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Without You :(

It is late, actually so late it is early. The pre dawn is creeping into my bedroom. My eyes are heavy, but my mind is still wide awake. You do that to me, make me want to stay up and spend every second with you. My everyday thoughts often turn to you, without provocation. This morning though, you are so deep into my thoughts. I can’t think of anything else but your magnificent erection and how much I want; no how much I need to have it. I know I need to sleep. I have a busy Wednesday ahead of me, but thoughts of your penis, your mouth, your tongue won’t release me to sleep. Thoughts of you grip my mind, as if my mind were my wet vagina clutching your long shaft, not wanting to release you. I know that I can’t just sleep; I can’t just shut my eyes and drift off to dreams of you. I am too horny from my thoughts of you, unable to allow sleep to soothe my mind.

Trying to just sleep being useless, I lay in bed alone, wishing you were there with me. I picture your glorious hardened cock in my mind, see the curves, the line, the way it stands so tall, the way it glistens when your semen oozes out in response to my need for you. It beckons me to take it all into my mouth, my pussy, my ass. One hand slides down my stomach, pressing onto my shaved mound so swollen with want; the other grabs one breast, squeezing and kneading it, imagining your big, strong, hands are mine. I pinch my nipple, twisting it, feeling the painful pleasure that I long to feel from your caress. I close my eyes, and see your eyes staring at me, pupils engorged with lust, glimmering with knowledge of what you intend to do to my body, with my body. My fingers rub my swollen clit, manipulating it between two fingers, pulling and squeezing it as my snatch oozes sweet wetness. I slide two fingers in, gliding through the slick goo that covers them; I pull them out quickly, bringing them to my lips. Licking the sweet juice just as you love to do; my mind races, knowing that if you were there, I would have your raging member in my mouth. I can taste your salty precum in my mouth, my tongue swirling it around, wanting my entire mouth to enjoy the delicious flavor of your nectar.

My erect nipples reach upward pink and hard, longing for your mouth to engulf them-to ravish them as you do. I grab one large breast, pull it to my mouth and flick my tongue across it, teasing it just as you love to do. Just as I love you to do. I nibble tightly, my teeth grazing across them, feeling the sting and the burning that precedes my tongue cooling it down once again. I release it from my mouth and let the air cool its wetness. My clit is throbbing; burning wanting you to release me of my frustration. I am irritated because you are not here to give me the pleasure that I know only you can afford me even though I know there is good reason for your absence. Forgive my jealousy and understand my lust. I press my pebble-like clit between my thumb and fore finger, as I envision your mouth and tongue making love to my enlarged vulva, licking and nibbling as if it is the last time you will ever taste such sweetness. Just like the last time you gorged upon it. Wanting and needing to remember the taste as a man eating his last meal. I thrust my hips toward my hand, 2 fingers sliding in and out, curling to press on my G-spot; craving the orgasm that will permit my mind and body to welcome sleep at last.

My thighs strain and tighten. My labia begins to contract and constrict around my fingers. My breasts are heaving with desire as my breathing accelerates. I twist my nipple sharply as the rush courses through my body. I plunge my fingers in and out quickly, my hips arching and bucking against my hand, a flood of juice spurts over my hand, but I am seeing your face splattered and covered as my essence pours from me. My ejaculation is long and impressive. My sheets are inundated. My hips continue to thrust and drive into my fingers; my breasts seem to swell with passion. I can feel my cheeks blushing into a deep pink. I never want to stop the way you make me feel. I can’t help myself. I come again in an orgasm that squirts long spurts that land way off of the bed. I don’t care.

My head is woozy; my thoughts only focusing on your face in ecstasy, the way you have shown it to me so many times. I envision your face, unable to think or care about how late it is and how tired I will be all day. My body quivers and shakes, the ecstasy taking control of my mind, body and soul. Now exhausted and spent, I feel a relaxation falling upon me like a favorite, warm blanket you are placing over my tired supine body. I drift off to sleep, thinking about you and imagining me licking my juice from your gorgeous face.

Dreams come at once, overtaking my mind before I know it. I still think I am awake, still trying to doze, needing to rest for the day ahead. You are there still, your cock hovering over my mouth, inches away and moving closer every second. Even in my twilight trance, I open my mouth as your glistening cock nears my lips. You touch the tip of your cock to my outstretched tongue. It’s long pinkness teasing your manhood. I savor the sweet taste of semen as it fills my wet mouth. Your cock glides over my tongue; it reaches deep into my mouth, pushing against the back of my throat, bumping the soft tissue that gives as your cock presses into it. I relax my jaw, allowing you to enter fully, wanting your entire cock in my wet mouth. Shaking my head, your erection moves against the sides of my mouth, grinding in deep. You pull it from my lips grasp and smack it against my cheek. Semen splatters and drips all over my smile. My eyes are on yours, wanting to memorize every twitch, smile and grin. My mouth greedily takes your rock hard member back into my warmth, sucking hard, the suction building as I work your cock with my tongue.

You grab my arms and push them up over my head and climb on top of my chest, straddling me, your cock again inches from my wanting mouth. Your ass cheeks rest comfortably on my sensitive breasts bringing new sensations into my sexual arousal. My arms are suspended above me, your weight on my chest; I am unable to move or fight as your cock rams hard into my willing and wanting opening. I take you without issue, needing to please you; knowing your pleasure always leads to my own delight. Your cylinder pistons in and out of my mouth; my lips wrapped tightly around your throbbing rod, clasping securely around it as it glides in and out of my throat. Pounding my entrance as if it was my most moist slit, you look down into my eyes, watching my pupils dilate as your love tool fills my throat. I can feel the head flare against the back of my throat, knowing you will soon saturate my mouth with your sweet cum. Pumping furiously, you moan loudly, your balls clench and strain, forcing your seed from the lowest point and surging its load inside my mouth. The sticky fluid shoots across my tongue, some sliding down my throat as I swallow mightily but much flows out of the sides of my mouth.

My pussy again tightens and strains inside me, my body reacting to your pleasure with its own release. My hips writhe, my brain closes to all thought and sensations except our mutual pleasure. My mind scatters my thoughts, unable to tell dream from reality, as I teeter between sleep and arousal. I am dreaming, but my body is alert, my orgasm fighting my dream, forcing me into an awakened state. As my rapture surges throughout my being, I am suddenly aware that I am no longer dreaming, that I am awake and still cumming, still tasting your jizz in my mouth. I lay there for what seems like hours, unable to move; unable to think or decide what I need to do. All I want is to sleep again, to dream again; to have you with me so I can feel again the way only you can make me feel.


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