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He whispered something to Vernice. I saw her smile. I grabbed a small piece of the blanket on top of the bedsheet to cover myself with. I was thinking of going to the bathroom to clean up a bit but I did not want the girl to think I was being a prude or that maselan ako.
I had my arms raised above my head, resting on the pillow. Vernice was facing her boyfriend. Kinumutan siya ni Benedict. I saw him flick the switch, which turned off most of the lights in the room, except for the night lamp. I understood that they probably wanted to sleep na.
“Good night, Rob –” Vernice told me softly, and she briefly turned her face to me when she said that.
“Oo nga good night na muna pre, maaga kami nagising kanina,” her boyfriend added.
“Good night, guys.” Then I motioned to get out of the bed, may sofa naman sa living room ng hotel nila, I can sleep there. I don’t want to assume it’s ok for me to sleep on the same bed with them.
“Where you goin?” Benedict asked.
“Pre, I can sleep in the sofa sa labas, in case you want some privacy…”
“Sus, privacy pre, ngayon pa!” he retorted. And I heard Vernice laugh a bit.
“Dito ka na tulog pre, this is a king size bed anyway.”
“Alright, good night then.” Di rin naman ako magiging pakipot if they’re ok with it.
With the lights dimmed, and the two of them quiet, I felt sleepy na rin. I checked my phone, it was almost 11:00 p.m. na rin pala. I set the alarm at 7:30 a.m. for an early drive back to Manila. Then I dozed off.
I woke up to a movement, I felt somebody was pressing on my right arm. It was Vernice.
When she saw my eyes were open, she said, “Hey.”
“I forgot to thank you last night.”
“No. Thank you!”
“Well still, thanks for a great first time for us.’
“Pleasure’s mine.”
She moved closer to me, and kissed me on my left cheek.
“Sorry I woke you up.”
“It’s ok. Anong time na ba?”
“Ah. Ba’t ka gising?”
She smiled. Then she moved closer to me. “Let’s fuck again.”
“Oh. And your boyfriend?”
“Ok lang yan, he told me before we slept, kung gusto ko pa daw, go lang, maski tulog siya.”
I got hard when I heard that.
I moved closer to her, touched her face, then kissed the side of her face. Caressed her breasts. Swallowed a nipple. Felt her body. She was warm.
“Rob, I wanna be on top.”
She moved on top of me. She wanted to be in control. She held on to my wrist, tinaas niya mga kamay ko sa uluhan ko. Then started kissing me on the neck, chest, then she paused.
“I actually like kissing you.”
“Me too.”
Then our mouths locked. We kissed tenderly this time. Slow and gentle kissing. She tongued me thoroughly but in a tender way. She flicked her tongue on my lips. I closed my eyes and allowed her to be in control.
Naisip ko, because of our movement, magigising boyfriend niya for sure. I hope he does not punch me when he sees his girl on top of me.
She grabbed my cock, aimed it sa butas niya. She was still wet and slippery. Tapos I felt a liquid escape her cunt, bago niya naipasok.
“Shit sorry, I am dripping.”
“It’s ok, that’s probably from me.”
Then she placed my cockhead inside, tapos she lifted her body. Inupuan niya na ko.
Then she goes, “Ahhhh…” Pasok na buong burat ko sa puke niyang masikip.
Slowly she begins to pump me. I held her by her slim waist. I lifted my face to eat her breast while she’s fucking me.
She was pumping at a steady pace, arms on my chest, eyes closed. Her clit was spread on top of my shaft.
Yung pagkantot niya sakin, parang hindi siya nagmamadali. Parang ninanamnam niya.
Then she started to moan, and I felt na sumisikip na puke niya.
With about a dozen more pumps, she paused then moaned. I felt her orgasm, sumakal sa burat ko ang buong puke niya.
I felt movement by my side. Si Benedict, hinahaplos boobs ng girlfriend niya.
Vernice looked at him but did not stop.
She slowed down a bit but resumed pumping.
Benedict moved closer to her and started licking her breasts. He focused on both of her nipples, while she was pumping on top of me.
Her breasts were beautifully bouncing on the mouth of her boyfriend.
She pumped harder, nalibugan siguro sa ginagawa ni Benedict. And harder. And faster.
Vernice was breathing faster while she was fucking me harder. Grabe sikip ng puke niya. And her stamina is impressive. She must have been on top of me for more than five minutes na, nonstop, from her first orgasm.
Then she pumped real hard, real fast, and screamed.
“Fuck I’m cumming!”
And her juices flowed, from her hole to my cock, coating my shaft and my balls.
Benedict sat on the bed. “Get off him babe, I wanna fuck you.”
Vernice pulled my cock out of her cunt, then fell on my right side.
Binuka ng boyfriend niya ang mga legs niya, then pinatong sa shoulders niya. He jammed his cock so hard inside her, the bed shook violently. Libog na libog, obviously.
I gave them a bit of space. After all, it’s the first time they’re fucking for the night.
Vernice reached out to hold my arm. I did not want to touch her hand kase I don’t want to disturb their fucking. But I allowed her to hold my arm while she was being fucked.
I was looking at her face, her body, her boobs. And her fair legs wrapped above the shoulder of her man. They were fucking really seriously. Benedict was on her breasts while pumping in her cunt. He was mashing them.
He didn’t last. I heard him grunt and after less than a dozen hard pumps, he groaned and came inside his girlfriend. Vernice followed suit, she told him, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m close…”
Her bf kept fucking her, then she cried “Ahhhhhhh……”
Moments after she came, Benedict pulled out and fell diagonally on the bed, looking exhausted. They held each other’s hands.
“Love you babe,” Vernice told him.
“Love you more.”
I gave them the moment. Closed my eyes and pretended that I was trying to sleep.
“Hey mister…” Vernice turned to me again.
“Inaantok ka ba?”
“Not really.”
Benedict chimed in, “Bro, the night is still young. Finish what you started. I know you like fucking my girl.”
“Yep I do.”
I saw Vernice lift her body from the bed. “CR lang ako, guys.”
Benedict gave way for her gf to step out of the bed from his side.
I saw him grab his phone, seems to be browsing for something. He then sat on the bed, facing the window, his back against me. I heard some sound from the bathroom. I was waiting for Vernice to get back to the room. It’s awkward to be in bed with just another dude.
A few minutes and she was out of the bathroom, humming a tune.
She restored her pony tail, which all the more revealed her Chinita features. Then she slowly slid her body back to the bed.
“I’m lucky to be sandwiched between two hunks!” I smiled when she said that. Benedict disputed her, “We’re luckier babe.”
Then he started to lie down again beside Vernice, who was facing him.
They started kissing, obvious maski nakatalikod sakin si Vernice.
With that, I decided to take her from behind. I moved closer, to kiss her back. Then moved my hands under her arms to touch her breast. They were still kissing.
“Can I fuck you now?”
I entered her from behind, while she was kissing her boyfriend. I pushed all of my cock inside her slippery hole. Ramdam ko yung tamod namin ng boyfriend niya sa loob ng butas niya. It’s slurpy and very warm.
I fucked her firmly, not hard, not gently. Yung kantot na alam kong lalabasan siya agad.
Hinuhugot ko halos entirely yung burat ko, then pinapasok ng buo, madiin. She would gasp. I was doing that while they were still kissing. I saw Benedict move down to her neck and breasts again, habang tuloy ang pagkantot ko sa girlfriend niya.
She tensed up a bit. I fucked her harder. I arched her back closer to me, para mas malalim pa ang pagkantot ko sa puke niya. After a few hard fucks that way, she came with a loud sound.
Benedict held her in his arms, yung mukha niya nakapatong sa balikat ng boyfriend niya. I kept fucking her while they were in tender embrace. Kinantot ko siya ng mas madiin. At mas mabilis.
Tumutunog yung katas niya habang binabayo ko siya. Nakayakap pa rin siya sa boyfriend niya. Maya-maya, she moaned in succession again. “Shit I’m cumming babe…” And came she did. Violently. Ang tindi ng orgasm niya, she literally clamped her cunt around all of my cock. At matagal.
Di ko na rin kinaya. I came inside her, pushing all of my cock as deep as possible.
I had to catch my breath, this 23 year old girl is draining me.
Tapos slowly I pulled out. Pagtanggal ng burat ko, tumagas ang katas palabas sa puke niya, towards her leg and then the bedsheet. Ang dami.
Humiga siya ng patihaya, letting go for her boyfriend’s embrace, eyes closed. Benedict turned to her.
“You like it babe?”
“Yes, babe… nahihilo nga ako e.”
Then Benedict looked at me, “Man, you made my girl so damn well fucked.”
“And I’m drained, dude!”
“Well, we got all night. Rather all morning. Unless may lakad ka.”
Vernice joined in, “Oo nga, kala ko you were in a hurry to drive back to Manila?” She was teasing me.
“Kala ko din e.”
Then we all laughed.
After this round of fucking, we all fell asleep. Then I woke up, madilim pa, it must be before sunrise. I saw Benedict fucking his gf again. I was still sleepy, pinabayan ko lang sila. I’m sure they would wake me up if they want me to join them.
Next time I woke up, medyo maliwanag na. Grabbed my phone, it was 6:38. As usual, I woke up with a boner. Vernice was in bed, phone on her hand. Wala si Benedict.
“Good morning, hottie.”
“Good morning, kuya!” then she gave me an evil laugh.
“You’re so bad…”
“Biro lang. Don’t be offended.”
“It’s ok, I hear that a lot from young women these days. Where’s your boyfriend?”
“In the bathroom.”
“Why did you ask?”
“I wanna fuck you again.”
“Sige bilis, while he’s in the shower.”
With my hard cock, I positioned myself on top of her.
“Rob, I wanna try dogstyle with you.”
“Thought you’d never ask!”
We fucked our brains out, dogstyle, while her boyfriend was in the shower. It was a bit quick but intense. I had my hands all over her firm breasts while doing her from behind. I played with her clit – with my arms around her waist – while banging her and that drove her to the edge.
The day ended with all of us having breakfast where we started, at Starbucks. Then it was time to part ways.
Yes, I gave them my number. I plan to tell Irish about it when she’s back.



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