Have You Tried It???

Have You Tried It???

Have You Tried It???

I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 6 years now… we are enjoying each other’s company (no problem with that!) And specially sex life is great! I can say everything is bliss.

But I guess when you’ve been having sex almost everyday…. Tried every position you can think of – you would eventually look for something that would add excitement and fun to your usually pump and grind routine.

My boyfriend came across this cool website where he gets to read about other people’s sexperience! Somehow he got obsessed trying out something new, something different. He kept on convincing me for days….. for weeks…. And when our anniversary came up, that was his most ardent request. “Let’s just try… I’m sure you’ll like it!” was his famous line at that time. Still he can’t convince me. He tried styles to stimulate my curiosity and my inner desire to try out his plan.

We would stay up all night…. My boyfriend would tell me his sex fantasies, then he would ask me to imagine my wildest sex fantasy as well… so just to go for the ride, I made up my own sex fantasy.

And surprisingly, I was good!

My fantasy goes…

My boyfriend and I joined a group we found on one of the adult sites that offers great activities for couples… like free spa treatment and gym membership, weekly parties for the members… out of town trips… Cool!

So we were told that to be officially part of the group, we need to sign up personally. We needed to go to their organizer’s home and it will also be a sort of welcome party for new members like us. So we went to the said address and it was a mansion! At the door we were immediately greeted by a couple, invited us in and made us really comfortable. After awhile we signed in as members and the couple offered us a tour of the facilities. I was led by a tall, perfectly tanned and buff young guy while my boyfriend was assisted by the hostess.

My escort showed me the gym…. Then the recreation area… then led me to the exotic spa. It was the most perfect place for me because I really love being touched and pampered. Before the massage, I was told that I should go to the warm shower first to help me relax and enjoy the massage even more. It was an outdoor shower; all walls are made of thick etched glass. When I was taking my shower, I looked across the pool and I saw my boyfriend stretched out by the poolside with the hostess giving him a blow job!
I was about to react when my escort suddenly stepped into the shower and joined me. He stood towering behind me… with his soft gentle hands he started to cup both my breasts… as if trying to measure my size. Then his thumb slowly caressed my nipples until they are tout and ready. At first I was trying to resist him but when his right hand started to slide down my stomach and then further down between my legs, I started enjoying the sensation of being caressed by his expert hands. His middle finger started searching for my hardened clit and expertly caressed it… while his other hand continued massaging my breast. I was starting to moan with pleasure and spread my legs for his hand as I was getting heated by the minute. I guided his fingers and inserted them in my wet, heated pussy. At first it was slow, calculated caress… then as he became hotter, his fingers started darting faster and faster… in and out of me. I was holding on to him as my juice was about to come then all of a sudden he stopped. I looked at him and he gave me a boyish smile… then he knelt in front of me and licked and sucked my clit while his fingers darted in and out of me. I almost passed out; with all the sensations he was giving me all at the same time. When I released, he sucked all the juice that came out of me. Then he lifted me up and inserted his hard cock inside my wet pussy. I held on to him as he pumped and bounced me. I offered him my breast and he suckled on my hardened nipples as he pumped wildly. I screamed when we both reached our climax.

Then he carried me to the spa bed, at that time I saw my boyfriend approaching the spa as he already saw us when we came out of the shower. Surprisingly my boyfriend joined in… as the young guy was exposing my clit and stimulating it with his tongue, my boyfriend stood beside the bed and offered his hardened cock so I can give him a blow job. It was a new experience for me… the excitement of being pleasured and giving pleasure at the same time. The thrill was indescribable. I started enjoying every moan and groan coming from the two guys…

Then the young guy sat himself on one of the soft sofa as I sat on his hardened cock… I was so wet and ready that it took no time to insert his cock in. I was facing away from him while his hands played with my nipples. As his hard cock is inside me, I leaned back a little to give my boyfriend a room to eat my pussy while the young guy is inside me. My boyfriend spread my legs wide and started sucking hard on my clit…. Sucking and licking like a crazy old dog. I started to pump as I heated up. The pleasure of having one hard cock inside of me while my clit is being stimulated by a wayward tongue was unbearable. I started pumping hard and screamed as I release. It was amazing!!!

My boyfriend enjoyed my story so much… that he started planning our own threesome party for our anniversary.

Next time…


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