared in her mouth again.

She was jerking my cock off with her hand habang yung ulo nasa loob ng bibig niya. This went on for a few minutes and for the first time, I felt I was sweating inside their shower area.

Vernice would pause to wipe her mouth, basang-basa burat ko ng laway niya. She would then resume sucking me. She would cover her teeth with her lips then bite hard on my cock. Medyo may gigil na kasama. Shit ang sarap!

I grabbed her pony tail and moved her mouth backward and forward on my cock. She gagged a little bit but recovered fast.

Benedict was watching intently. Mabagal lang ang jakol niya. Nanunuod mabuti.

His girlfriend is not stopping. Sobrang gutom niya for my cock. She was slurping, pulling it out of her mouth, dinilaan niya yung dulo ng ulo. Tapos she ran her tongue along the shaft. Then swallowed me again. She was giving me head like there’s no tomorrow.

Her saliva was flowing on my pubic area, balls and on my legs.

Benedict stood up, “Tara sa bed na tayo…”

Vernice heard him for sure but did not stop sucking me agad. She kept rolling her tongue around my cockhead. After a few seconds, she let go of my cock, grabbed my arms and lifted herself up from the floor. Shit she’s so sexy and slutty. I grabbed her in front of me, kissed her breasts, licked her nipples.

“Guys tara na sa bed, dun natin tuloy,” said Benedict who was already out of the shower area and drying himself with a towel.

“Sorry pre, your girl is just so hot.”

“Hehehe I know right.”

Vernice stepped out of the shower area, grabbed a robe then went to their bedroom.

I turned on the faucet. I allowed the hot water to flow on my head and body, pampababa ng libog. After a minute, I grabbed a towel and joined them in the bedroom.

They were both in bed. Nakaupo si Benedict, naka-slouch gf niya.

I sat on a chair across the bed, looking at them.

“Sorry I got carried away kanina,” Vernice apologized to me.

“Oh that, no, don’t apologize. I enjoyed every second of it.” That made her blush.

Benedict threw bottled water towards me, “Oh pare, inom muna ng tubig.”

“Thank you pre.”

I drank then relaxed a bit.

There was awkward silence again. I decided to break it this time.

“Hey, mind my asking if it’s your first time?”

They looked at each other, then it was Vernice who answered, “For real, yes. Role play, no.”

I just smiled. Then Benedict added, “I bought a vibe, we named him Hung.” Then they both laughed.

“Wanna see it?” asked Benedict.

“Oo ba!”

Then he stood up, walked towards one of their bags in the room. He brought out a vibrator that looked like it’s at least 8 inches and very thick.

I smiled and asked, “Kasya yan sayo Vernice?”

“Well some of it, I guess yeah.”

“How, when you’re so tight?”

“We put a lot of lube.”

“I see.”

Then Benedict inserted himself in our conversation, “But I guess we won’t need this tonight” then proceeded to keep the vibrator in the bag.

Vernice ordered me to their bed, “Join us here, ang layo mo naman sa amin!”

“I was waiting for you to invite me.”

“Hey, kanina, you sounded hesitant. I guess I’m not your type?”

“Oh that? No, hell no! I guess things just happened fast. One minute I was worried about getting back to Manila, then another minute a chance for a threesome with a hot couple.”

“Ah I see.”

“Think it’s not everyday I get a chance to savage a woman ten years younger than me.”

Vernice smiled and said, “When you put it that way, it makes me think oo nga, you’re ten years older than me, and that’s kinda hot.”

Benedict again, “Hey Rob, share ko yung fantasy namin…”


“Kayong dalawa lang sa bed. She’s all yours. Manunuod lang ako. Or maybe I will join afterwards.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

“But he stays in the room with us all the time,” Vernice demanded.

“Of course.”

“So bahala ka na sa kanya pre,” Benedict said as he tapped on the surface of their bed, ordering me to join her.

I stood up, removed my towel then approached Vernice gently.

From that point onwards, I tried to ignore Benedict and focused on her.

I moved my body on top of her, and removed her blanket. She felt tiny under my body but her breasts were outstanding.

I leaned forward to kiss her neck and shoulders. She touched my face, towards her lips. Then she said, “Kiss me.”

I did, very gently. I placed my lips lightly on hers, then she opened her mouth to kiss me harder. Ramdam ko agad ang dila niya. Her warm breath instantly made my cock jump.

Dila sa dila, then I felt her hand on the back of my head. She started to hold me.

On the side of my eyes, I saw Benedict position his chair by the bedside. It gives him a complete view of what we’re doing, from our left side.

I went down on his girflriend’s body. I kissed her breasts, small kisses, then put her left nipple on my mouth. The left nipple is always more sensitive for women because that’s where the heart is.

I licked her nipple with my tongue, gently, slowly, up and down. Then I rotated the tip of my tongue around her nipple. She moaned a bit. Then I moved to her other nipple. Then to her navel.

For the first time, nakita ko puke niya ng malapitan. Maliit ang biyak, medyo hindi kita despite her very thin pubic hair. I parted her legs. She gave in right away. I kissed her pubic area, licked her bellybutton. Her face was thrown backwards.

Intoxicating ang amoy ng puke niya. Sobrang fresh. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers, then placed the tip of my tongue on her crack. It was very wet, and very warm, may namumuo ng liquid sa ibabaw ng hiwa niya. I then licked her, from clit to her hole.

I licked her clit sideways, that drove her crazy. I rotated my tongue around her clit, then started to play inside her hole with my finger. She gulped and groaned. “Shit!”

Found her g-spot, licked her clit slowly then started tapping on her g-spot with the edge of my long finger. I can tell she likes it when she pressed her legs around my head.

“Fuck that feels so good…”

She flooded my mouth. Ang sarap ng katas niya, sariwa at amoy gatas na malabnaw.

Yung sunod-sunod niyang paghinga ng malalim, told me she was about to cum. And came she did. She did not scream pero yung buong katawan niya jolted. She stretched out her legs in the process, and I felt her legs were shaking. My mouth was still on her cunt. I savored her juices. I slowed down my licking, para bumaba ang tama niya.

I lifted my head, kissed her legs. She was very red, sa sobrang puti niya, kitang-kita ko pamumula ng balat niya.

A few minutes of heavy breathing, then I lifted my body off the bed and positioned myself on top of her. She looked really hot. Her eyes were closed. I kissed her face and neck and shoulders. Kissed her breasts and nipples again. I was not finished with this beautiful being.

“Here, man” – Benedict was standing by our side, holding something in his hand, inaabot sakin. It was a piece of condom.

I took it from his hand as agreed, opened it. My cock was so hard and ready to be covered with the condom.

“Babe wag na kaya,” I was surprised with what Vernice said, talking to Benedict.


“I wanna feel his cock.”

“Ok. Rob you better be fucking clean, dude!”

“I am clean.”

“Fuck me now, before I lose the moment,” Vernice ordered me.

“Are you clean?” I jokingly asked her.

“Fuck you dude, you just ate me, what do you think?”

I smiled at her.

I threw the condom away, placed the tip of my cock on her entrance. With my body supported by my arms, I aimed my hard cock at her hole, without holding it. I was hard enough to pierce through her cunt.

Naramdaman ko butas niya, basa pero masikip. I pressed the head of my cock. Pasok na sa bukana ng butas.

“Wait pre, I wanna see you enter her,” Benedict told me.

I paused my penetration, pero nakabuka na puke ng gf niya. Puwesto siya beside Vernice’s legs.

“Taas mo ng kaunti body mo,” he told me. And I did, for him to see where my cock meets the hole of his gf.

Then he kept quiet, looking closely.

I pushed more of my cock inside his girlfriend. Vernice gripped on my arms. “Ohhh…. Ohhh…. Slowly… please.”

I started pumping with about a third of my cock in and out of her.

Then I buried half of my cock inside her.

“Ohhh… yes…yes…”

I saw Benedict play with his gf’s breasts.

I lost it. Binaon ko na lahat, sa libog. I jammed in it.

The sound of Vernice’s moan was magnificent. And she gifted me with one of the tightest cunts I ever fucked.

Sakal ang buong burat ko sa loob niya. Kinantot ko siya ng dahan-dahan. Dahan-dahan. Basang-basa puke niya, puting-puti katas niya.

“You look so hot babe,” Benedict told her.

I kept fucking his girl. I got my rhythm by this time, in and out, in and out, so I started fucking her harder.

Lumakas ungol ni Vernice. I fucked her even harder. Yung kuko niya naramdaman ko sa arms ko. Her eyes were shut but her mouth was gasping for air.

Benedict got off the bed and went back to his chair. He started masturbating.

Ang sarap kantutin ng girlfriend niya, so tinagalan ko. I slowed down, to avoid the inevibtale. As I was slowing down, Vernice hits her orgasm. She moaned in ecstasy, sumakal lalo puke niya sa burat ko. I had to hold back, muntik akong labasan sa sarap.

Shit, that was close, and I was not done fucking her.

Her orgasm then subsided, nasa loob pa rin ako ng puke niya.

I pulled out. And since her body was so slim, I flipped her over. I want to fuck her from behind, habang nakahiga siya. That way, ramdam na ramdam niya laki, taba at tigas ng burat ko.

Pinaghiwalay ko mga legs niya, as wide as I can. Sabay tutok ng ulo sa puke niya, sabay isang bayo na malakas. Sumigaw si Vernice. “Shit shit shit babe!” then she reached her arms out to Benedict. Hinawakan ni Benedict ang kamay niya, while I was fucking her hard.

Ang ganda ng puwet niya, but it was her tiny hole that drove me crazy. Sumasama yung gilid na balat ng puke niya sa pagkantot ko. That’s how tight she is.

Benedict was jerking off harder, I noticed. Habang hawak ng isang kamay niya yung kamay ng girlfriend niyang pinapakantot niya sakin.

She came again. She was violently shaking this time.

I was about to lose it. I still managed to say in bated breath, “I’ll pull out, Vernice?”

“No need, I’m safe.”

That’s all I needed to hear to cum inside her. I bit my lips, to prevent myself from yelling sa sarap. Sagad na sagad ako sa loob ng puke niya, sabay putok. I felt my sperm pumping inside her tight hole. Sabay kami nilabasan. It’s like I waited so long for this. After all, halos one week ng wala si Irish.

Benedict also moaned, and I noticed his cock spurting semen.

I fell by the side of his girlfriend’s body. I wanted to hold her tenderly, pero baka magselos na boyfriend niya. I cannot forget na kantutan lang to. I wanted to touch her hair, but again, this is just sex. Dilemma, because after all, she just gave me a really good fuck.

Silence again.

Benedict stood up and reached out for a box of tissues. He wiped himself clean. Lumapit siya sa paanan ni Vernice, looking at her cunt.

“That is one hot hole.”

He grabbed his phone and took a photo of his girlfriend’s freshly fucked cunt.

“Babe ano ba!”

“It looks so erotic, I wanna remember how it looks like.”

“Ok tama na isang picture ha!”

Then I felt Benedict lie down beside his girlfriend.

To be continued…


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