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I would like to have the honor to re-post this entry here in LS originally authored by my good friend Andrea a.k.a. coitus. Enjoy…

Cat Claudette

“Oh, wonderful Claudette

With a fur like cotton thread,

Your green eyes intense like amulet.

You should have gone back home

While the Street Simone you roamed

Ocelot raped you like horny gnome.”


“If you will just allow me to, I”ll take you to Auberge de l’Armance in Saint Florentine. It”s a nice place; a good place to relax and eat… it”s just near the Burgundy Canal. Now, you”d missed that spot, hadn”t you? It was built on the times when you were on the Philippines. C”mon now, it”s a must-see and you”re so lethargic,” said Margaret, a red-haired, green-eyed, dark-skinned beauty from a nearby street. She has been my friend since we were so young. And since the night I arrived home from the airport, she had been so gentle to me; talking sweet tongue of poetries, and long lost hugs and kisses. How many years I”d spent in my cherished country (Philippines), I could not know. But the frustration was boiling inside me once I stepped out of the plane. I wanted to go back.

Meantime, she walked about the room and then eventually stopped beside a dark oak end table beside the drawer. On her right hand was a cup of hot chocolate and the other one was securing the base of the white cup. She was wearing a pair of pajamas”¢â‚¬a cotton halter top and cotton female boxer”s shorts. Her head was capped of long thick auburn locks falling pampered on her back. Her tanned skin had made her green eyes even the more incandescent.

“Are you going to slouch there on your bed forever or you going to doll up and have fun with me?” she asked impatiently. “Andrea, c”mon!”

“No, you go out if you want! I”m going to stay here.” I said. “Leave me alone, will you?”

“You’re a pain,” she whispered and then sat lazily on the bed beside me. She had put the cup of hot chocolate on a bedside table.

Utter silence.

The surrounding was dim with a yellow flicker of the lamps. The majestic clock on the wall had ticked to eight-thirty. Hmmm…evening at last!

Margaret went to the dresser to comb her auburn locks. I could see her back so vividly in the dim-lighted chamber. The soft flesh of her darkened skin was exposed before me and though it was tanned, it glowed like a gold coin under the sunshine. When she turned to look at me, I”d immediately noticed the two erected dots behind her thin cloth.

Distracted by the sight of her breasts, I closed my eyes and turned around as if to get lost in deep sleep. But then suddenly, I felt the lips of Margaret on my cheek. The hot breath ran on the edge of my epidermis.

“Honey, do you want me to leave you alone?” she whispered very near to my ear.

I did not reply. I kept my eyes closed until she stood up and walked away.

“Very well then, I”m out of here,” she said.

But I had changed my mind; I did not really want her to leave me. I wanted so desperately for her to stay there by my side and cuddle in her arms just like the good old days before I ran away from home. I longed for her warm company or even her soothing laughter that even on my losing moments had succeeded to capture my heart.

“Margaret, just stay with me. Please, don”t leave me alone.” (She turned round) “Mom will come in a matter of hours; I don”t want her to find me here alone. Just stay here,” I said, embarrassed by the inconsolable tone of my voice. “Come sit beside me.”

She did as she was told.

“What do you want to do? You want a hot chocolate, darling Anna?” asked Margaret, calling me by my nickname as she was turning the chair around for her to sit on it.

“Tell me stories. Wonderful stories. It will help me forget the bitterness even at least for awhile.”

“Fairytales, erotic stories, my life without you…? Tell me.”

“I don”t care what kind of stories, just tell me stories. Though, your past erotic stories will be outstanding amongst other preferences. But you can tell me anything you like. As I have said, any kind of stories will do. Just skip the stories of your darling Mr. Bean; it will do me no good.”

Margaret chuckled. Her laughter filled the emptiness of the room and even my heart. Such a sweet laughter from her pouty lips which were slightly curved with a little dimple on the edge of her moistened mouth. Ah… I wondered if her nether mouth has the same moisture as her lips.

“I can not start with a story without your preference,” she said while giving me a flirtatious glance.

I wanted to tell her that my preference would be her “sexual adventures” but then I refused to pipe up.

“Anything will do,” I said. It was a lie, you understand. And lies do not emotionally satisfy oneself so that I was left there lounging on my bed and hungering for her “past erotic experiences” as she began to talk about her “early trip to Rome”.

Thus, she began her story with: “My trip to Italy was wonderful though what intrigued me the most was the great Roman Colosseum…”

And I was left on my bed, thirsting for some erotic words I wished in vain to come out of her lips. But then all I could hear for hours were the columns, marbled floor, arena, Vespasian, Titus, Vestal Virgins, and so on and so forth.

“Some wealthy Romans had put huge amounts of gold on the head of the barred criminals, Andrea, who fought the monsters which were unleashed on the cage. But why did they put the bet on the gladiators” head, knowing the fact of who”s going to lose? There was something magical in it. Try to think of it. Prisoners who were caged”¢â‚¬the way the animals were caged”¢â‚¬were forced to stand on an open field to fight those imported monsters from Africa or Asia Minor. They would shed their blood on the sanded wooden floor (people had put sand on the wooded floor of the arena because it could absorb the blood of the wounded), and then eventually die.”

The prolonging agony of my burning flesh had caused my blood to flow even more intensely. I was thinking like a maniacal monster devouring every erotic fancy coming in and out of my head. Whenever I looked at the erected nipples underneath the cloth, I could think of myself sucking mercilessly the stiffness of it and licking the paleness of her areola and grasping the size of her rounded breasts until she screams.

“And yet no one would mourn for them, no one. They shed their blood, and forfeit their life for the amusement of the many in a matter of fifteen minutes. The emperor would rise from his precious seat and would cheer. And the Vestal Virgins? Those Virgins whose blood was believed to be so sacred. I wondered how they could resign themselves for this kind of amusement. Yes, they were prisoners and maybe it was the punishment. But what a way to die! If you could only witness in your own eyes their faces in the paintings as the monsters wrecked their flesh and torn their limbs one after another, if you could only see the ovation of the roaring crowd as the gladiators shivered with their dying heart…”

She stood up; her hands swayed intermingling with her every description of the statues, the bronze sculpture, the marble figurine, the monument of Gaius Julius Caesar, the Arch of Constantine, et cetera. While I wickedly watched every bounce of her breasts had she walked about the room and the way that her boxer”s was so crammed with her huge thick ass. It made me think of Beyonce or Sharika or the undisputed reputation of J.Lo”s ass.

“And there were the statues of gods and horses near the fountain and the two Tritons on either side of Neptune, the Roman god of the sea,” she said. Her eyes were exploding with so much delight, reflecting the excitement she felt on her early days in Rome. And then she went on.

Margaret went back to my bed facing me. And unconsciously she stretched her legs forward then folded it before her so that her knees were in front of her. I could not see the round breasts anymore, the length of her folded legs had covered the sight of her nipples. But in contrast, her crotch exposed sweetly before me. The hem on the crotch-part of her boxer”s lined noticeably in the middle of her vagina, exposing the shape of her labia majora underneath the thin cotton shorts. I realized she was either wearing a thin thong or panty or nothing at all.

I gasped. I wasn”t listening to her anymore, I was maddened by the sight of her crotch; the way the middle hem divided the thick lips of her vagina. I was maddened by the fact that she was not wearing undergarment and that her young vaginal lips could be seen so easily with one wrong gesture.

The stories went on and so as her long legs played childishly left to right, close and open, to and fro; the lips of her vagina yet exposed before me and behind her moving legs.

But I could not bear it anymore. I was thinking of inserting my finger on her wet cunt and playing on the spongy site above the secret hive to make her squirt “till she loses consciousness. But these fantasies were leading me to extreme horniness. I was embarrassed by my own pervertedness.

I was then covered by a thick quilt but I secretly had my hand inside my soaked panty, reaching for the gaping hole of my watery pussy. The sensual feeling of my long fingers excited me even more. The spongy part of my pussy was swelling and the pulse was running so fast. I thought of touching my clitoris but it may lead me to uncontrollable multiple orgasms, to think the intensity of my libido was beyond disgrace. Then I felt my heartbeat doubled and then tripled.

I shook my head, stirred clear erotic fantasies in my head and focused on the stories she was gracefully telling.

When I looked at her, I realized she was watching me. Her lips quivered, her hands on her chest. “What”s the matter, Andrea? You alright?” she asked anxiously.

“W… what?” I asked, gasping.

“You weren”t listening. You were gasping as if you could not breathe and you”re eyes closed. Are you sick? What”s wrong with you?” She leaned on me to touch my forehead. The soft edge of her cotton halter top ran on the vicinity of my flesh and I could smell her intensely, such a natural sweet child-like fragrance as though the chemistry of jasmines and orchids and sandalwoods invaded every pore of her skin. But it was yet another magic of modern science”¢â‚¬putting various scents of flowers in a bottle.

And so the memories of our childhood years suddenly flashed back to me.


On our late childhood years, we used to play on the backyard of our house here in France. We have a wide plantation here”¢â‚¬wide vineries of grapefruits and a stretched yellow meadow near a small pond. And so there was this night, just after the sunset, when we were running on the grape orchard to the yellow grasses of meadows. Margaret was so small and so was I, only she was a little smaller than me, physically. We were laughing and playing and running in the middle of the prairie. We were playing police and criminal”¢â‚¬I was the police and she was the criminal. I was chasing her.

Through the slopes until the vineries, we ran and ran. Her red braided hair was dancing along the air had she ran while her little body was clad in a short green checkered dress. How could I simply forget that green dress when it was her favorite outfit? But then I could hardly remember her shoes if she was wearing her favorite Mary Jane doll shoes or the little tiny Cinderella shoes we bought in Paris metropolis but I could remember those super high socks she wore until above the knee which made her look like wearing a Japanese girl”s school uniform. And so the enduring running and screaming went on until we fell on the ground as a consequence of exhausted feet and rushing pulses.

On a small cliff in the middle of the prairie was where we stopped. It was our favorite part of the backyard since it was in the middle on the meadow and when we were sitting there, we could see the perfect view of our house while behind it were the myriad houses of the entire village with their yellow lights on; they seemed like fireflies flying in the dark. When we lay down on the small cliff, we could see the innumerable stars in the sky. The sky was a solemn firmament lighted by billions of balls of gases while the clouds appeared to run with the wind.

Margaret lounged on the grasses; her little elbow rose in upright position and her cheek was resting on her palm. She was facing me as I was gazing at the stars.

“Look at the moon; it”s so bright and big! It makes me think of these outdoor lights. If the moon will be like this forever, we will need these outdoor light no more,” I said. Margaret remained quiet while seriously staring at me.

“Don”t give me that look. It terrifies me!” I exclaimed.

“Anna, I saw my momma”s porn video when she was gone to Florence. Found it inside the armoire. I was looking for my Huckleberry Hound cd. I did find the cd only when I opened the case and put it on the player, it wasn”t my Huckleberry. It was a bold film,” said Margaret very clearly. There was no embarrassment on her profile, only the overwhelming excitement for the newly discovered knowledge about living things.

“So you”d watched it?” I asked impatiently. I envied her for it. Of course, I was aware of how grown ups do it only that I wanted to witness it in my own eyes. You know, eyes can see what the books can not fully describe. And long before, I had dreamed of watching porno films to satisfy my curiosity.

Margaret”s eyes rolled over the faraway site as if she was recalling the visions she saw on the video cd. And then very silently, she mumbled, “So that”s how they do it.” She lay down on the grasses. When I looked at her, she was smiling.

“Margaret, tell me how they did it! Was it fun? Was it enjoyable? Was it exciting as our police-criminal play?” It was my turn to sit-up and lean on her.

She did not respond though her eyes were on the sky and her lips stretched wide in a big smile. Curiosity was unbearable; it made me want to rummage her mother”s room to steal the video cd.

“Margaret, talk to me. Please, please tell me how did it happen!” I begged. Damn, I hated this moment. I hated her for concealing it like a secret while I was begging for a fragment of her new discovery.

“Margaret!” I rolled over her. “Please, please tell me… Do you still have the cd? Can we watch it? Your mother”s not yet home, is she?”

“Shhhh… keep quiet,” she hissed. “I can”t… I can”t describe it.”

“What do you mean you can”t?”

“The feeling… When I watched it, there was this feeling”¢â‚¬strong extent of excitement. When the male”s genital entered her wet vagina, it felt like I could feel the pleasure she was feeling, like there”s something inside me that pumps inside and out. My body became weak and my knees trembled. Not out of fear, no. I was weakening… the pleasure was weakening me.” She let out a long sigh and then continued.

“And then there was heat. It traveled from the tip of my toes and gradually up to my head. My heart was beating so fast. And then I felt a thick fluid coming out of my pussy.”

“I think it”s what grown ups called “lust or libido”.”


“Did you touch your pussy?” I asked unhesitating.

“No. I was afraid to do it.” Her eyes gazed at me.

“You should have touched it. I do it when I”m alone in my room. I have explored myself and it felt good when I touched my pussy and rubbed it.”

“Did you feel the heat?”

“Yes! And when I was too excited I exploded with pleasure and then afterwards, it”s all over.”

There was a temporary silence. She was imagining it, surely, and I was yet full of curiosity.

And then finally, she spoke. “I want to do it.” She sat up and put her hands on my shoulders. She used to do it whenever she was feeling excited.

“Andrea, can woman make love to another woman?” she asked seriously. Her eyes were bright and her hair glimmered under the flicker of the moon, even her golden skin.

“But of course. Why not?” I answered.

She smiled and bit her lower lip, and then she put her lips very next to my ear and whispered, “We”re not women, we are little girls but I want to make love to you, Andrea.”

It was my first time that somebody had spoken these words to me, and these words came from the lips of my beloved best friend. My heart pumped in rush. I could say not a word, or a simple whisper. Instead I put my hand on her hair as her head was still on my shoulder and caressed it. It seemed as though she understood my simple gesture when she backed away a little. She kissed my cheeks so sweetly and then my lips. Her hot breath I could smell and her eyes closed as if devouring the ecstasy of this little intimacy. She pushed me gently down on the grasses.

“Look at me Andrea. Can you see me while lying down?” She stood up.

I nodded. I saw her stripping down her dress. She firstly opened the buttons on daƒÆ’a‚©colletage, untied the lime ribbon on her little back and then clumsily took off the green dress. She did not bother to strip down her above-the-knee white socks or even the little shoes.

She walked over me. “This was how they did it on the film. Only we will just pretend you are the male and I am the female,” she insisted.

Above my face, she kneeled down. Her young pink vagina was exposed very close to my face. She ran her little fingers to her pussy, held the two vaginal lips and split them open. The wet nether mouth opened and the little clitoris went out of its hiding sheath. Her face was peering down at me. She was blushing with love and a little streak of embarrassment.

“You have to lick my pussy. I don”t know exactly how he did it but do it in anyway you want. Just lick it.” Her sticky transparent juices flowed out of her pussy and I knew that underneath my skirt, my nether mouth was puking with fluids too.

I poked out my tongue. I began licking the little labia minora for minutes and then to her thick labia majora. I played my tongue very slowly on her pink pussy lips.

“Yes…yes… good…” she was moaning silently.

Then I stick my tongue into the open hole of her gaping pussy. It made her moan a little louder. I thrust my tongue forward until I could lick the swollen flesh inside her. She was still splitting open her pussy lips so that I could easily put my little tongue inside her little hole. To and fro, I moved my tongue and she began rocking her hips to help me. And then I saw her swollen clit. I remembered how good it felt when I touched my own clitoris and what more would it feel if it was to be sucked. Immediately, I moved my mouth to the little reddened clit. I just could not wait how it would make her swoon. I sucked it gently at first and then slowly, I was sucking it hard and then harder and then harder and then much harder.

“Aaahhh… my pussy!” she screamed. She was shaking; she could not even hold her pussy lips anymore. Both her hands were closed to a tight grip. Her eyes shut, her lips opened like a huge O.

“Yes… please suck it harder, Andrea… it feels so good…”

Harder, I sucked it and sometimes, I rubbed the edge of my tongue on her clit while sucking it. Harder and harder and harder and harder until she fell on the ground on all fours. I rose from the ground. I stripped my clothes down until I was naked. Margaret was bending over on the ground. Her arms folded together on the ground while she buried her face on her arms. Her butt was lifted up exposing before me the small tight hole of her ass.

“Hurry! Do it again!” she pleaded.

I bent over the same as she did; only my face was on her butt. My lips were on her vagina, licking her hole and then rubbing her swelling clitoris with my fingers over again.

“Wait!” she exclaimed. I stopped. She sat down. “I want to eat your pussy, too. I want to know how it tastes.”

“You sure?”


We changed position. She asked me to lie down once again on the grasses. She was maddened by the sight of my flat little breasts and the way that my nipples are small and pink. She went on top of me, staring at my little nipples.

“I saw this scene on the movie. The guy licked the nipples of the woman,” she whispered. I nodded.

She began licking my small nipples. There was a tingling sensation in it but I tried to stay calm on the ground. I closed my eyes. After playing with my right nipple she went to the other one, doing exactly the same thing. Licking it and then sucking it.

“You like it?” she asked.

I answered, “Yes!”

And then she went down on my navel and played the hole by her tongue. She was acting as though she was a professional sex guru but yet I knew it was the technique she saw from the porno film. It”s just the way it goes, to use her words.

“Raise your legs up and hold them so that you will not get exhausted,” she ordered.

I did as I was told. And then she reached my belly. Licking and kissing it until Margaret finally met my nether mouth. “Oh! You”re so wet down here!” she exclaimed. She kissed it tenderly and passionately. She licked it beginning from the hole of my ass, up to the swelling flesh of my clitoris, savoring the juices that flowed from my glory hole.

“Oooohhhh…” I moaned. “It feels good, Margaret… I feel so hot….”

I felt her fingers opening the lips of my vagina, I would not refuse. I wanted her to do whatever she liked. Margaret licked the soft flesh within my hole. And when she buried her little tongue in my cunt it made me moan out loud. I could feel the size of her moving tongue in my vagina. I grabbed her hair and pushed her head harder to my crotch. “Harder, Margaret, please…!”

The same as I did, she rubbed the tip of her tongue to my clit while sucking it. The heat was overpowering me. The lust was like electricity cruising all over my every nerve. She said, “Rock your hips the way I did. You will find it more exciting,” she said and then went back to sucking my clitoris. I did as she told me. I rocked my hips slowly and I found it amusing. It created pressure to my throbbing hole even more.

“I”m going to bury my tongue in your cunt. Rub this for me. Let”s do it together.,” said Margaret. And then she put her hands on her crotch to reach for her pussy that was overflowing with carnal juices.

I immediately put my fingers on my clit. Very slowly I rubbed it and then harder. “Oh… oh…. Yeesss… it”s nice… so sweet…!” I moaned. I rubbed it much, much harder while I gently rocked my hips. Suddenly I felt my heartbeat increasing and my legs trembling and my eyes all closed. I could hear the moans and cries of Margaret but I was deafened by my own cries.

“Oh, Margaret… it”s coming! It”s coming!” I moaned. “Ooooohhhhh!!!”

She kept on licking my gaping hole until the intermingling sensation of my rapid fingers and the mean little tongue of my best friend, Margaret, brought me into the sudden climax of ecstasy. Our bodies stiffened.

“W… what is happening to me? Andrea…” She drew back from my pussy and moaned while rubbing her throbbing clit. She was kneeling in front of me. Her eyes all closed. Her hip was moving as she got lost in extreme pervertedness. I was left on the ground, lying, and weakened by the intense pleasure I felt. I watched Margaret do it. She was pinching her little pale brown nipples had she moaned. But unexpectedly, she stole my hand on the ground. I was surprised by her sudden movement. And then without a second thought, she forced my finger inside her pussy. I was terrified by it. I wanted to steal it back but I was too weak to do a single move. I was startled by the texture of her inside. The flesh surrounding it was swollen and the vile of sticky fluid kept on pouring out of her young vagina. She rocked her hips even more while forcefully pushing my finger inside her cunt.

“Ooooooohhhhhh!!!” she screamed. And then she forcefully pulled out my finger from her constricted glory hole. The color of red mingling with her transparent juices on my finger horrified me. It was blood! She was a virgin. However, my finger was long enough to break her hymen so terribly. She herself was terrified by the sight of it.

“Margaret, look at your pussy. It is bleeding!” I exclaimed.

Margaret looked down to check her little vagina. She cried and cried. Her little screams filled the tranquility of the meadows. She was a helpless little girl. I helped her stand up and wiped her tears away.

“Let”s wash our pussies in the faucet,” I insisted.

Margaret nodded though she was still sobbing and scratching her eyes. I grabbed her hand and took her to the nearest faucet we could find. Fortunately, there was no one around. The farmers and gardeners went home early. Probably, our Mademoiselles were looking for us.

After we washed our pussies, we put on our clothes and ran back home. I wondered if Margaret told her parents about it. In any case, it didn”t matter at all.


Margaret”s tight grip on my shoulders drew me back to consciousness. She was calling my name, “Andrea! Andrea!” She shook my shoulders.

When I came back to consciousness, I realized I was looking at Margaret. I forced myself to sit up on the bed. “Hey…” I said. “I”m fine…”

“You worried me. I thought you”re going out of your mind. What”s the matter with you?” she asked impatiently. She was still stilling on the bed opposite to me. Once again, she put her palm on my forehead. And then she scowled. “You”re hot…” she whispered.

“H…hot?” I asked perplexed.

“I mean, you”re sick, silly girl. You”ve fever. Wait for me. I”ll get you medicine and water.” And then she went to the kitchen immediately.

I was left in the room for a while. I reached for my pussy which was still drenched with thick carnal juices. I wickedly inserted my three fingers in it and when I touched my g-spot, it was bloated out. I was fucking horny once again.

I thought of stripping all my clothes down and then lying down on the bed with my cunt barely facing the door so that when Margaret comes back, she would see how my pussy was flowing with thick juices and we could do it over again. We could make love all through the night just like before. I craved for the taste of her juicy pussy, the way it was gaping and throbbing with sexual urges. I thirsted for the hot sticky fluids of her vagina flowing down to her tight anus. But would she accept me once again? Would she refuse my charm this time?

I could hear her voice from outside my room”¢â‚¬she was calling the maid, asking for the medicine kit. Ah, it would take her minutes before coming back while I could bear it no more. I stood up and walked towards the closet, found my sex toy in it and then went back to my bed. I covered myself with the quilt. Slowly now, I shoved the thick dildo inside my panty and then deep inside my cunt. I had difficulty at first to slip it through because of my inflated flesh inside but with the help of the smooth fluid, I managed to slide it in and pushed it until it”s deeper. I took the long pillow beside me and then embraced it with my legs. I thrust the pillow to my crotch by surrounding it with my long legs so that the pillow would thrust the dildo deeper into my cunt. It felt like I was having sex with a real guy. When I could not tolerate it anymore, I rolled over the pillow and sat on it and began bouncing on it while the dildo was inside me.

“Ahhh… yess… yeesss!!!” I screamed while rocking my hips like a cowgirl.

And then unexpectedly, I heard the creak of the door. And someone called me, “Andrea!?” I thought it was Margaret but as I looked at my side, it was my twin sister, Nicole, staring blankly at me and she was with a handsome young man, probably her recent boyfriend.

“Motherfuck!” I exclaimed.

I lay back on the bed, immediately covered my body with the quilt. Good thing I wasn”t naked at all, I was still wearing my night dress. Nicole looked furiously at me; the tall, brown-headed guy was looking astonished.

“N… Nicole!” I exclaimed, too flushed with humiliation. “I thought you”re in Paris. What are you doing here in Auvergne?”

“I was… going to introduce you to my new boyfriend, Lyle,” she said annoyingly while maintaining her posture. “But it seems you”re busy to even lock the door.”

“Oh! Hi Lyle! Nice to meet you, Lyle.” I waved at him.

“Pleasure”s all mine,” he said while still blankly staring at me.

Nicole puckered her brow and then left my room while shaking her head out of disappointment. “Let”s go, Lyle,” she said. Lyle followed her immediately. I could hear their footsteps going downstairs. The footsteps that followed were Margaret”s. She was carrying a tray of medicine, a glass of clean water and an ice bag to be placed on my forehead.

I took the medicine and drank the water. She laid me down on the bed. “Here, this will help,” she said softly and then placed the ice bag on my forehead. I looked at her, she was looking beautiful, and nothing much had changed on her since our childhood except for the breasts which were now huge and round. Her face was still the same oval shaped with thick lashes fringing her green eyes. While her soft auburn curls tolerated its improbable length.

And there came the cold invading every fiber of my bones. “You”re shivering,” she said. And then gently tucked the quilt properly around me. “Do you want me to call Dr. Elliot? He”s probably at his clinic right now.”

I shook my head no. Margaret laid her soft hand on my face, feeling the hotness of my fever. I closed my eyes and let her caress my skin. The palm of her hand felt soothing to my senses. I let out a soft moan. She blushed.

“Will you do me a little favor, my friend?” I said.

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Run your hands downward…The way you caress me soothes me. It will make me feel better.”

And then I felt her hand traveled down to my chest; she was caressing it as the friction created warmth that fought the coldness I was feeling.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Yes… great…”

She was looking at me shyly.

“Oh, are you so shy? Don”t be…” I whispered. Gently, I pushed down the straps of my night dress, forced it down until it revealed the roundness of my breasts. Her eyes widened. “Do it this way…” I said.

I put her hand on my breasts and let her caress it gently. I closed my eyes and moaned. I reached for my crotch to check the dildo and I realized I haven”t pulled it out yet. It slid out of my pussy when I touched it so that I pushed it deeper again until the limit. She still has no clue of what was going on in the nether region under the quilt.

Her grasp was getting harder. “Ooohhhh… damn, girl. You”re so ggooodd!” I hissed.

Margaret”s hand went on my navel, then she caressed my belly and then her hand reached for the long lost lips she once had kissed.

“Oh, my god…” she whispered when she felt the tip of my brutal dildo. I was a little embarrassed but then she wasn”t laughing. There was no judgment on her face, only the extreme carnal energy that possessed her.

“Why don”t you go on top of me and kiss my pussy lips?” I demanded. She took off my lace panty so that she saw my gaping hole which was crammed with thick black dildo.

She asked me to do a fetal position”¢â‚¬my body lies curled up on one side with the head bowed and the legs and arms drawn in toward the chest, facing the wall. I did it immediately. She pulled out the dildo gently and then forced it back deeper. In and out, in and out. I moaned with pleasure as the crunchy body of the dildo slid continuously inside my swollen cunt.

“Aaahhh… faster! Faster!”

“Ooohhh… shitt… I want to fuck you so badly.”

“Yess…. Yess…!”

“Oh fuck! Your pussy”s opened wide. Look at the size of this dildo. Oh, I”m fuckin horny!”

I was about to cum but then she asked me to recline on the bed. I did it abruptly.

She kissed my pussy once again, licked the thicker labia and then sucked the clitoris hard with the dildo thrusting in and out of my gaping hole.

“Oh, fuck that pussy! Ruin her! Yeesss!!! Aahhhh!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!” I screamed.

“Yeah… You whore! You taste good…! You”re fuckin” tight!”

She pushed it deeper to me while sucking my clitoris so hard with her tongue. It was no children”s play. She was an excellent clit-sucker, a universal fucking machine that could make the carnal magic almost to anybody.

Margaret suddenly rotated the dildo with its base.

“Oooohhh! You bitch, I can feel the huge head rotating inside me! You”re hitting my g-spot, bitch! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!”

“Yes, fuck you… fuck you!”

She pulled it out. And then with a tripling pulses and shivering body, my carnal juices squirted all over the face of Margaret.

“Oh, good god!” she exclaimed while watching the juices gushed down to my ass and down the bed sheet.

Margaret went on top of me and I think she was saying, “Hey, girl, wake up! It”s my turn!” She was pulling my hair, trying in vain to waken me. Unfortunately, I was so weak on the bed. I could not do a single move to work magic for Margaret. After all, I was still a sick cow on the bed. The fever accompanied by shivering, headache and increased heart rate would not leave me until the following days.

Well, perhaps she could understand. Well, in fact, I think she did.


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