Experience to Remember

Experience to remember II

Hi guys.. Hope you like my First story… Here is the continuation

Parang kay tagal nang lumipas bago ako nakabalik sa huwisyo. I’ve experienced such exquisitely wonderful pleasure that I have forgotten everything but the pursuit of that pleasure. I felt Sublime, absolutely sated and complete. I opened my eyes slowly and encountered twin flames of intense blue, staring at me. My lips broke into a radiant smile Dylan……. I whispered….. Welcome back baby he smiled tenderly. Oh, Dylan. That was so—o….. I had no idea I thought they were exaggerating. Tumaas ang kilay nito. They?
The books. I giggled, He grinned, looking like a man who won the lottery “I was good huh?” Oohhh , yes! But you did not… my eyes traveled to his groin and widened. Ohh baby, im sorry.. I blushed!. My hands automatically moved to touch him but he stopped me. ” No baby its barely holding up. If you touch it will explode.” But I want you to ex… err.. I mean, I want to please you to Dylan. He smile then say later baby you cannot take me in one session, Heleana you’re a bloody virgin! Isip-isip ko gago to ah ang yabang!. I said to him I sure can!. He smiled tenderly, stroking my pouty lips “I know baby you can but I don’t want to hurt you, don’t worry about me. I’ll live. And I don’t want to come and waste it so I can relieve myself. I want to be inside you when I come. Dylan said. So I asked him shyly … How soon can we do it again? Hahahaha hala di na daw ako makaantay! You Shameless hussy Dylan said, and then he laugh!!!! Let go eat what you prepared for my birthday…. Did we just finish doing that??? Then wink at him….. he laugh so hard…….. that’s one of the things I love about you baby… you always make me laugh . come on lets eat. Then we proceed to eat dinner. Papalalim na ang gabi pero tuloy pa rin kami sa tawanan at kwentuhan. I felt so relax as we both lazed about on the bed, enjoying each other’s presence.
Dylan: Quit looking at it baby. Saway ni Dylan sa kin
I giggled I can’t, you look more gorgeous with it. I wouldn’t mind wearing such beautiful hard-on around me all the time… he laughed…. he leans towards me and kissed me tenderly “Heleana…. He covered me with his hard body once more and this time I knew that this will be truly one. His kisses became urgent and greedy and I welcomed his ardent passion. He kissed, nipped every delicate part of my body…. Ooohh Goodness Dylan what are doing to me???/ your making me crazy…. I’m crazy about you too lena…. Then he knelt on the bed and position himself between my legs. My hand moved instinctively, encircling him lovingly with my fingers. His arousal was fragrant- pulsing, hard huge, hot….
Dylan: I can’t wait baby. Guide me in “He panted over me, his eyes riveted between our bodies . His fingers were caressing my feminine folds, sending licks of fire all the way to my fingertips and toes, Oooooohhh Dylan, as I guide the tip of his engorged manhood to my portal. He pushed inside me gently, He groaned aloud… ” aaaaahhhh baby your so hot!!!!, you feel so damn good…. He kissed me and his tongue dared inside my mouth as he pushed inside me harder. I felt open for him, stretching to accommodate him. Then felt hid finger caress me again as he slowly embedded himself deeper inside me. I felt some discomfort but pleasure was overriding it fast, so I could only feel a squeezing pressure and not pain. I arched my pelvis up to take more of him. I wanted him fully inside me, so deep, deep inside me. Dyalnnnnn… ooohhhhhh ahhhhh.
Dylan: ohhh baby your so tight… I felt sooo good… take me more baby take me lena…
He pushed inside me to the hilt. I cry out and froze…
Dylan: Im sorry baby…. Im sorry… lena baby are you alright???
Helaena: yes baby im alright… come on….
Ipinulupot ko ang mga hita ko sa kanyana katawan. Love me, Dylan…. Love … love.. ooohhhh ahhhhh baby…. I chanted as he kissed me and grasped my hips against him… lena….. lena.. oohhhh, baby .. oohhhh u feel soooo good baby… hahhhhh. He lost control and grasped my hips firmly and thrust into me in frenzied lust. The pleasure was so sharp and so intense. I gave myself to him totally, completely, accepting him within my body trustingly and lovingly. And then I screamed .. ahhhhh oohhhhhh
Dylan im coming baby….. ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh. Then he lifted my legs and pumped in to me harder frantically riding the tide of my climax and then it claimed him too. His own release shook him to his every core…. Helaena… hel… eana.. baby ……ahhhhhhhhh.
I woke up in the most beautiful sunshine I ever had … kagabi ganap n kong isang babae. Dylan made love to me in the most exquisite ways.. halos wala akong naramdamng sakit. He prepared my body well and I responded to his love making in total abandon. It was glorious, Sublime. At hindi pala ng exaggerate ang mga stories sa Pinospy na nababasa ko. You look like a woman who had been thoroughly made to all night. Came the masculine drawl from the door. Nilingon ko sya at matamis n ngumiti.. Dylan… lumapit ito sa kama at sumampa. He kissed me lightly.
Dylan: Did you sleep well baby???
Heleana: ohh yes , stretched beside him again and purred like a kitten…. San k galing???
Dylan: Kitchen… I prepare us breakfast..
Heleana: talaga??? Bakit di mo ko ginising??? Ako na lang sana nagluto
Dylan: baby I know you tired and you’re sleeping like an angel…
Heleana: hmmm ok.. What time is it???
Dylan: 11:00 AM
Heleana; What???/ Shit may meeting ang boss ko 12:00!!!! Lagot ako…..
Dylan: come on maligo na tayo..
Heleana: Sige yung tulad uli dati????hahahha
Dylan: damn you have no shame woman!!! Grinned wickedly…
Heleana: hmm and you wouldn’t have me other wise….
Dylan : hahahaha I know baby.. I know

As usual na late ako….. hahahaha my boss is fuming mad. But still I have smile on my lips…. And he is wondering why……

Yung scene sa comfort room that’s another story…

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