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Hi guys this is the first time that I’m going to write a story, I’ve been planning for this story for months now but I don’t have the guts to share it , until this day I think its worth sharing. Please bear with me ok… If I have mistakes or anything, my apology. I’m open to any comment……………… Here it goes

I meet this guy trough a friend, his name is Dylan his is good looking guy, tall, and has a sweet smile. I have a penchant with guys with white teeth and sweet smile. We exchange number and we been instant friends at that time.. Close agad! Hahahahaha anyway we always go out with friends until one day he ask me out, as in date.. So I said yes.. di na ngpakipot!! We watch movie, have dinner, we talk about anything and everything, we laugh together the usual date… we had a good time, then and we go home… in the car we exchange thank you’s

Heleana: I had a good time Dylan hope you are too..
Dylan: I have a great time heleana, hope that we can do this again.
Heleana; Sure why not..

(Then he lean to me I though is going to kiss me on the cheek but instead in his lips landed on my lips. Wow I felt like electricity runs in to my nerves at that time! Our lips locked for a minute or two I think.. then I said goodnight Dylan he said good night baby. I cant sleep that night feeling ko first kiss ko yon hahahaha grabe talaga.. after that we always go out almost every night, until one night he ask me, to go to his place, he wants to show something .. hmmm im wonder what it is.

To my surprise we prepare a dinner for two a candle light dinner. Ohh my goodness with matching wine and a background music. We eat, dance, kiss at that night he ask me to be he girl…. That was February 2, 2006 as his girlfriend he gave me keys to his apartment so that I can go there anytime I want. Its been 3 months that were together were going to celebrate his birthday that may 26, he prepare something for him at that night. A big surprise… I told him that were going to celebrate at his apartment. he ask me if its ok kung mga 9 pm n sya darating kasi mg blow out sa office nila para sa kanya I said its ok.. im just gonna wait for him in the apartment.. mas maganda yon kasi I can prepare everything that I need without a hassle. At exactly 9 PM the door lock in his bed room click, he close the door and stare at me. Im wearing short skirt like uniform and blouse ,nakade-kwatro ako at litaw na litaw ang makikinis kong hita and im wearing colorful butterfly mask.. he said, “Your mother will spank your lovely bottom if she discovered where you are now baby, then tumayo ako mula sa sofa, dahan dahan lumapit sa kanya. Pinaupo ko sya sa sofa he spawled lazily, spreading his legs indolently, His hands streatched wide over the backrest.

Then kinuha ko sa kama at sinidihan ko un cake then lumapit akos aknaya at lumuhod sa kayang paanaan and started to sing – happy birthday to you…, blow the candle baby.. kinuha ko and isa nyang kamay at ikinudlit ang hintuturo niya sa chocolate icing ng cake then I brought his finger to my lips and licked and sucked the digit slowly, I dipped his finger into the icing some more and I lick them clean my tongue was playing like tiny licks of fire on his finger. He said take off your clothes, I said hmmm not yet I have a surprise for you, you are my surprise he said. Hehehe ang loko ngenjoy!

Tumayo ako at kinuha ang remote control and I open the CD player. Humalili ang malamyos na musika at nagsimula akong sumayaw, umikot-ikot sa kayang aharapan I was on the floor now and crawled towards him, settled between his legs. I didn’t utter any word I expressed myself more in a body language. I removed his shoes and socks. The I let my fingers went up to his tights and settled near his groin I said do not move a finger unless I told you so, is that understood? He said your wish is my command baby.

Kinalas ko ang pagkakabutones ng ng kanyang polo shirt uncovered his hard muscled torso, sprinkled with a fine mat of hair that arrowed down below his navel. My finger grazed his nipple he inhaled sharply. Ahhhh yes baby show me your claws. My palms molded his erection, making the ridge of his manhood take shape against the material of his pants. I traced the ridge with one fingertip. He was breathing so hard now. Then I was unzipping his pants. I gasped. The plum-like tip of him peeked out of his underwear’s waist band. Even he is surprised at how aroused he was. I touched the tip. Its’ so silky and smooth…ooohhh, yes baby im so damn hard for you . tinulungan nya akong mahubad ang kanyang pantalon when he was finally naked i have full view of his straining manhood, i moaned sexily and licked my lips.. Touch it baby… take it in your hand…. I said it won’t bite??? No it will just grow bigger and harder. Dylan said. I held him in my hand tentatively. My fingers was warmed on his already heated flesh.
Dylan:Yes baby now glide your hand like this ( He instructed me on how to pleasure him. Me im an eager pupil..)

Heleana: oh I can feel your heartbeat here. Its pulsing and throbbing . am I hurting you???
Dylan: No baby it feels so good.. so damn good I ache Yes, you’re doing great baby…
Heleana: Do you want me to lick it??? I whispered shyly.
Dylan : Oh Hell yes Baby .

I dipped a finger from the cake beside him and spread the icing all over the tip of his hardness. He clenched his teeth. His shaft jerked in anticipation. The I taste the icing on his shaft my little tongue on his flesh, he groaned harshly. I was sucking him hungry laving and tasting him like it was my last meal on earth. I was making sexy noises on my throat I was enjoying what I’m doing giving him pleasure.. he said baby stop it.. damn it… I’ll come….

I’ll come he protested. But I didn’t stop I keep on teasing him with my mouth and hands till he was panting, groaning helpless animal fully dependent on my sensual ministrations. His climax hit him like tidal wave his harsh shout of satisfaction echoed all over the room as his body convulsed violently, his essence shooting all over in my mouth.. hmmm you taste so good baby.
Dylan, give me a minute baby I will return the favor. Ooohhh baby your so good
Heleana: I haven’t hold you to touch me yet
Dylan: No more games baby Lets do it my way this time

Binuhat niya ako at dinala sa kama, he put me down and covered me with his body pinning her in place with his weight.
Dylan: Now im gonna make love to you
He kissed me, drove his tongue inside my mouth and explored while his hands were roaming on my silky legs. His manhood sprang back to life in 3 seconds flat.

Heleana: Dylan…. Dylan.. Dylan
Dylan: yes baby say my name heleana baby I like it on your lips

Hinubad ni Dylan ang blouse ko im not wearing bra. His lips traveled down on my breast as his hand crept between my legs. he remove my short skirt with his mouth im wearing a lacy bit of white thong barely covering my pussy. I move my hips sensuously in excitement seeking more for his touch. Ohhh Dylan ohhh ahhhh. Maririnig mo lng ang ungol at hingal sa loob ng kwarto. Then he removed mmy thong with his mouth but not touching my wet pussy. Oohhh goodness Dylan ur killing me.. aahhhh the he touched and encountered my wetness, silky heat. Your wet for me baby?? Ohhh Dylan yes baby im so wet for you..i cried once again, as if in alarm. Its alright baby he said soothingly. All I was thinking at that time is I want something im craving for something.. He kissed and lick my lips slowly as he inserted on finger inside me. Dylan! … ooohhh

Dylan: Shhh.. relax baby open your legs wider. Yes like that.

And he kissed me again and slowly worked his finger as far as it would go inside me. I was writhing beneath him now, enjoying his touch. He laved my nipples and slowly inserted another finger. I stiffened, I felt that my body is tense but I did not clamp my legs he stopped maybe he felt that im tense.

Helaena: Im ok baby… im ok Dylan , this is all just so new to me. And it feels wonderful so… ooo good
Then he managed to inserts two digits inside me. I know his shaft was throbbing I felt that he want me too. Slowly he removed hes finger and replaced it with his mouth he licked, taste and love me with his mouth and tongue. Ohhh Dylan ahhh ooohhhh ahhh Dylan…. I trashed on the bed, moaning incoherently so lost I don’t know what do or say…Dylan… ooohhhh Dylan…
Dyla… ..n Dylan. He again penetrated me with his fingers, rotating them inside me, looking for my ultimate pleasure point I moaned loudly. ahhhh oohhhhh
Ahhhhh ohh my goodness Dylan … Dylan…oooooohhh

Dylan: give it to me heleana, come for me me baby ……

And I did. My body convulsed like high voltage live wire, shaking beneath him in helpless surrender….

That’s the first part of our story… Feel free to comment guys…….any comment is appreciated …….


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