Top 5 Best Sex Positions

Let’s face reality; women don’t think that reaching orgasm is a lucky shot in the dark anymore — nowadays, they want their juices to flow and they want it now. Today’s sex tip will help every man learn about some of the great sexual positions that most women prefer. And sorry guys, on her knees performing fellatio didn’t make the cut.

More often than not, women are assertive and no longer behave like quiet little mice when it comes to sexual scenarios. Actually, the fact that most guys try so hard (there’s that play on words again) to get their women to achieve orgasm is quite evident of this fact.

The following are five sexual positions that many women enjoy. So the next time you’re about to get down to the nitty-gritty with your woman, try the following positions and ensure that she receives some great orgasmic pleasure.

1. private lap dance

ride ’em cowgirl
Some women love being on top when it comes to sex. Why? It’s all about control, and having the liberty of getting herself off is quite tantalizing. If she likes, she can give herself a clitoral or G-spot orgasm, or even both (with your help, of course).

If she lies on top of you and sways back and forth, pressing against your pubic bone, then she’s aiming for the clitty climax. If she remains erect but leans forward, resting her weight on her hands while she goes up and down in a constant motion, get ready because she’s doing her G-thing.

Then again, there are those multi-talented women that are able to take a man deep inside their vagina, swivel their hips as though they’re dancing, and all the while, they periodically squeeze their Kegel muscles. This drives me… I mean men wild.

An even crazier position involves her squatting — she kneels on her feet and only her vagina and your penis are connected (literally). This is quite an enticing position for both parties involved, although she must have stamina to keep it up.

The best thing about having your woman on top is that you get to watch her enjoy and pleasure herself with your body. You get to watch as she reaches immeasurable orgasmic heights while your hands are free to rub, hold, scratch, and maneuver her taut body.

2. the comfort zone

missionary gal
Believe it or not, lots of women love the missionary position. Yes, now I know that this position is considered to be the flannel pajamas of sex, but sex doesn’t always have to involve swinging from the chandeliers and rough play.

Sometimes women (and even men, believe it or not) want to make “body love,” which involves a whole lot more than just a vagina, breasts and a penis. There’s eye contact, body massaging, and silent communication — women love feeling like they’re at the center of a man’s world and what better way to show her you love her than to literally make love with her?

You don’t have to keep up the typical in-out in-out motions of missionary either. Place a pillow under her buttocks, hold your upper body up with your arms, or even hold her butt with your hands (and she can do the same) — all the while maneuvering as though you’re dancing inside her body.

3. stand at erection

stand tall at attention
Although chances are that you won’t last for very long in this position (I know I always lose control), an orgasm (or two) is virtually guaranteed for her with this one. Have her sit up on a countertop, tabletop, washing machine, sink — any surface that’ll have her at the perfect thrust position.

Standing in front of her while she’s spread eagle (legs open), plunge yourself inside. Because you’re going deep within her, it’s sure to cause you to reach climax somewhat quickly. As well, you’ll be tapping her G-spot at a constant pace and you may even get her to ejaculate all over your member.

Also, since you’re out of the bedroom, it adds an element of intrigue and excitement for both of you. Sometimes, even women want to get to the orgasm part of lovemaking rather than have elaborate “last forever” sex. So read your partner’s messages and if she’s in the mood to reach immediate heights of pleasure, then give the lady what she wants.

She wants you to try the spoon position.

4. spooning it

spoon animals While she’s lying down on her side with her back facing you, you can let yourself inside her from behind. The great thing about this position is that you can hug her, whisper dirty little things in her ear, rub her breasts, feel the silhouette of her body, and kiss, suck and lick her neck and back.

Also, you can vary this position: she can turn her body so that her legs go over yours (her feet are in front of your butt) and she can look at you while you penetrate her at will. This position, as well as the “spoon,” is not intended to be fast-paced, but rather slow and rhythmic.

The great thing about this position is that it allows for slow maneuvering and makes women feel like you’re enjoying their entire body rather than just the sexualized parts. Even if she can’t stand doggy style, she’ll still love this position.

5. stoop doggy dog

on all fours Come on, you knew this one was coming. Many women enjoy this position very much because it allows the man to penetrate them fully. As well, you can cup her body by leaning forward and holding her whilst keeping a constant rhythm.

To add variety to this position, let her lie almost flat on the bed while you remain in the same position. This way, you can move at a leisurely pace and even position your body on top of hers to kiss her back. Under no circumstances, however, should you let your weight fall on her, otherwise you’ll be doing it doggy with the blowup doll in your closet.


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