I was invited to a party by a friend. When I arrived I saw my friend waiting for me by the door. Inside there were many guests and most of them were unfamiliar to me. She showed me around the house and introduced me to the guests, some of whom I have already met. However, my attention was fixed on one particular person inside the house. It was a Korean lass – about the same height as me, pretty, typical chinita eyes, smooth flawless white skin, long silky black hair, slim, and such a sweet smile revealing a nice set of teeth. She was absolutely gorgeous!

My friend introduced us to each other. Her name was Trisha. She was friendly and nice and most of all she was good in English, unlike other Koreans here in the Philippines. At first she was a bit shy but later, during our “getting to know each other” chit-chat, she was already laughing with me. It was as if we’ve been friends for a long time already. I found out that she was fond of having conversations with people, especially with friends. It was really nice talking to her. There was never a boring moment and she was always smiling.

That day, before we parted, we gave each other our number to stay in touch with each other. She said that it was really nice meeting me and I also told her the same.

Days and weeks passed, she and I became close friends. Sometimes we hanged out in her flat whenever we weren’t busy. We would chat the whole day and watch some funny movies. I even stayed until evening, helping with her studies and teaching her our local dialect. And I really enjoyed hanging out with her not just because of her prettiness but also because it was fun to be with her.

One day after work, I received a txt message from her inviting me over to her place. I was a bit tired but I didn’t mind it and headed for her place right away, still wearing my uniform.

I smelled her sweet scent as she opened the door. I said my hello and she invited me in with a streak of smile on her pretty face. That time she was wearing a loose shirt and short pants. However, I noticed one peculiar thing – she wasn’t wearing a bra. The shape of her nipples was fairly visible under her shirt. Her short pants were also shorter than usual, revealing her flawless white legs. It was the first time I saw her like that. Usually, whenever I was in her place, she wore pedal pants or jeans and she had a bra. But that moment, she really turned me on. She was absolutely gorgeous with her hair tied up to a knot. I felt my cock jerk and harden.

“What got into this girl’s head?” I thought to my self as I sat down the sofa. I took off my shoes and socks and set them aside.

“So, how was work?” she asked while sitting beside me.

“Oh well, it was fine,” I replied. “What about you? How was school today?”

“Fine too,” said she.

“I see,” I said. “Don’t you have an assignment?”

“No, no assignments,” she said.

“Then you’ll just be sitting pretty for tonight, huh?” I said.

“Yes, hehehe,” she replied. “Uhm, wait there, Jin I’ll get us some snacks.” She stood up and went to the fridge. It was really nice watching her as she bent forward to get some things out of the fridge. Her sexy curves were showing especially on her lower part. It turned me on even more.

Then she glanced at me. Our eyes met and she smiled at me. I smiled back. She closed the fridge and went back to the sofa carrying two cans of soda and a pack of potato chips. We shared the bag of chips while watching a movie on DVD. Sometimes, I stole some quick glances at her face, chest and legs. Luckily she didn’t notice me doing that. I wanted to make a move – sit nearer to her and put my arm on her shoulders. But I was too afraid and too shy to do so. I thought that she might be offended by it. So, I just trashed that idea and concentrated with what we were watching.

That time we were watching an adult movie, not really hard core porn but enough to make me hard. Again I wondered why she chose to watch that movie. The guy and the girl were lapping up each other – hot, torrid and wild kissing. The guy was at the same time cupping the girl’s right breast. Trisha and I were just silent at that moment. But I noticed that she was frequently moving her legs, as if she was feeling uncomfortable.

“Damn, this is adult movie, right?” I cut the silence. Trisha looked at me and gave a sweet smile. I smiled back of course.

“Yes,” she said. “Should we turn it off?”

“Nope, let’s let it finish. After all I kinda like it, hehehehe,” I replied.

Trisha giggled and we continued watching. By that time the characters in the movie were already naked and with their lips still locked onto each other. I was already feeling hot. When I glanced at Trisha I caught her staring at me. She smiled at me and I did the same. Then she moved closer to me and wiped my forehead with a tissue paper.

“You’re sweating, Jin. You feeling hot?” she said while wiping me.

“Uhm, yup. It’s because of this movie,” I replied. “What about you, Trish?”

“Yes, I’m also hot,” she said with a naughty smile. Then there was silent between us. The only thing we could hear was the moans of the man and the woman in the movie that were already banging. Trisha and I looked at each other. She moved even closer. I also did the same. Then she suddenly stood up and turned off the TV then sat back beside me, really very close, her shoulder overlapping mine. I saw something in her eyes but I couldn’t tell what it was. I heard our deep breathing. It was as if we were anticipating for something. Her cherry lips were alluring. I really wanted to kiss them. But I didn’t. I waited.

“You want me, don’t you?” she suddenly said. My heart pounded when she said that. I gathered my courage and replied to her.

“How did you know?” I said.

“Because I noticed you were staring at me,” she smiled.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I couldn’t resist coz you’re so damn pretty and sexy. “Sorry, Trish.”

“Don’t apologize, Jin. I was also staring at you,” she smiled at me again.

“Thanks,” I replied.

Then I saw a tint of naughtiness in her eyes.

“Have you kissed a girl before?”

“Uhm, on the lips?”

“Yes. Have you?”


“Really? Why?”

“Coz I didn’t had a girlfriend.”

“Is that so?”

“Yup, you don’t seem to believe me.”

“I do. So does that mean you’re still…uhm…virgin? Hihihi.”


“My, you’re interesting.”

“Huh? What about you? Are you still…virgin?”


Her face moved closer and closer. Then she suddenly stopped. An inch of space was left between her lips and mine. I knew she was waiting for something. I slowly moved my head towards her and closed my eyes. I felt her soft lips bump against mine. My heart beat like a drum. We kissed. Her lips were sweet, as sweet as strawberries. She wrapped her arms around my neck while I held her smooth cheeks. It was a long, passionate kiss. Both of us breathed deeply when our lips parted. She smiled.

“Not bad for a first-timer,” she said.

“Really?” I was glad. “Did you like it?”

“So much,” she replied. Then we kissed again. This time it was torrid and wild. Her tongue slid into my mouth. I did the same. I slithered into her mouth and wrestled with her tongue. She moaned. Hearing her moan was like music to my ears. I was glad because she liked what I was doing. I sucked her lower lip. She fought back, doing the same to me. I licked her sweet lips. Her constant moans made me more daring. I cupped her full breasts. Her nipples were already hard. My cock jerked and hardened even more. She moaned as I kneaded her firm breasts. On the other hand, I felt her stroking the rock-hard bulge on my pants. I pulled her shirt up. Her breasts were really mouth-watering – just the right size, full and white with small pinkish nipples. They really looked fresh. All I could say to myself was “WOW”. It was my first time to touch and see a pair of breasts in person. Once more I kneaded her breasts like dough. Then, with me staring at her as if asking for permission, I brought my warm lips onto her cleavage. I kissed and licked her there. Slowly my kissing and licking traveled down to her right breast. She moaned louder when I licked the area around her nipple and then I sucked it. I hungrily sucked her nipples, left and right. I was like an infant who hasn’t been breastfed for a long time. She grabbed my hair and pushed me deeper into her bosom. She moaned and moaned as my lips enjoyed the sweetness of her erect nipples.

Once more I went for her lips and reaped its sweetness. Our tongues met again. She straddled my lap with our lips still locked with each other. As the heat in us intensified, I took off her shirt and my polo and sando as well. She caressed and kissed my chest while I kneaded her firm breasts. She was grinding her crotch on my bulging cock. It raged further like some wild animal, struggling to be free. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it gently.

“Damn, you’re so horny, Trish,” I whispered to her. She just smiled then unbelted and unzipped my pants. I leaned back as her hand slid inside my brief and grabbed my raging cock.

“Wow, you’re very hard,” she whispered while gently stroking my hardness. I replied with a kiss on her lips. She took my cock out and began to masturbate it. The feeling of her warm hand playing with my hardness was overwhelming. I held the side rims of her short pants and slowly pulled it down. She dismounted from my lap and her short pants fell to her feet. All that was left on her was her underwear. She knelt in front of me and pulled off my slacks together followed by my underwear. My cock jerked up straight like some wild beast unleashed from its cage, ready to engage in a fierce battle. She looked at it with lust and hunger in her eyes. Then she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and caressed her pretty face. She grabbed my cock again and stroked it. I nearly fell of the sofa when she stuck out her tongue and lick the tip of my cock. I clutched her hair as her hot wet tongue traveled my whole length, from root to tip. Her tongue went up and down my shaft like licking a lollipop. I released a soft moan while she licked away with my cock. She also gave attention to my balls. Her tongue played with them while her hand fondled my raging hardness. My balls were wet with her lust when her hungry tongue left them. She licked my whole length again like some hungry bitch. Then she began to slide it slowly into her mouth and slid it out and slid it in again. She sucked my cock as it slid in and out of her small, hot and wet mouth. My hands clutched tighter on her hair as she sucked me like a Popsicle. She gave me a seductive stare as my whole length brushed deep inside her hungry mouth almost reaching her throat. I moaned and cursed for she was really good at giving me a head. I felt my cock grow larger as if it was about to explode. She sucked me faster. Her head bobbed up and down like a car piston in high velocity. I felt something was building up inside me that would soon burst out.

“I’m coming, Trish! Ahhhh!” I said.

She just stared at me with her seductive eyes and sucked me harder and faster.

“God, you’re so good! Ooohhhhhh!” I moaned, “I’m commiiinngg! Aaahhhhhhhhh!”

I couldn’t hold it anymore. The build up was too much to bear. I came inside her mouth. I threw my head back as my load shot up to her throat. She kept on sucking as my juice continued to spurt out. She swallowed all of it. She even thoroughly licked my cock to make sure none of my juice was wasted.

“Hhmmm, you taste good, Jin,” she said licking her lips.

“You naughty girl,” I replied caressing her face.

She smiled and bit her lip. I pulled her up and we kissed. I tasted my semen on her lips. It didn’t bother me.

“So how was that for a first time?” she asked.

“Great! You were great, Trish. Thanks,” I replied.

Once again our lips locked with each other and our tongues entwined to a frenzied dance. Then I laid her on the sofa. I looked at her, face and all. She smiled. ‘God she’s so damn pretty’ I thought to myself. I kissed her again. My hands worked on her gorgeous breasts while my fingers played with her erect nipples. She moaned. My lips traveled down her neck, kissing and nibbling. I kissed and licked my way to her right breast. I licked it and suck her nipple while I kneaded her left breast. I licked her areolas followed by her nipples. I sucked them once more, left and right. She moaned, clutching my hair. I really liked sucking her nipples and licking her breasts. They were glistening from my licks when I left them for her navel. She jerked when my hot, wet tongue descended on her navel. I licked and kissed it and poked it with the tip of my tongue. She gave out another moan. She moaned louder when my thumb played up and down her pussy, still hidden by her thin underwear. She was already dripping wet, wet as October. I smelled her there. She was as sweet as the first flowers of May. I stuck out my tongue and licked up her slit behind the thin fabric. I licked up and down, slow and hard. She let out a loud moan while clutching tighter on my hair. I smiled a bit, knowing she was enjoying it. I began to lick her faster and harder. Her hips wiggled as I licked up and down her slit. She moaned and spoke something in Korean. I understood what she meant. I quickly stripped off her underwear. For the first time, in my whole life, I saw a woman’s pussy in flesh. It turned me on even more. Trisha’s pussy was pinkish and really wet and mouth watering. It had a thin patch of trimmed curly hair just above the slit. I spread her pussy lips with my two fingers and slowly inserted my middle finger inside her. She moaned and winced slightly. I began to move my finger in and out of her pussy. She moaned again when my finger found her clit and played with it. Her hips bucked up as I fondled her there. I knew that I found her G-spot, so I fingered her more. She moaned and moaned, begging for more. She was dripping wet with my finger-fucking. Then, licking my lips, I dived for her pussy, mouth first. She tasted sweet. ‘So this is how it tastes like’ I thought to myself. I licked her fast and hard. My tongue brushed up and down her pussy lips and inside her slit, reaching for her clit. I licked her up and down, side to side, clockwise and counterclockwise, my tongue wiggling like a big restless worm. My daring tongue played with her clit and I sucked on it as well. She moaned wildly and begged me not to stop with her hands tightly clutching my hair. She pushed my face closer to her pussy. I hardened and straightened up my tongue and sank it deep into her overflowing well. I inserted my two fingers and played her G-spot. I fingered and licked her at the same time. She moaned like a tortured bitch. Her legs mounted my shoulders. She moaned that she was coming. I lapped her up faster and harder. Then her body trembled and she cried out. She came. He juice flowed to my mouth. I licked it up. It really tasted good. I even licked those spilled on the sofa. She was a bit panting when I sat beside her. She smiled at me.

“That was great,” she whispered, wiping off some of her juice around my mouth.

I replied with a kiss. Then she saw my once again raging cock. She giggled.

“Oh, you’re still hard.”

“It’s your fault, hehehehe.”

“Hihihi, come to mama.” She sat up, grabbed my cock and stroked it again.

“Oh, so hard!” she said and licked the head of my cock. I leaned back as her hot, wet tongue went up and down my shaft. Then she straddled on my lap again with eagle-spread legs. My hard rod rubbed against her crotch. We were as hot as the scorching sun. I grabbed her right breast and licked her erect nipple. My ravenous tongue fondled her other breast and nipple as well. I grabbed and squeezed her gorgeous butt cheeks. Her lips and mine wrestled against each other, mauling and so hungry to taste each other’s steaming lust.

“Oh, I’m so horny, Jin. I want you,” she said half whispered when our lips parted, “I wanna feel you inside me.” She squatted with her legs well spread, grabbed my cock and rubbed its head against her dripping slit. She moaned and slowly inserted it into her hot, wet cunt. We both moaned as her hungry pussy slowly devoured my long hardness, inching deeper into her soul. Her tightness was so damn good and it was really hot and soft inside her. We made no movements for a while. We savored the sensation of having each other’s genitals in a tight jam, especially for a first-timer like me. She bit her lip and stared at me with naughty eyes. I held her waist as she slowly pumped up and down my lap with her soft hands on my shoulders. Her voluptuous breasts were bouncing. I licked them and sucked her cute nipples.

“Ahh…uhhh!” she moaned. She liked it.

“Damn, Trish…aahhhhh…you’re so tight,” I said.

“Oohhh…ahh…” was her reply while pumping up and down, savoring my hard cock inside her as it slid in and out. The sensation of my hardness brushing on the walls of her deepness was absolutely, really great.

I made upward thrusts to meet her slow, rhythmic pumping and penetrate her deeper. She moaned louder and held tightly on my shoulders as my whole length rubbed against her so sensitive clit and G-spot. She was really wet, her pussy salivating, like a rabid bitch, and flowing down my balls and thighs. The movements of our bodies blended into one rhythmic motion. Seeing her wet pussy sliding up and down my hard cock turned me on even more. I rubbed her clit.

“Aaahhhh! That’s it…ahhh…uhhhhh!” the moans that came out of her.

“Ahhh…you’re so yummy…oohhhhh!” I said.

She was really damn delicious. Fucking her was heaven. Then something wicked went inside my head. With a naughty smirk on my face I grabbed her legs and anchored them on my shoulders. I held her hips and guided her up and down my cock, its base slamming against her pussy lips. I penetrated her deeper, my whole length reaching to the deepest part of her abyss. She cried out loud as she bounced up and down my cock, fast and hard. Her head swung back with her eyes on the ceiling. She moaned and spoke dirty Korean words and begged for more, begged for a deeper banging.

“You naughty girl,” I said, “I’ll fuck you hard again and again…aahhhhh!”

“Ahhh..uhhh…ahh…” was her reply.

“Fuck, Trish!!!” I moaned. We have lost ourselves. No words could properly describe the sensation I, we, felt that time. She was so damn good. We were both in Cloud 9, our moans of pleasure echoed in the corners of her flat.

I was really doing my best to hold my cum from bursting out as it was my first time to fuck. I was really holding onto it, waiting for her to come first in fear of disappointing her.

Then I felt her pussy contract tighter, strangling and squeezing my hard cock. I also felt something was building up again inside me. I was on the verge of exploding my hot, sticky lust again. She wildly went up and down my shaft, harder and faster with the duet of our loud moans. Our wet, burning genitals made a squishing sound.

“Ahhh…so good…for a first-timer!” she said. “Im commiiing!”

“Me too…aahhh…” I replied. “Are you safe today?”

“Uhh…huh..” she nodded. “Cum inside me…please…aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..”

As her body trembled a surge of unbearable pressure rushed up from my balls to the tip of my swelling cock. Trisha and I cried out loud in nerve wracking ecstasy as we came together. Our mouths opened up to the heavens with great pleasure as our hot, sticky lust merged; savoring what our steamy hot sex brought us. Her love juice engulfed my cock and balls while I exploded my load deep inside her womb. We cummed a lot. Our mixed juices dripped on the sofa and down to the floor. We were panting and so wet with cum and sweat. Recovering our sense, I smiled at her and kissed her on the forehead. She smiled back and we engaged in a long, passionate kiss. My cock was beginning to sober up when she dismounted from my lap. We laid down the sofa, facing each other. We didn’t bother to wear our clothes back.

“Really, not bad for a first-timer,” she said caressing my face. “You were great.”

“Thanks, Trish,” I replied with my hand on her cheek. “Thank you so much for this. I will never forget this.”

“Hihihi,” she giggled, “You’re welcome, Jin. Thank you too.”

“You were so damn yummy, hehehe,” I said.

She giggled again and pinched me on my side. We hugged and kissed again. After a while we fell asleep.

It was past 7 P.M. when we woke up. We took a shower together and did another round of sex in the bathroom. I didn’t go home. I decided to spend the whole night with Trisha. She was so happy about it. We went out for dinner. It was one of my happiest moments.

After that encounter, Trisha and I became closer to each other, more than just friends. We became fuck buddies.


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