Flight Delay

Flight Delay part 3 (a repost)

Flight Delay Part 3

By mok

“So how has Indonesia treated you by far?”


“Huh?” I suddenly snapped out of a daydream. It was Marissa asking me the question. I was just thinking of the wonderful fuck episode I just had with Girlie and here comes two beautiful stewardesses having some drinks with me at the 24 hour bar lounge in the hotel.

“Oh, I seem pretty adjusted, though I can’t speak their language much”, I retorted.

Marissa was an old classmate of mine during our high school days. She was around 5’8″ tall, with long straight black hair, dark brown eyes that seemed to see right through you, firm full breasts wit pert nipples visible through the tight red sweater she was wearing under her airline jacket. I have had a crush on her once, coz she was one of the cheerleaders in our high school varsity basketball. She has chinita looks, with a lips anyone would love to kiss. She still carries the same slim but sexy appearance despite marriage and two kids.

“How about you Christina, what countries are you usually assigned to?”, I turned to her companion.

“Brunei and Thailand most of the time.”

Christina was, in a quick word, attractive. She is brown-skinned but she got a good looking figure, features that will heat up a man, so to speak. Earlier when she shook my hand, I felt a kind of electricity. It wasn’t too hard to explain why: She had firm ass and full, just the sort that begs to be fucked, real hard.

“Wow, I plan to go to Thailand myself. I hope we meet there.”

The conversation went on for almost an hour. Drinks were pouring in that the ladies began to tell tales of their lives, including to my surprise, their sex lives. I grin every time Marissa complains about not getting laid by her businessman husband when she gets the time to come home. Christina on the other hand, revealed that she recently separated from her common-law partner in Singapore after she discovered he was having an affair with their chambermaid.

I looked at my watch to check the time so I could go back to the room to check on my “partner” when I suddenly felt something caressing my leg. I glanced towards Christina, who was looking out the window, then I felt a second foot caressing the same leg. Marissa glanced at me and winked, then she and Christina talked in another language. Bahasa Malay I guess.

“So any plans tonight? The flight is still 10 am” Marissa asked.

“err… I wanted to go out shop with my companion. Is there a mall nearby?”

“Sorry, the nearest mall is about several miles away. You have to take a cab but it’s expensive. Buses go there but u have to wait 45 minutes for each bus.”

“There are shops in the hotel though, perhaps you want to go there?” Christina suggested.

“Yeah, and it’s right across the level near our room.”

“Oh ok,” I replied.

Christina and Marissa continued to caress the same leg. It made my cock grow stiff. I looked at them and smiled and they smiled back, teasingly.

We all got up our table, almost at the same time and being the ‘gentleman’ in the group, I offered to pay for our drinks. The girls kept glancing at my hard on which was making an impression in my pants, then they went out of the bar. I followed suit.

We were walking casually around the mini shops, looking around for some souvenir items when Christina suddenly stopped, grimaced and put one hand on top of her left eye. “Gosh”, she murmured. We asked what went wrong and she said her left contact dropped on the floor. She dropped on her knees, tried to find and the contact lens using her hands. I tried to help but as I leaned, I saw that she was not wearing a bra. Her firm tits juggled to and fro as she frantically searched for her lens. When she found it, she held it tightly in one hand and asked me to assist her up. Marissa then suggested that we go back to their room so she can clean her lens. I agreed.

I waited outside their room when Christina asked me to come inside so I can sit down. When I entered, she lightly touched my rock hard cock through my pants, and uttered ,”I’ve been waiting to get at this.” She was wearing her eyeglasses. She knelt down in front of me, unzipped my pants, and freed my cock from its prison. She stabbed at the head with her tongue, and then licked it slowly from top to bottom. A soft moan escaped my lips. Without warning, Christina engulfed the full length of my cock in her mouth. I felt it hit the back of her throat as she took it all in. She began slowly bobbing her head up and down, sucking me into her mouth all the time. It felt amazing. As she continued working on my shaft I suddenly became aware of Marissa, who was watching us.

She had removed her sweater to reveal her firm breasts, the nipples poking through the sheer fabric of her bra. I was surprised of her next move: She began dancing as she removed the rest of her clothes. I noticed a definite wet spot already visible in the thin fabric thong that covered her neatly trimmed bush. It was a seductive dance, her show combined with Christina’s talented mouth were driving me insane.

I started to speak but Marissa shushed me, “Let Christina have her fun, she loves getting a mouthful of cum. Don’t worry though, I’m sure we’ll be able to get you up for some more fun.”
Sure enough, Christina never missed my cock while unbuttoning her dress. I managed to sneak in my fingers to touch her nipples, but that only made Christina suck even harder.

“oohh.. I …am…going….to …ohhh”, I could only mutter. The suction on my dick was incredible. It was at this point that Marissa started to caress Christina’s clit. The effect was immediate, in no time at all she began to orgasm. That was enough for me; the orgasm caused Christina to pull me fully into her throat.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I groaned as I exploded in her mouth. She kept milking me, it felt as if I released a gallon of cum down her throat. When I finally stopped spurting and she was sure she had everything, she stood up, letting my softening dick fall from her mouth. She smiled and turned to Marissa. To my surprise (again) they kissed passionately. I guess they shared my cum.

Christina smiled, straddled me in the chair, and gave me a passionate kiss, our tongues playfully exploring each other. “Christina and I will put on a little show for you, to help you get hard again. Feel free to join in whenever you think you’re ready.” Marissa said while she gave me a peck on the cheek. She next turned to Christina and the two women kissed deeply. I could see their tongues darting between their mouths, while their hands were exploring the hidden crevices of their bodies. Christina reached down and began to rub Marissa’s clit, causing Marissa to gasp. The sensation was a sight to behold.

Christina moved Marissa towards the sofa across to where I sat and spread her legs to expose her cunt. She began to tease her clit, alternating between rubbing and pinching, and it was having an immediate effect on Marissa.

“oooohhh, yes pleasse… ohhhh mmmmm”, the moan filled the room. Christina then licked Marissa’s pussy with the same enthusiasm she showed my cock earlier. She was rubbing her own pussy vigorously as she devoured and licked Marissa. My cock had long since returned to its rock hard status so I wasted no time and positioned myself behind Christina. I reached a hand to her cunt and took over the rubbing. I bent down further to lick her from her clit to her asshole.

“ohhhhhhhhh owwoww hmmm shittt”, Christina gasped for air as I attacker her swelling love hole with my tongue, hitting all the spots it could. She continued her work on Marissa, moaning and muffing her voice. Then Marissa suddenly let out a loud cry, singling her orgasm. I thought it was time somebody would taste the savor and strength of my proud dick.

So slowly I let my cock hit Christina’s hole slowly, pacing my thrust until her pussy engulfed half of my cock. I began to rock slowly, humping her from behind while she continues to flick her tongue on Marissa’s cunt. I could feel the tightness of her cunt as I pound into her, as far as I could, again and again. Plak plak plak plak plak.

“mmmm ohhhhhh ahhhh shiittt oohhhhh ohhhh ohhhh ahhh ahhh”, the moans of Christina became louder and her cunt was clamping down on my cock. “yess, that’s it, fuck me harder, harder, ohhh yess ahhh ahh I’m cumming ohhh ohhh. I continued to pound her like forever. Marissa got up and moved behind me. She reached between my legs and began to fondle my balls.

“Hooooooo ahhhh Marissa, what are you doing?” I groaned. The feeling was amazing. I increased my thrusting, feeling my ball sack starting to contract. Marissa noticed it and fondled my balls continuously and thrust a finger in my ass. The sensation was enough.

“I’m going to cum.” I yelled. Christina was screaming, lost in the throws of another orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on my cock, milking me for everything I had. I let loose another incredible blast of cum deep inside her. “Fuck, fuck, fuck I’m cumming again. Ohhh”. Her pussy continued to milk my cock, pulling every last drop from me. I pulled out of her slick cunt and fell back into a chair. Marissa caressed my hair, “Poor Gilbert, all worn out.” I smiled.

The two sat on each side, and we kissed. Still panting from the enormous three some we had, I grabbed my pants and shirt and began to dress up.

“What’s the rush, lover?”, Marissa called me.

“Well, I have to check on my companion you know, she might get lost”, I replied with a grin.

“I hope we can still meet again. It was a wonderful fuck.” Christina exclaimed. She too was gasping for air, while she and Marissa began to pick up their clothes as well.

“Yeah, you’re our flight attendants, right? I am sure we could meet.”

“Well, see ya later.”


“Where have you been? I was looking all over for you!”

It was Girlie. She was waiting at the lobby.
“I ran into some friends and they ask me to have a drink with them.” I told her.

‘Girlie came close to me and sniffed. “Tell me the truth.”

“yes it was”

“If you really want to call me baby you better learn to be honest.” She demanded.

I looked into her eyes.

“Ok. Let’s walk over the souvenir shops and I will tell you there.”

She held my hand. It was the warmest feeling. My Asian flight has taken a complete turn around. Thanks to a delay in the flight.


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