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IT was past 10 pm when Trisha and I returned to her place. Our giggles flowed into the room as she opened the door. The glow of the fluorescent lamp from the ceiling flooded the whole place.

Trisha locked the door and we slumped into the sofa. We just sat there with my arm on her shoulder. Silent and only looking into each others eyes with our lips curved into sweet smiles.

I held her cheek and kissed her lips. She returned the favor and our lips fought, not wildly but passionately. That kiss seemed to last forever. Then we broke the kiss and I saw her gleaming eyes.

Se stood up and said that she had to change clothes. I just nodded while my eyes followed her alluring form until she disappeared into the bedroom. She didn’t bother to close its door.

As I stared at the door, imagining her undressing inside that room an idea struck my head.

I took off my shoes and put them aside. Then I stood up and tip-toed my way to the bedroom, making sure that Trisha won’t notice me. I stood beside the door, clear from her sight. Then I carefully peered in. there she was, stooping down a cabinet getting some clothes out. She had nothing on but a light blue bra and panty, with her white, flawless back to me. She had no idea that some “Peeping Tom” was observing her.

I stealthily slipped inside and managed to stand unnoticed about two feet away behind her. She was humming a tune while searching the cabinet.

She was about to straighten up when I grabbed her ass, saying, “Gotcha!”

She twitched and let out a gasp of surprise. She quickly turned around and giggled when she saw me. She hugged me.

“You bad boy,” she said. “I could have screamed.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” I replied, “can’t help it. Your ass is really gorgeous. He he he.”

He chinita eyes gleamed as we looked at each other, still locked in that playful hug. She was smiling so sweetly it enchanted me for sure.

Again, that irresistible force came over us and we kissed. Our lips engaged in a wild, yet passionate battle. Our tongues were swords that clashed and snakes that wrestled in the wetlands. Our lips were like leeches, struggling as they sucked each other. So hungry were our lips we were like vampires trying to suck each other dry. But instead of blood, we sucked saliva.

Indeed, we were vampires that, with closed eyes, let out faint moans of pleasure as we savored each others lips, wild and torrid.

I cupped one of her soft mound. He moaned and her tongue struggled to entwine with mine own tongue, making wet sounds. Then I felt her stroking the hard bulge on my crotch with her right hand. Her strokes made it harder and it seemed to grow bigger and threatened to lash out of my pants that contained its fury.

Trisha abandoned the intense battle of our mouths and knelt down quickly in front of me. She fumbled on my belt and zipper to free my raging beast. I suddenly sprang up big and hard when my pants along with my underwear fell down my feet. Her soft, eager fingers wrapped around it and felt the warmth and adamant hardness. She looked at it with hungry eyes and, as if she’d been starved for a log time, started to lick it. She first went for the head, lapping up the precum in its hole then the whole length of the long and hard shaft which she licked hungrily like a popsicle. Up and down her tongue went my shaft, bathing it with her saliva.

Her tongue traveled down south my stiff pole and helped herself with my balls. She licked them good like two scoops of ice cream while her hand stroked my furious beast. She stroked me as if she was trying to make a fluorescent lamp light up. Her slithering tongue continued to play with my balls that were already wet with saliva. She even tried to stick them in her mouth. Then her tongue climbed back to my long shaft and up to its shiny head, which she licked like a lollipop.

With a naughty smile, her eyes on me, she slowly slid my pulsing beast into her small, wet mouth. She seemed so hungry in sucking me that she tightly held my rod as if someone was going to take it away from her.

She sucked me real good I nearly lost my balance. Good thing I was leaning against the wall. She was staring at me with seemingly innocent eyes while her head bobbed up and down my rod. The sight of her pretty face with those voluptuously narrowed and wet lips slipping to and fro my hard manhood was a real eye candy.

Then she closed her alluring eyes and seemed to savor the warm and rock-hard thing that filled her mouth. She looked so vulnerable I felt like violating her. In a spark, my somewhat sadistic side took over and the next thing she knew I was holding her head with both hands, so tight I was almost pulling her hair, and I was thrusting deep and hard into her mouth. She gagged and opened looked at me with surprised eyes. But then she understood and stopped moving her head. She just held onto my thighs and let out a gagged moan as I fucked her small, narrow mouth. To make things better, she sucked my rod hard every time I withdraw it. I thrust deep into her mouth, reaching for her throat which I really enjoyed.

Then I felt like coming. I didn’t really intend to come in her mouth but then I fancied my load overflowing from her mouth and shooting some on her pretty face. It made me so horny. I held her head tighter and fucked her mouth faster and harder like a jackhammer. Her gagged moans seemed to jive with the sound of my rod viciously sliding in and out of her wet mouth.

Finally, I let out a loud moan as my thick load exploded in her mouth. I was right, it overflowed down her chin. She swallowed a lot of it though. I quickly pulled out my rod from her mouth and shot the last spurt on her face. It made a vertical strand from the right side of her nose down to her upper lip. She again held my rod and licked all up the remaining cum, especially on the head. When she was done my dick was “clean as a whistle.”

I slumped to the floor, panting. She wiped the cum off her face and the corners of her mouth with her hand and licked it up as well. Then she leaned against my shoulder. My shirt was damp with sweat. I took it of and tossed it near my pants and underwear. I looked at her. She was smiling at me. I caressed her face.

“Great job, sweetie,” I said.

She embraced me. We kissed. I tasted some remaining residue of my cum on her lips. But it was alright.

My lips traveled down her neck, kissing, lip-biting and licking its smoothness. I was a vampire enjoying his prey’s tender neck. I went further south to her cleavage. I kissed and licked it naughtily. He let out a gasp.

I cupped her breasts. She reached behind and unhooked her bra. She threw it somewhere. I feasted my eyes on her two white breasts and pinkish, erect nipples. They were like a sumptuous meal to me. I looked at her face and saw her seductive eyes that seemed to say, “Help your self.”

I grabbed her soft buns and kneaded them like dough. She moaned and moaned as I enjoyed her tender nipples, licking and sucking them alternately. Occasionally I would lip-bite her pink raisins and it made her gasp aloud. When I was done with her breasts, we stood up and I laid her on the bed. I sat beside her and slowly removed the last piece of clothing that hid her modesty. I pulled her panty past her flawless legs and tossed it away.

I think a drop of saliva rolled down my chin as I beheld her spring of pleasure surrounded by a patch of dark forest. She was wet already. I felt my adamant hardness reviving. My tough soldier arrogantly stood its post, rifle pointed to the heavens, ready for action.

Trisha saw this and she giggled.

“Oh, my,” she said.

I just smiled to her and quickly positioned myself between her legs. I spread them apart and, wasting no time, plunged into her lagoon. She moaned and held me head tight as my tongue swam in her ocean and probed deeper into her depths. I hungrily played her precious pearl with my tongue which almost made her scream. I tried to pry that pearl out with one finger while I strained to suck on it like a walrus over an oyster.

Her loud moan echoed in my ears as her precious juice flowed out. I lapped it up like a cat on a dish of milk. She gasped more as I licked her clean.

Then I knelt between her thighs and spread her legs so far from each other. I held my raging dick and rubbed its bulbous head slowly against her salivating cunt, teasing her sensitive clit. She moaned as I brushed my dick up and down her slit and clockwise counterclockwise round her flower’s cherry lips. The head of my dick was shiny with her wetness as I poked her hidden pearl. She was moaning and cursing and held so tight onto the bed sheet and pillow that she could have tore them apart with her bare hands. She didn’t seem to know which side to rest her head while her eyes were fixed onto my dick that was teasing her cunt. She would buck her ass up every time I poked her clit and she’d move her crotch closer to my dick when I move it away from her dripping wet slit.

I did it over and over and it was like a torture for her. I really felt sadistic that time her seemingly agonized moans made it grow more.

“Ffuuccckkk…Jin,” she moaned, “I can’t take it anymore…oohhhh…stick it innn…pleeease…fuck meee!”

I grabbed her legs and spread them so wide I thought they’d be dislocated. I slowly drove my big pole into her dripping hole. Her moans really turned me on as I inched deeper into her wetness. It was a smooth entry despite of her being still tight, due to the fact that she lubricated like there’s no tomorrow.

At last my whole length was inside her, pulsating. I let it stay there for a while, feeling her warmth and tightness. Then I pulled it slowly. Her tightness seemed to pull my raging dick back in as I inched it out of her. The sensation was great. She was staring at my dick with narrowed eyes as I slowly withdrew it from her wet pussy. Her gaping mouth let out prolonged moans of pleasure.

Just as my bulbous head was about to emerge from her pussy lips, I lunged my whole length back in suddenly which almost had her screaming. Her head fell back on the pillow and she shut her eyes tight and her hands tore at the bed sheet.

The pushing and pulling picked up pace until she moaned wildly and began to swear. I anchored her flawless legs on my waist and she crossed them behind me while she held onto my arms, her fingernails digging into my skin. A series of sharp, abruptly ending moans escaped her lips as I pounded her hard and fast. The bed was shaking and its springs were creaking as our bodies undulated very rapidly. She met my every thrust and our naked, sweat-covered bodies moved in unison.

Her bouncing breasts were so turning me on; I leaned forward and fondled them then licked and sucked the swollen nipples. I mashed her breasts and lip-bit her tempting nipples while I continued to thrust in and out of her.

Then she came. She moaned loudly and swore as her warm juice flowed out and enveloped my still thrusting dick. I kissed her and our tongues battled once more.

I pulled out my dick slowly and quickly made her bend over with her ass up in the air. I spread her legs apart and, with her looking back at me, slowly slipped my rock hard dick into her lubricating hole.

My balls hit her pussy lips as I pounded her swiftly like a dog on a bitch. Meanwhile, her swearing, that by and by interrupted her moans would have given her old Korean folks a heart attack.

“Aaaahhh…shheeett!” she said, “…Jiinnn…screw me moooore…fuuucckkk! Drill my hungry cunt with your big cock…ooohhhhh…..yeahhh….uhhh….aaahh!”

Her words really made me horny. I felt like being sadistic again. I leaned over and reached for her hair with one hand and pulled it, making her look up to the ceiling with her mouth gaping wide. She was almost screaming. Her hands were already on the bed’s headboard. Her breasts bounced wildly with the heavy pounding that she was receiving. I fucked her so hard that my pelvis was slamming against her ass, making fast clapping sounds.

After she came again, we quickly changed positions. I rested my back on the headboard. She slowly sat on my dick, guiding it with one hand into her cunt while I held her by the waist. Soft moans escaped from her mouth as her went cunt ate my stiff dick inch by inch. Her warmth and tightness engulfed it then she started to move her hips. She was looking down on our genitals as she moved her hips forward and backward and sideways, grinding on my dick. My dick was really hitting her G-Spot, for she moaned and swore in ecstasy.

She then began to pump on my dick, riding it like a seasoned equestrian. Her wet cunt slid up and down my hard shaft. Her hands were on my thighs with her arms supporting her body as she bounced up and down my hardness. I just held tightly onto her waist, helping her as she rode me. I leaned over and grabbed one of her bouncing breast and licked and sucked its pinkish nipple. I did the same to the other one.

With my mouth still on her breast, I leaned back against the headboard with my arms around her. She clung on my shoulders. She looked back at her ass, moaning loud, as I began to thrust my cock in and out of her. We kissed when she faced me. Her body rocked wildly as I pounded her sadistically.

I felt I was going to come soon so I hastened more. The rapid battering of my cock into her pussy made audible squishing sounds which I really liked.

I pounded her so hard and fast until I couldn’t hold it any longer. The sensation has become unbearable.

“Fuckk you, Trish….you’re so yummy. I’m comiiiing! Ooohhhhhhhh!”

“Oohhh….Jinnn…me too….oohhhh, Godddd! Fuuucckkkkk! Aaaaahhhhhhh!”

We came. Our moans of ecstasy filled the whole room. My thick load exploded inside her and was met by her rushing love juice. Our mixed fluids flowed down my shaft, down to my balls and fell on the bed sheet.

We panted like dogs and were exhausted. My back was already flat on the bed and she was resting on top of me. We stared at each others eyes, smiling.

“Sarap mo talaga,” I said to her.

“Huh?” she replied, not able to understand what I said.

“I said you’re really good in bed, sweetie.” And I kissed her.

“You also,” she said after our lips parted. “I enjoyed very much, hon.”

We embraced and, due to exhaustion, easily fell asleep.


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