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The singing of the crickets echoed faintly amidst the soaring clamor of people and vehicles in the busy streets of the city. The grinding of rubber tires on the dry asphalt road, the rumbling of engines and the humming of the passing gargantuan vehicles drowned the evening chants of the minute crickets that congregate somewhere in the urban jungle. My ears attuned to all of this sounds and noise, listening to the world around me. I knew then that I have wakened. I have broken out from the surface of the sea of sleep after drifting in its dreamy depths.

I slowly opened my eyes and my lashes flicked to the light above. The bright and fluid glow of the fluorescent bulb fixed onto the ashen ceiling illuminated every corner of the room, expunging any speck of sleep in my awakened eyes. I heaved a long sigh; the warm air drawn from my lungs swooshed gently and drifted with the cool breeze of the air conditioner. A streak of smile formed on my lips as my eyes lay on the face of a beauty that with folded arms cuddled with me, wrapped by my caring arms. She was an angel. A stunning vision from above whose warm, tender and flawless skin rested blissfully in my warm embrace, feeling the contours of her sexy body-her naked body.

I brushed away the few strands of hair that hung on her face and I gazed upon an innocent angel in a tranquil snooze. I gazed upon her pretty face, her eyes still shut with the lashes flicking gently in the world of sleep. Her alluring lips that slightly parted, almost revealing two pearly white teeth, exhaled her warm, sweet breath that caressed my face with her every gentle snoring. Her soft breathing resonated in my ears like a sweet melody of Beethoven. She was indeed a magnificent view-a glimpse of the Garden of Eden. I caressed her pretty face, the back of my curled fingers gently feeling the warmth and smoothness of her fair cheeks with my eyes fixed onto hers. She was like a child in a deep sleep, savoring the comfort that I gave her. Slowly my thought drifted back to the affairs that transpired earlier. I saw ourselves locked in a wild, passionate kiss while our naked bodies undulate rhythmically, flying our way to the peak of ecstasy. In my ears echoed the exasperated moans that escaped from our lips as we shared and savored the absinthe of lust.

The thought made me feel warmer and I felt myself harden again. I was turned on by the thought of our early affair. I smiled to myself. I felt the need feel my angel’s warm skin on against my lips. My head moved closer and I kissed her on the forehead with my hand gently holding her nape. It was a passionate kiss. A quiver of air escaped my lips as it parted from her soft skin. A soft moan emanated from her followed by a gentle wiggling of her body. Her lashes flicked and slowly she opened her eyes, eyes that blinked in a brisk to atone with the glow of the light. She stared at me. Her eyes were lovely. A sweet smile formed on her cherry lips. I smiled back.

“Wakie wakie, sweetie,” I whispered to her, caressing her face.

She giggled with her eyes narrowed and her pretty teeth revealed their shining splendor.

“Hi, honey,” she said caressing my hair. She raised her head and turned to look at the wall clock, her right elbow pressing on the soft sofa while my right hand gently stroked her back.

“Oh, it’s past 7 p.m. already,” she said turning back to me and reclining back on the sofa, “What time will you go home?”

“I won’t go home,” I replied. “I want to spend the whole night with you, Trish.”

“Really?” she seemed excited.

“Yup…you don’t want?” I said.

“No…what I mean is of course I want to be with you tonight,” she smiled. “I don’t want to be alone tonight, Jin, hihihihi!”

“You naughty girl,” I pinched her cheek gently. She giggled and up, stretching her flawless arms. “Wait a sec,” she said to me and she headed for the bedroom. I just hummed in approval as she walked inside that room, her naked form gliding across the flat with her hips swaying like the hips of a model making her way on the catwalk.

She was wrapped with a peach bathrobe when she emerged from the bedroom. On her right arm hung a sky blue towel edged with yellow stripes. She stretched out her arm to hand over the bright towel. But when I was about to take it she suddenly held it back, giggling. She played a tease on me. She would offer the towel but quickly hold it back every time I reach for it. She was really having fun teasing me with the towel. I, on the other hand, chuckled for the amusement we were in. I suddenly stood up and quickly grabbed the towel but she was swift enough to get a hold of it and we had a mock tug-of-war. We both giggled at our childish act. I hugged her from the back and tickled her. She tried to get away but I was quick enough to wrap my arms around her and bury my finger on her sides. She broke out to a screaming laugh and struggled to free herself. Her body wriggled like a slippery eel trying to escape loose from my grip. All the while our childish laughter echoed in the walls of her flat. Finally she loosened her grip on the towel, trying to fend off my tickles, and thus I got hold of it. I wrapped it around me while she was catching her breath a bit but then giggled again. I embraced her. She jerked a bit, thinking I would tickle her again. But my left arm draped on her waist while the other rested on her back and the hand clung to and gently caressed her nape. Her giggle reduced to a simple sweet smile, her eyes locked onto mine. Her arms clung on my shoulders as our lips met; we kissed, savoring each others tender lips. A quiver of air escaped our mouths when disengaged from each other, breathing for some air. She giggled again while I and caressed her face.

“Let’s go out for dinner,” I said.

“Let’s take a quick shower first,” she replied with a naughty smile and wicked eyes. I nodded a ‘yes’. She seized my hand and pulled me into the bathroom.

I already knew that something would happen, again, between us as Trisha shot the bathroom door. We imprisoned ourselves in that small paradise. It was a paradise where I would bathe naked with a pretty maiden whose nakedness would glow radiant under a shower of crystalline water. I was turned on again. My rod stood proud and hard as I removed the towel, that concealed its rant and rave. It was a Viking’s long sword; a spear ready to pierce and bleed the heavens. My angel fell to silence upon gazing at my seething hardness. She crafted a naughty smile and her eyes looked at me with mischief. Her impish eyes were filled with unspoken words; with feelings she wanted to express. They gleamed with desire and other boiling seething feelings she wanted me to feel. It was as if were speaking to me. She slowly untied her bathrobe and took it off in a seductive manner, her hips slightly swaying as if dancing while biting her lower lip. My rod infuriated more and stood steeper like a rocket ready to launch in space. I think I slobbered a bit that time when she completely removed the bathrobe and stood totally naked in front of me. She was like the naked Eve standing before Adam; no shame, no doubt on her face. Her whiteness glowed more radiant under the luminosity that emanated from the solitary light bulb on the ceiling. Her radiant, unblemished breasts were like two pompous ladies while her rosy nipples pointed proudly towards me, piercing my pleased eyes. The paradise between her sleek thighs lay hidden by her thin patch of forest. The shadow on the wall beyond her outlined her deftly chiseled stature, highlighting her fine, tapered hips and splendidly slim, small waist. Her long silk-smooth arm reached for the shower’s switching cord and trickles of crystalline water showered her flowing hair that shone like silk and her smooth shoulders. Her naked body shone and glistened as the water rolled down and glowed on her flawless, even skin. She was a marble Venus that glistened in the rain. She was an angel playing in the rain. The falling water splashed down to her as she tried to catch it with her cupped hands. She was giggling like a cherub. Her finger beckoned me to join her with a constant smile on her lips. I eagerly stepped into the raining water, holding her hand. The warm splashes so quickly drenched my whole body, making me gasp a bit. The dried sweat and cum that clung to our bodies from our early bout were washed off by that warm drizzle. I reached for the snow-white soap and made it foam in my hands. I so gently grazed it over my angel’s naked, wet body; the trail of fine foam slowly washed off by the shower. Its soothing, foaming, soft touch licked her white neck, her two proud breasts, her long arms, her smoothly chiseled flat belly, and her towering white legs. My hand drifted the foam to her well kept Garden of Eden between her two glistening thighs. The sweet aromatic scent that lingered in the four corners of the bathroom filled my nose. The tender soap slipped into my angel’s longing hands. She so sensually rubbed it on me, driving its foaming shape on my arms and shoulders, all over my chest and hard, packed abdomen. At the same time we mauled each other’s lips. I felt here soft hand gently stroking my hard rod. She wrapped it in foam and it smelled as sweet as the soap in her hand. The constant shower of warm water slowly washed off the foam that clung to our bodies and left us radiant and glistening, fresh like the first spring and shining like a newly polished shoe. Her playful hand lingered on my hardness and stroked it more as if it were a charming pet, a pet snake. The streak of smile never left her angelic face. Slowly she knelt in front of me, still holding my raging rod. Her seducing eyes locked onto me as her hungry tongue lapped up my shiny rod. Her wriggling tongue crawled over my rod like a worm leaving a silky trail all over a tree branch. I moaned softly, telling her how good she was and how I liked what she was doing to me. Then her soft lips engulfed my hardness, sucking it lick a succulent plum. It smoothly slid in and out of her wet mouth, her tongue fondling its head. She was really good at giving me a head. Deep throat, I almost came, hearing my own moans; my hand secured her rich hair. But I still got a hold of myself, determined not to cum right away. I pulled her up and our tongues engaged in a sword play. I fondled and ravaged her white breasts and pink nipples, licking and sucking then hungrily. My daring hand explored her rainforest underneath, searching for her hidden treasure. Her ass jerked when my adventurous finger found her precious pearl. She whimpered as I tried to pry it out of her shell, fiddling with it gently. I slipped down to the floor, my right knee on the tiles, and anchored her leg on my shoulder, her back tilting against the tiled wall. Her hidden spring was fully exposed to me. I fervently licked her up like a thirsty Bedouin in a pool of refreshing water in the middle of the desert. She wailed as my ravenous tongue plunged into her overflowing spring. Her clutching hands tightened on my hair as I wallowed in her wetness. I caught a glimpse of her face, her gaping mouth to the ceiling with her eyes closed and she would turn her head to various directions. She called my name and begged for more, her words coming out half-whispered and gasping a bit. A few more fondling with her pearl and she came. Her sweet honey flowed down my wanting tongue quenching my thirst. I was a bee that relished her overflowing nectar, some of which flowed down her legs along with the falling water. I stood up facing her and we kissed again.

“Jin…please take me again…” Trisha whispered after our lips parted. I pulled her out of the shower and I sat down the toilet bowl seat, my hard rod confidently pointing to the ceiling. She hastily straddled and squatted on my lap, my hand holding my hardness as she slowly sat on it, her slippery cunt devoured it inch by inch. I leaned back against the flush tank, my hands on her waist while hers clung to my shoulders. Her hips swayed back and forth, rotating, grinding on my steel pole. She whimpered and bit her lip while I savored her tightness and wetness that engulfed and pumped on me. I moaned softly for what she was doing to me, my rod being massaged by the soft inner walls of her hot pussy. She rocked on my lap like a child riding a rocking chair, her hips fluidly grinding on me. Our bodies were likes the waves in the sea as I went along her grinding hips. I reached for her breasts and squeezed them gently, my thumbs rubbing on her swollen nipples. She moaned with her lips parted and eyes narrowed. Our bodies undulated in a hard, rapid pace like the body of a side-winding snake in the desert. A few more minutes her moans drowned mine, filling the whole bathroom, competing against the nearby rustling of showering water. I felt her tighten more on my rod as she rocked harder and faster, cursing and saying my name, telling me she was near. I, on the other hand, controlled myself from coming because I had other plans.

Then she came. I felt her hot lava that enveloped my pulsating rod and overflowed to my pubes and balls. Her body fell on me, her arms wrapping around my neck with her face against my collar bone while I buried my face on her neck. Her soft wheezing seemed to match my own breathing; the air she exhaled warm against my skin. I held her face and kissed her plump lips. I savored its sweetness, sucking and licking it passionately. She fought back and her tongue wrestled against mine. Her breath of fresh air caressed my face as our lips disengaged.

“It’s your turn, hon,” she whispered to me. I knew what she meant. She knew and felt that I didn’t cum with her. And I was still raging hard. She dismounted me and I stood up. I held her waist, the both of us smiling to each other.

“It’s my turn, sweetie. Doggy?” I said to her. She nodded and said: “You naughty boy…you want to ride on me. I like that,” she said pinching my cheek lightly. She kissed me on my cheek and then turned to the toilet bowl. She bent over it, her hands on the flush tank supporting her weight and her legs were well apart. She looked so vulnerable in that position and it was nice to look at her ass. I wanted to kiss and bite her plump ass cheeks. She looked back to me and teasingly beckoned me with her finger to come to her. I caressed and slapped her ass gently. She giggled to this. Then I brushed my hard shaft against her ass cheeks. She bit her lip, feeling the warmth of my hardness against her gorgeous behind.

“You’re really hard, hon,” she said softly, “And I’m so horny,” her eyes were fixed on my rod that was caressing her behind. I kind of enjoyed doing it to her. I saw that she was wet already. She gasped when my hand felt her pussy. She was wet indeed, well lubricated. I held my rod and rubbed its head against her slit. I heard her soft moan, she liked what I was doing. I rubbed it up and down her slit, drenching the tip with her wetness. I found her clit and I poked it with the tip of my rod. She moaned louder and moved her hips and pushed it against my shaft, the head teasing her wet cunt. Her moans filled my ears when I slowly made a forward thrust penetrating her hot, wet pussy. My hands secured her hips as I inched deeper into her tightness. All the while she was moaning to the wall. My angel was really hot inside and I heard myself moan softly. When I was deep enough, I slowly pulled my shaft out. Half way I pushed it in again, savoring her slippery wetness. Her moans echoed with the sound of showering water splattering to the tiled floor. Our bodies undulated like a crawling worm as I pumped her slow but hard. She would look back to me with narrowed eyes and parted lips, enjoying, savoring my every thrust. I did circular thrusts that made her moan even more. She was an angel being tortured, pounded by the devil, me. I was drilling deep into her well.

“…ohhhh shit…that’s it…aahhhhhh…Jinnnn…” she moaned.

I pounded her harder and a bit violent; rapid, deep thrusts that had her moaning constantly. Seeing how my hard shiny rod slid in and out her dripping wet pussy was such a magnificent view. I heard myself moan and telling her she was such a delicious angel. Her reply was a moan, turning her head to me with a gaping mouth. Seeing that expression on her face seemed to make my rod swell bigger and harder. She spoke in Korean, a half whisper, telling me how she felt me big and hard inside her-that she really liked it. With that, I mounted her right foot on the toilet bowl seat and jack hammered her more, the base of my rod almost banging on her pussy lips.

“…aahhhhh…I’m commmiiing again…honeeyyy…” she moaned.

“Me too, sweetie…ahhhh…” I said, “…let’s come together…”

“…uhhh…yeahhhhh…” she replied.

I fucked her faster and harder, my right foot already on the toilet bowl seat as well. My hands held tight on her hips while hers gripped tighter on the flush tank. Our bodies undulated wildly, her breasts wobbling and bouncing. My pelvic bone slammed against her behind, making a clapping-like sound together with a squishing sound that came from the “high-velocity” pounding of my rod in her slippery wet pussy. The wild and loud, almost wailing, moans that escaped from her lips matched my every hard thrusts. A rush of sensation pulsed inside my rod and I joined my angel in her moans of pleasure. We no longer spoke and cursed in English. We were already too intoxicated with pleasure to think of speaking any English.

“…aahhhh…ang sarap mo…Trissshhhh…shiiittt!” I said to Trisha who was already drowning in the sea of ecstasy.

She cried the same in Korean, her body rocking as I rode her like a wild mare.

Then we wailed in ecstasy as we exploded together, feeling the burst of each other’s hot fluids fill our genitals. Our hot lava of lust dripped to the floor and on Trisha’s legs. Sweat glistened all over our bodies and we panted like horses with the sound of rustling water on the background. We slumped to the floor, embracing each other, with my back against the tiled wall. Her face was buried in my neck while I caressed her wet hair. Only the shower of water filled the four corners of the room.

After that momentary silence we were back in the shower cleaning ourselves up; sweet smiles in our faces.

We dressed up together and she looked dazzling in her black, round neck, fit long sleeved shirt and fit jeans with her straight, long hair hanging down past her shoulders.

I took her out for dinner in a restaurant downtown. We happily talked about things while we ate. We were more than happy with each other’s company.


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