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IT was a warm Friday night. Trisha and I along with our friend Su-Mi, had dinner in the mall’s food court.

Su-Mi, I should describe, is about the same height as Trisha. She’s sexy and light complexioned with flawless skin. Her red-tinted hair was tied up to a knot at the back of her well-shaped head with a few strands hanging over the right side of her forehead. She’s pretty and wears eye glasses and younger than Trisha. That time she was wearing a peach shirt, a white skirt that reached a few inches below her knees, and a pair of lavender sandals. She’s quite a charming and an intellectual girl. Her mastery of the English language is not that perfect but fairly comprehensible.

From our previous talks I learned that her family is engaged in a restaurant business back in Korea. She rents a room in a boarding house some blocks away from Trisha’s place. Sometimes she spends a few hours in Trisha’s apartment, especially after their class in the language center, studying and doing assignments.

That night she went with us back to the apartment. The three of us watched TV with a few cans of light beer and a plate of fish crackers. The beer made us more jolly and we chatted noisily and laughed out loud.

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was already eleven in the evening. Knowing this, Su-Mi told us that she should be going. We noticed, however, that she was a little bit tipsy already so we asked if she could still make it home. She replied that she could but we doubted it and so we insisted that she’d spend the night in the apartment. At first she was a bit hesitant but gave in eventually.

We cleaned up our mess then Trisha and Su-Mi went into the bedroom while I continued to watch TV. When they came out they were wearing bathrobes . Trisha sat beside me while Su-Mi went straight to the bathroom.

“I think we won’t be having some fun tonight, hon,” I said holding Trisha’s hand.

“I’m afraid so, hon,” she replied rather sadly.

“Well, it’s ok,” I said, “we still have other days.”

She giggled and kissed my cheek. I kissed her back on her soft lips. She fought back, our lips battled. Our tongues wriggled into each other’s mouth. I slipped one hand in her bathrobe and gently fondled one of her gorgeous breasts. She moaned. I felt her hand gently stroking the hard bulge outside my pants. I stooped down and hungrily licked then sucked her exposed right nipple, which made her moan louder. She opened my fly and grabbed my cock then took it out. It was raging hard and she let out an aroused moan while her fingers felt its warmth and adamant hardness. She started to stroke it. Our lips fought again while she continued to grip and stroke my cock. After a while our lips parted and she stared at my cock with seemingly hungry eyes and wet lips while I continued to fondle her breasts. A drop of her saliva fell on my cock as she stooped down. She smiled at me with a slight blush on her cheeks. Then she opened her mouth, about to devour my cock. Suddenly, the bathroom doorknob clicked and turned. In a flash Trisha and I straightened up and fixed ourselves up, putting my cock back in my pants and closed my fly. Our eyes were on the bathroom door as it opened slowly.

Su-Mi stepped out while drying her hair with a towel. She smiled at us and went straight into the bedroom.

“Whew!” I was relieved, “that was pretty close.”

“Yes, hon,” Trisha said, “but…” she stroked the still hard bulge in my pants while biting her lower lip and looking at me seductively.

“There’s still tomorrow,” I whispered to her.

She just nodded and sighed. I kissed her cheek as a comforter then she stood up and went in the bathroom. My cock was still hard and I wanted to follow her in the bathroom but I dared not because someone else was around. So, I just heaved a sigh and took off my shoes and socks then continued to watch TV.

Su-Mi then appeared by the bedroom door. She was wearing a loose, white T-shirt and a sky blue [pajama bottom.

“What are you watching, Jin?” she asked fixing the eyeglasses on her eyes and sitting down near me.

“Rome,” I replied.

She just nodded then watched the show. Sometimes our eyes would meet accidentally each time we glanced at each other, and we would just smile and revert our eyes back to the TV.

I wasn’t really concentrating in what’s on TV, I was thinking of having some fuck. My cock was still hard and I really wanted to stick it into Trisha’s pussy. Then, I caught Su-Mi staring at my crotch. She quickly jerked her eyes off me. I just smiled while she seemed to have blushed.

After a while Trisha emerged from the bathroom and approached us then went in the bedroom to get dressed. Moments later she came out, wearing a white shirt and a lavender pajama bottom. She sat beside me and watched the show while casually talking to Su-Mi and me.

Later, Su-Mi took her leave and went to sleep. Trisha, on the other hand, remained for a while and we kissed while she stroked my bulge. We had to stop, however, so with suppressed desires, we said good night to each other and she went to sleep.

I don’t know how long I’ve been dozing off when I was roused by something looming over me. I opened my eyes and saw Trisha smiling at me.

“Hon?” I uttered, amused.

I received no reply from her, instead, she placed a finger over my lips while her hands unbelted and unzipped my pants eagerly. She took out my cock and began to stroke it until it was raging hard.

“Oh, you’re hard!” she whispered while stroking my raging cock.

While she was jacking me off I checked the bedroom door and saw that it was closed. I was worried that our guest might wake up and catch us in the act. Trisha, however, didn’t seem to give a damn and started to lick my rod. Her every lick sent currents of sensation all over my body and made me forget my worries. What the heck, I thought.

I told Trisha that I wanted us to do 69 so she straddled me with her pussy to my face and I was surprised to see that her pajama bottom and panty were gone already. Her pussy was salivating like a dog so I spread her legs and, holding her thighs wasted no time in licking her wet cunt. She moaned and looked back at me with narrowed eyes as my hungry tongue went up and down her slit. After a while she slipped my cock into her wet mouth and started to suck it like some hungry bitch.

Our faint moans filled the room as we licked and sucked each other. Her body seemed restless while my tongue enjoyed her wetness, brushing up and down and poking her cunt and teasing and playing with her clit. I slipped one finger into her cunt and probed for the G-Spot. My finger slid in and out her cunt while I licked her hard and fast. It was probably so good that she stopped sucking me and moaned like crazy until finally she came with her succumbing to some kind of convulsion.

She was about to resume giving me a head when I sat up and took off all of my clothes and hers as well. I wasted no time and fell upon her gorgeous breasts which I fondled then licked and suckled her nipples alternately with much eagerness.

When I seemed to have enough of her breasts we both laid down on the sofa with me behind her, my upper body raised a bit with the support of my left elbow. I ran my lips on the side of her neck and the back of her ear. She seemed thrilled as I licked the back of her ear and it made her quiver a bit and moan softly. I ran kisses on her shoulder, my lips caressing her warm skin. She turned her head and caught my lips with hers. Our lips fought a noisy, wet struggle while her right hand clung on my neck and my hand fondling her breasts.

With my right hand I raised her right leg slowly and held it high in the air, hooked by my right arm. I even kissed her right knee, for it was only inches away from my face. My rock-hard cock was poking one of her ass cheeks so I rubbed it gently against her wet slit.

“Ohhh, Jiiiinnn,” was her moan as I continued to brush the head of my cock against her wet cunt.

She moaned more and held me tightly when slowly I slid my cock, that was already wet with her juice, into her tight cunt.

“Ohhh damn, sweetie, you’re really tight!” I said as I inched deeper.

We both moaned softly when I started to slide in and out of her. We looked at each other while I fucked her slowly, savoring her tightness. By the looks on her face she was really enjoying my big, hard cock thrusting in and out her dripping wet cunt.

She moaned more when I picked up the pace, her hand holding tightly onto her right thigh while her narrowed eyes and gaping mouth really turned me on. I kissed her lips and she fought back.

I pounded her faster and harder that our bodies rocked, especially her right leg which rocked wildly in the air. We were dripping wet with sweat and our genitals squishing with her early juice. Our curses, swearing, and moans filled our ears while I slid in and out of her with increased momentum. With every hard and fast thrust a succession of short, sharp moans escape from her parted lips. Her soft breasts bounced wildly as I pounded her eagerly.

‘Ohhh, sweetie! Fuck! Aahhhh…sarap mo! Um! Um! Um! Shit! Oohhhh…”

“Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah…uhhh…yeah, baby…fuck me moooore…oohhhh…stuff my pussy! Fuccckkkkk!!!”

her tightness seemed to squeeze my cock. The heavenly sensation that crawled all over our bodies was almost driving us crazy. It was rising higher and higher and soon would explode for sure like the the mercury inside a thermometer.

Sure enough after a few more jack-hammering the unbearable sensation exploded.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH! Fuccckkkkkk!!!” were our moans of ecstasy as we both reached heaven. Our bodies trembled as my thick load was met by her warm nectar and overflowed out of her slippery cunt, savoring each other’s warmth with closed eyes and gaping mouths. All I could hear was our heavy breathing and my throbbing temples that sounded more like clapping hands. Clapping hands?

I opened my eyes and was stunned with what I saw. There standing by the opened bedroom door was Su-Mi, clapping her hands with a smirk on her face.

My partner and I were frozen for a few seconds.

“So this what you do, huh?” said Su-Mi while she stared at us.

Trisha and I remained silent. My partner, however, moaned softly when I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and I heard Su-Mi gasp a little when she saw that I was still hard.

“Oh, wow! So big!” was Su-Mi’s reaction and she smiled at me.

I sat up but didn’t cover myself. Trisha got up as well and confronted Su-Mi in their native language. It seemed to me, however, that they were not really quarreling and sometimes both of them would glance at me then resume their talk. After a while they sat down, each on my side.

“Hon,” said Trisha while holding my arm, “she wants you to fuck her.

That surprised me. I looked at Su-Mi and was more surprised, for she was starting to take off her shirt.

“Is it ok with you, hon?” I aid to Trisha.

“Yes,” she replied then smiled ans bit her lip.

I smiled as well and kissed her. Our lips fought again and our tongues fenced against each other. I then felt a light tap on my shoulder. When I looked back I saw Su-Mi wearing nothing but her panty. Her gorgeous white breasts looked bigger than Trisha’s and she really had a flawless body. She took off her eyeglasses and moved closer to me with a naughty smile on her face. I pounced on her seductive lips and she fought back, slithering her tongue into my mouth. Wet sucking sounds emanated from our battling mouths as we hungrily sucked each other’s lips. My hands found her full, soft breasts and fondled them and played with her stiff, swollen nipples. I stooped down and licked then suckled her pink nipples like a starved infant. I suckled her hungrily which made her moan and whimper while pressing my face against her breasts.

Trisha, on the other hand, leaned over my lap and gave me a blow job. I felt my whole length reached her throat which made me moan.

Su-Mi knelt in front of me and took her share of my raging cock. Her soft fingers played with my balls while Trisha’s narrow mouth slid up and down my hard, thick shaft. Su-Mi then got hold of my cock and licked it right away. My cock shone with their saliva and I saw how Su-Mi looked hungrily at it. She slipped it slowly into her narrow mouth while staring at me. She tried to swallow my whole length but she gagged. She just let out a gagged moan and her head started to bob up and down my lap.

Meanwhile, Trisha and I locked lips and after that I suckled her nipples again.

“Uhhhh, hon,” she said while I enjoyed her pink nipples,” fuck me again, please.”

Thus, wasting no time I laid back on the sofa and she straddled on my lap while I pulled Su-Mi up to enjoy her breasts again. Trisha aimed my cock at her salivating cunt and sat down slowly. She moaned as my long, thick manhood penetrated her tight, wet cunt. When I was in her completely she started to sway her hip as if she was belly-dancing. Su-Mi, on the other hand, removed her panty and straddled my face, her legs eagle-spread, exposing her cleanly shaved pussy before my eyes. Her pussy was pinkish as well and she was dripping wet already.

I licked Su-Mi’s narrow slit and the area around it. She moaned more when I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and licked her inside. I found her swollen clit and played it with my tongue, which made her moan and whimper. I stiffened my tongue and forced it inside her cunt. It slid in and out, keeping up with Trisha’s pumping on my cock.

Both girls moaned and cursed as my tongue and my cock fucked them.

“Ohhhh, Jiiiinn…ahhhhhh! Uhmmmmm….shiiiitttt!” said Su-Mi.

“Ahhhhh! Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh…honnn…fuckkkk! Uhhhh-uh-uh…” said Trisha while bouncing up and down my lap.

Soon, both girls moan aloud as they came together. I felt Trisha’s warm nectar envelop my cock while Su-Mi’s gushed out of her cunt to my mouth. Trisha dismounted my lap while Su-Mi and I locked lips. I noticed that she slumped on the couch. Trisha seemed exhausted that when Su-Mi and I disengaged our fighting lips we saw her already asleep. Su-Mi giggled.

“Let’s go to bed,” she whispered to me.

I obliged gladly and we went to the bedroom, leaving Trisha behind. I sat at the edge of the bed and Su-Mi knelt in front of me and fell upon my big cock. I clumped her hair to one side to have a good view of her delicious lips sliding up and down my thick harness.

“Ohhh, Su-Mi,” I said, “you’re really hungry…ahhhh.”

“Uhhhhmmmmmmm,” was her reply.

She gagged a bit when I made some gentle thrusts, driving my cock deeper into her small mouth. She stopped moving her head and stared at me when I started to fuck her warm mouth. My cock slid in and out, picking up speed every few seconds while I held her hair tightly.

“Aahhhhh…shitttt, Su-Mi! Oohh…it’s great fucking your mouth! Um! Um! Um! Um!”

I I fucked her mouth faster and faster until I felt that I couldn’t hold no longer. With one deep thrust my cum exploded in her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh…fuckkkk!” I said.

She swallowed my warm, thick juice and even licked my cock clean when I pulled it out of her mouth. I fell on the bed while she laid down. When I looked at her she spread her legs and I saw her salivating cunt.

“Come, honey, fuck pretty Su-Mi,” she said while rubbing her slit slowly with one finger.

“You naughty girl,” I replied and positioned myself between her legs. I took her left leg and ran kisses from her foot down to her thigh until I reached her fragrant cunt. She waited in anticipation as I aimed my cock at her wet cunt.

“Aahhhhh,” was her moan when I brushed my cock up and down her slit.

I did this again and again until my cock was wet with her juice and she begging for me to fuck her.

So, without much further ado, I drove my cock slowly into her tight cunt. She let out a sharp moan when I thrust my whole length inside her.

“Ohhhh fuck! Su-Mi, you’re so tight and warm inside! Aahhhhhh,”

“Uhhhhhhh, Jiiinnnn!”

I hooked her legs up with my arms and started to pull my cock slowly. To this she moaned because the parted lips of her cunt seemed to cling onto my cock as I withdrew it out of her. Halfway I drove it back in slowly. Push and pull, in and out, I pumped her slowly.

“Ahhhhhhh…ohhhhhhh shit! Jiiinnnnn! Uhhhhhhh,” was her moan while I was fucking her tight cunt.

She held tightly on the pillow when I fucked her faster.

“Uhhhh…ahhhh…uhhhh…ahhhhh…shittt!” was all I could hear from her.

Her breasts were bouncing so I leaned forward and took her pink, stiff nipple into my mouth. I suckled her like some starved infant and did the same to her other nipple while I continued to pound her. Her nails were like digging into my skin and her wild moans filled the room. In and out my cock went into her, until her body seemed to tremble and her cunt tighten more.

“Aahhh…I’m comiiiing…uhhhhhh,” she said, “I’m comiiiinng…aaaahhhhhhh!!!”

I felt the sudden rush of her warm fluid that enveloped my cock. We kissed then settled to an embrace while my cock remained inside her, still hard and throbbing.

A moment later I made her bend over and positioned myself behind her. Her cunt was so wet that some of her juices flowed down her ass hole and her thighs. She gasped and looked back at me when I rubbed around her ass hole with my middle finger. A few seconds later I started to slip my finger into her ass hole, which made her moan softly.

“Ahhhh, Jin…ohhhhh,” said Su-Mi.

‘Do you like it, baby?” I said while my finger slipped in and out her ass.

“Yes,” she replied, “ohhhhhh….ahhhhhh…”

Soon I was using two fingers and slid them faster in and out of her ass.

“Uhhhhhh…ahhhhhhh…faster, Jin…fasterrrr! Ohhhhhh,” I heard from her.

I pulled my fingers from her ass and wet my hand and rubbed it on my rock-hard cock. She was looking back at me in anticipation as I aimed my cock at her ass hole.

“Aaahhhhhh!” was what came out of Su-mi’s mouth as I slipped my cock into her ass little by little.

Inch by inch I pushed deeper into her really tight ass until my whole length was inside from head to base. Her tightness seemed to strangle and grip my cock tightly, she was really warm inside her ass.

“Ohhh, Su-Mi, you’re ass is very warm inside. It’s really tight Ahhhh,” I said, holding onto her hips firmly.

“Jin…uhhhhhh…” was her only response.

She moaned louder when I started to pull out my cock slowly and pushed it in again. My thrusts were slow and careful, making sure it won’t hurt her much. Her eyes were closed, was biting her lower lip, and her head raised while I slid in and out her ass.

“Aaahhhhh…aahhhhhhh…uhhhhhh!” were her moans.

I maintained the slow pace for a couple of minutes until I felt that she was no longer pained and felt pleasure instead. Her moans filled the whole room as I pumped faster and harder with much eagerness and vigor that she looked back at me again with her mouth gaping wide and her pretty eyes narrowed.

“Uhhhhh…aaahhhhh…more, honeeeyyy…ohhhh…faster! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah…” she said.

“Ohhhhh…yeah…you’re so tight baby…fuck you! Um! Um! Um! Um!”

I even slapped her gorgeous ass cheeks while I pounded her wildly like I was riding a wild mare.

Plak! Plak! Plak! Plak! Plak! was the sound of my crotch slamming her voluptuous behind as I jack-hammered her ass. My cock seemed to swell bigger while her ass was slippery as a poolside, and I felt that my dynamite would soon blaze and explode.

“Ohhhhh, baby…I’, coming! I’m comiiiiinnngg!” I announced and pounded her faster and harder, full throttle, as if there was no tomorrow.

“Uhhhhh…honeeeyyyyy…ahhh…ah-ah-ah-ah-ah…” I heard from her.

And sure enough after a few more thrusts I felt the rush of sensation overflow and my body began to quiver. I jammed my cock deeper into her ass as if I wanted to plant it inside her.

“AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” and I exploded with a bang.

She moaned as my thick, warm, and pearl-white cum filled her ass.

“Ohhhh…honeyyyy…it’s so warm…my ass is really full! Ohhhhhh,” she said.

Our bodies glistened with sweat and were both catching our breathe. She remained bent over, her face and elbows resting on the pillow while I lingered inside her. When I pulled out my somber cock cum flowed from her ass. She dropped on her belly while I laid beside her, and we kissed passionately, as if we were lovers.

After some chit-chat we were back in action. I fucked her in the ass again then her cunt until we both came together. We rested after that second bout then wiped ourselves up. I went out and saw that Trisha was still fast asleep. I roused her and brought her to bed. She smiled upon seeing Su-Mi lying naked in bed. Su-Mi also smiled and beckoned us to join her, tapping the space beside her.

We huddled together, naked, with me between the two girls and slept soundly. Just before dawn we had another round then slept until noon.


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