Flight Delay

Flight Delay (a repost)

Flight Delay

By manofkrypton

It’s been four and a half years since I’ve last seen my beloved Pinas. When I was finally allowed by the company to take a 3 month leave, I decided to make the most out of it. With some ample fund, I decided to have a little Asian or ASEAN side trip, before coming home.

After packing my belongings, to include a little pasalubong for my mom and dad, I secured my ticket bound for Brunei. I was lucky to have a windows seat. On the way to the check-in counter, I happen to notice a pretty girl arguing with the airline reservation officials. She was around 5’4″, black hair, average body type , wearing tight fitting jeans that reveal a shapely curve. “Wow”, I said to myself”what a babe! She seems to have problem” So I walked past some queuing passengers to inquire. I found out that she was trying to ask for ticket. She might be chance passenger.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, all seats have been taken,” the official said

“But I need to go to Manila now. I will miss my sister’s wedding”

I approached the official and asked to go over the list. I noticed that the list was full.

“Miss maybe you have to try to look for another flight”, I said, “there are many passengers waiting in the line”, as I pointed to the queue.

She looked at me and I noticed that her eyes were bright hazel. She probably wears contacts.

“Could you help me sir?” Her voice was so soothing.

“I’m a passenger as well miss”


“I will try. But I can’t promise anything.”

“Thanks” and she left the counter.

I asked the personnel if there are really no available seats for the flight, and I was told that the best is for her to wait if she could still be accommodated. So I went to the girl and told her what transpired. The flight was due in 3 hours.

“I don’t want to miss my sister’s wedding”

“All we could do is wait and hope”.

Less than 30 minutes later, the official called us. He said some passenger canceled her booking, providing an open seat for the girl. The girl immediately bought a ticket, then she looked at me and asked “what is your seat?”

“Seat 20 A”

“Can I have Seat 20B?”, she asked.

“Certainly”, the official said.

“Wow, we would be seatmates in the flight”, I told myself. I was beginning to be a bit anxious, my heart beating fast with excitement, but most excited was my cock. The thought of having as flight companion a pretty, innocent-looking girl is enough to make an impression on my pants. And my tour has not yet started

“We haven’t formally been introduced. My name is Gilbert”

“Angelica, but you may call me Girlie”…

“My friends call me Boyet.”

After an exchange of pleasantries, we anxiously waited for our boarding call. Girlie was a spritely conversationalist. She would be the one talking most of the time, if only to get rid of the boredom. She often gesticulates, a sight that impresses me a lot. Not just so because she seemed excited about the flight, but in the way she makes a point. My eyes can’t eschew from looking at her figure, her breasts dancing as she mimics family members’ movements, her slim waist that reminds me of Venus De Milo, and the curvaceous ass concealed in her tight-fitting blue jeans. She had…what was it… a Close Up smile….I was wrong about her eyes, though. They were for real. She was half Caucasian and half Asian. My mouth salivates at the mere image. I was having a hard-on, and I tried to cover the front of my pants with my laptop. She may have noticed it though, because she looked at where I placed my laptop, smiled at me and looked away.

We boarded the airplane past eight in the morning, and after quickly settling our hand carry-items, we relaxed as the Boeing 747 taxied to lift up. I felt a little tired at that time, and I know so was she, and in no time at all, we both drifted to sleep.
I opened my eyes a bit and I felt her head leaning toward my shoulders. I was kinda hesitant about this, because we were just new acquaintances. I jerked my shoulder and she woke up.

“Its ok, I was just adjusting myself so you can sleep.”

“Thanks…I really need some sleep.”

This time around, she held my arm like I was her fiance and tucked herself back to sleep., her long black hair covering her face. I felt the urge to touch them and caress them and move them away from her face. She noticed this too, and looked up and smiled again.

After a long flight we were finally in Bandar Seri Begawan. We were on the way to the transit area when a flight attendant waved a placard at us.

“Passengers of Flight BR201 bound for Manila”, the attendant called, “Calling all passengers of Flight BR201 bound for Manila”

Girlie and I, together with several passengers, moved closer to the attendant.


“Your flight has been delayed.”


“Due to heavy rain and thunderclouds, our Airbus has meet serious technical difficulties”, the lady attendant was trying to explain in halting English.

“So are we stuck here?” Girlie asked, impatiently.

“Your flight originally scheduled at 9 pm today was moved to 10 a.m. in the morning”

I looked at Girlie’s expression, then I asked, “isn’t the wedding of your sister tonight?”

“Not tonight, tomorrow night. And I still don’t have a dress to wear.”

I asked the attendant about the accommodation while waiting for our new flight. She said the airline company has taken care of that. In other words, we stay for a few hours in Brunei. Complete accommodation to include food for lunch, dinner and breakfast.

The attendant pointed at the white coaster near the exit of the terminal, “that will lead you to our airport hotel, sir, ma’am”. She thought we were a couple.

We decided to bring only the essentials and not to touch our checked-in luggage. When we arrived in the hotel, there were a lot of passengers at the hotel.

“I’m sorry sir but there are very few available rooms here to settle for individual private rooms.” the front desk receptionist said.

It was Girlie’s turn to look at me, smirked and leaned towards the receptionist, “we will take your deluxe room, queen size bed please.”

Suddenly my cock quivered with the excitement of things to come….


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