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The Hostages

I think I knew what would happen from the moment we became their hostages. It was only a matter of time. My wife has such a sexy figure that I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist having her. As it happened, it was actually two whole days before anything happened. And you don’t argue with these men. Looking at the wrong end of an AK47 tends to shut you up.

You probably heard about us on the news. We were taken hostage and they held us for ten days. They took us from one of the main city streets, in broad daylight. It was a classic drive-by kidnapping. The car pulled over beside us and two armed men bundled us both into the back, then we drove off at high speed. For a while I though they were secret police and that they would let us go as soon as they realized they had just arrested two innocent tourists. But when we were blindfolded in the car so we couldn’t see where we were going, I began to realize that these guys were not on the side of the law.

They took our blindfolds off when they had got us into our prison room and had chained us. I was shackled to a radiator on one side of the room and my wife was handcuffed to a big iron bed on the other side. She could lie on the bed, or sit on it. I had a mattress to lie on. In the center of the room was a plain wooden table and two chairs.

Our guards were all Arabs, or Arabic looking anyway. The two we saw the most were Sherif and Ahmed. Sherif was tall, about 30 I suppose, and grinned a lot. He spoke reasonably good English, but with a strong accent. Ahmed was younger, maybe 25 or so, very muscular, and spoke only Arabic. Sherif was the boss man: Ahmed did as he was told.

The food was, amazingly, very good. There seemed to be a top class restaurant nearby and they were bringing food in for us. Then they would unchain my wife and invite her to sit at the table to eat. I was not given this privilege and ate my meals from a plate on the floor.

The toilet was at the end of the corridor. If we asked, they would take us there. They would let us close the door. Overall, we really weren’t treated too bad. But in the back of my mind I had the feeling that sexual temptation would get the better of them, sooner or later. While we had been tourists I had seen the local Arabs looking at Julie, my blonde wife, and the look in their eyes said it all. A man in a shop had fondled her backside. Another had made me an offer for a night with her. Actually it was a pretty good offer and Julie had said later than I was a fool not to accept!

What excites them is obvious. Julie is 31, 5ft 10″ tall and has a full and curvy figure. Her legs look as if they go up to her armpits and she can’t help wriggling her backside as she walks. To top it all off, she has a wonderful pair of breasts which positively bounce as she moves. Before we were married she was one of the crowd I went around with, and her nickname was “sex on stilts.” Anyway the Arabs really go overboard when it comes to western blonde women. I suppose that’s because they haven’t got any and they just want to try something new.

We were abducted on a very hot day, so we were only wearing very light clothes. Julie was wearing a thin white blouse which buttoned down the front, and a light blue skirt. Of course she had underwear on, but only slip on shoes. No tights, nothing like that. You could see straight through the blouse, it was so thin. I saw Sherif staring at her from time to time, and I knew he was longing to get her clothes off.

After our evening meal on day two Julie asked to be taken to the toilet and Ahmed escorted her there and back. She came back into the room and went to the iron bedstead, expecting to be chained up again. But Sherif, who was sitting at the table with the handcuffs, didn’t make a move. Instead he put down his newspaper and, looking first at Julie, he then turned to me.

“Your wife Julie, nice lady, very pretty” he said.

I nodded. This was it. This was the warm up. I could feel my heart thumping. Sherif grinned at me. “I think you lucky man,” he went on. “Have nice sexy wife. She pretty good, eh?”

I pulled a face, pretending I didn’t understand what he was getting at. He laughed at my pretended innocence. “You know,” he said “Good at jig-a-jig!” He winked and poked a finger through a loop he made between thumb and forefinger of the other hand. “Like this!” he said. I shrugged and still said nothing.

“She have nice breasts John, big eh? You like play with those? And down here..” he rubbed his crotch “Nice too I think, tight for man going in there. She move around plenty when you have her John, do dance for you?” I didn’t know what to do. Chained to a radiator, there wasn’t a lot I could do. She was completely at their mercy. I just glared at Sherif, hoping he wouldn’t go any further.

“I think good idea we take look at Julie, get her to take off some clothes” he said.

“Julie,” he said slowly, turning and looking at her, a leering smile on his face. “Come here plis.”

“Just leave her alone, you animal,” I growled as fiercely as possible, getting to my feet. My chain clanked on the radiator, bringing me up short. He grinned at me. “You, John,” he said, “You shut up. You are guest here. You behave yourself. Just sit and watch. I not hurt your wife.” With that he produced a wicked hunting knife from his belt and placed it on the table. “If you give trouble” he added “I cut you to pieces, understand?” He would too. There really wasn’t a damn thing I could do. I sat down again, hoping that Julie would have some idea to fend him off. For a moment I thought it might just be a bit of fun.

Julie didn’t make a move. She just sat on the bed and looked at him.

“Come Julie,” said Sherif. “Come over here. I not hurt you.”

“I don’t want to,” she replied.

“Julie, c’mon, don’t make big trouble. Come stand here,” said Sherif, smiling.

Julie stood up slowly. She hesitated for a moment, then she went over to him. She stood a few feet from him, her arms at her sides, saying nothing, resigned to her fate.

Sherif picked up the hunting knife and pointed it at her thin blouse. “Now then Julie, take off,” he said quietly “and show us.” Julie didn’t move. “Julie,” said Sherif. “You have nice body. Me and my friend want to see. Now take off shirt, don’t make trouble OK.” Julie remained motionless. “Julie,” growled Sherif, warningly. Then he leant forward with the hunting knife in his hand and, with a twist of his wrist, sent one of the buttons flying across the room. For a moment she didn’t react. Then she slowly undid the buttons down the front of her blouse and peeled it off, tossing it to one side. She stood in bra and skirt, looking at him, completely expressionless. “Good lady,” he said, grinning. “Now take off this,” he said, indicating her bra with the point of the knife. “Show us your big breasts.” Again she hesitated. “Take off Julie!” said Sherif. It was an order.

She still didn’t move for a moment or two. Then she calmly reached up behind her back and released the clip. Her full breasts dropped slightly as she brought the straps round to her chest. Then she took off the cups and they swung free. She shrugged off the shoulder straps and threw the bra to join her blouse. Her nipples were erect, like two small pink corks.

Sherif put down the knife and got to his feet. He walked right round her. Then he stood in front of her. “Julie, you are very beautiful. Now you show us,” he said. “Show us everything.”

Julie looked quickly at me, almost as if seeking my approval. She knew she had no choice. She unzipped the side of her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Now she had only her small skimpy pair of pants. You could see the shadow of her pubic bush through them. She glanced at me briefly, then she hooked her fingers into the waistband and drew them down, stepping gracefully out of them. She tossed them onto the pile of her clothes on the floor. She drew herself up to her full height and just stood there, completely naked, hands to her sides, waiting for Sherif’s next move. I swear I saw her smile slightly. She didn’t try to cover herself. She looked proud, magnificent, and very sexy.

Sherif walked round her, looking at her with pure lust in his eyes. He said something to Ahmed in Arabic. They laughed. Ahmed was sitting at the table and I could see his hand on his crotch, his fingers working. He wanted her. Sherif stood in front of her. “Julie, you have beautiful body, very nice breasts,” he said. He reached out and cupped them, one in each hand, feeling their weight. Julie just stood, motionless, submitting totally to his fondling. Sherif knew what to do to get a reaction. He took her nipples in his fingers and rolled them gently. Julie’s eyes half closed and I saw a shudder go through her body. Then he let go of one nipple and dropped his hand to her bush. He rubbed his hand up and down her hair. “I think you nice here too,” he said. “Nice and tight for big cock.” Julie shuddered again and closed her eyes. Now it was certain that she was going to be fucked. “You like big cock Julie?” he continued, taunting her as he rubbed her bush. “I have big cock Julie, maybe you like to see?”

Sherif then turned to me, unbuckling his leather trouser belt. “Now John,” he said, smiling. “You see me. I have big cock, very stiff, good for fucking ladies. You take good look at me, John, then we find out if your wife good at jig-a-jig John.” He dropped his trousers, stepped out of them, then took off his shirt. “Now then John,” he said, dropping his underpants. “What you think? Big enough for your wife? Your wife, she like this, I think.” He was gripping his cock and smiling at me. “You as big as me, John?” He let go, leaving his erection proudly sticking out towards me.

I said nothing. I wasn’t as big as him, no way. His cock was thick and hard, like a rigid black pole with veined ribs. It curved back towards his stomach slightly. He laughed at me. “I give your wife very good jig-a-jig John, long time, then maybe give her baby. What you think John, good idea, I give Julie nice Arab baby with this?” He pulled his cock down and let it go. It sprang up and slapped against his stomach, then remained waving about in front of him. He looked at the expression on my face and laughed again, and Ahmed joined in, even though he couldn’t have known what the hell Sherif had been saying to me. He was taunting me, standing there, displaying his erection. Then he turned away and went to Julie. He stood in front of her now, his hands on his hips, proudly displaying his stiff cock.

I didn’t want Sherif to see, but my own cock was stiffening at the sight of the two of them stark naked in front of me, about to have sex.

“What you think Julie?” he said “Good, eh? My cock big enough for you?” Julie still said nothing. She just stood there. But I could see that she was looking at Sherif’s erection. Then Sherif took a pace forward, still with his hands on his hips. Now his cock was almost touching her stomach. He took her hand and pulled it to his erection. “Here,” he said. “Feel how hard and big.” I suppose it was an automatic reaction, but I saw her fingers wrap round the shaft. “Oh,” said Sherif. “You like then? Is good for you? Maybe you like in here Julie?” He brushed his hand over her pubic hair, then cupped his hand over her sex. I could see his fingers disappearing between her legs, seeking her lips. Then he brought his other hand up and cupped her breast, running his thumb over the nipple. Julie gasped as his fingers found her spot. Her eyes half closed and I noticed her legs trembling. Her legs opened slightly, letting Sherif’s fingers work on her.

Everything was beginning to happen naturally now. Julie was losing her self control. As Sherif fondled her breast and her vagina, she began to stroke his cock, her hand moving up and down on his shaft

My own cock was rock hard now. It felt surreal, watching my wife, stark naked, stroking Sherif’s huge black cock. She had her eyes completely closed now but her hand continued to stroke him expertly. Now that I was aroused, I wanted to see them doing it. It would be like watching a porno movie, with my wife as the star. My emotions made me feel guilty but my heart was pounding. I wanted to see that black cock thrusting into her, penetrating deep into her, then a gush of sperm. I wanted to see her thrashing about, impaled on Sherif’s erection. She was behaving like a slut now. She deserved a good fucking.

Sherif took her by the hand. “Come,” he said “Stand here so John can see you do nice things.” He pulled her across the room until she was standing sideways to me, just far enough away so that I couldn’t reach her. Sherif stood in front of her, also sideways to me. “Now then John,” he said. “You tell me, Julie good with mouth eh? Make me special hard, ready to give her good fucking?. What you think John?”

“For God’s sake,” I said. “Leave her alone, she doesn’t want this, it’s a bad thing you do.”

“I think you wrong, John” said Sherif. “I think your wife, she want big cock, she want good fucking from big man. What you say Julie, you like big cock like mine?” He took a pace forward. His stiff cock was almost touching her stomach.

Julie was looking down. Damn her, she was staring at his hard shiny shaft. She seemed mesmerized by it. Then she took it in her hand again. Her long fingers wrapped round it and she pumped him gently. Sherif grinned at me.

“You see,” he said. “Julie like big cock, getting me ready to give her good time. Now Julie,” he turned to her as she worked her hand up and down on him

“You go down, use mouth, show John how good you are.”

She shook her head. “No,” she said quietly. “Just this, it’s good.” Her hand slipped up and down his shaft quicker and Sherif moaned. Then he recovered his composure. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled downwards. Julie resisted for a moment, then dropped to her knees. Her hand was really flying now. She brought her other hand up and cupped his balls. Sherif moaned again. Then he gripped his cock in one hand, stopping her. “Now,” he said. “Take me.” He bent his cock down horizontally so that it pointed directly at her mouth. He smiled at her. She had her hands to her sides now. He pressed his cock against her lips, which parted slightly. The tip of his cock was against her teeth. She wasn’t giving in, not yet anyway. Sherif’s other hand went round to the back of her head. He entwined his fingers into her blonde hair, then pulled her head towards him. She had no choice. His cock slid into her mouth. Sherif rocked his hips back and forth and I watched his black shaft sliding ever deeper into her face. He let go of her head. Julie’s head continued to bob up and down. Now her hands came back up from her sides. With one hand she gripped the base of his cock whilst the other cradled his balls. I could see she was doing him properly now. Her cheeks were hollow as she sucked on him and she was speeding up all the time. Sherif looked at me. “See John,” he said. “Your wife very good sucker, make man very happy. What you think John, you think she like doing this? Look John, look, look.”

I was looking. My gorgeous blonde wife, giving this Arab the best blow job he’d ever had in his life. But, if the truth be known, I wanted to see him fuck her.

I wasn’t going to have to wait long. Sherif dropped to his knees. His cock pulled out of Julie’s mouth. “Now I give you big cock,” he said. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her slowly backwards. First she sat on the floor, then she lay back. Sherif was going to have her and she knew that she couldn’t do anything to stop him. Sherif knelt between her legs. He put his hands on her knees and pushed them apart. Then he shuffled forward. Leaning over her, he took his cock in his hand and nuzzled it into her pubic hair, seeking her entrance. I saw the tip of his weapon lock into position, then he pushed. It slid slowly into her body. As he shafted her, her hips rose off the floor to meet him. With a thump he finished his first thrust. He remained poised over her, his cock firmly embedded.

“Very nice John,” he said to me. “Very hot and wet, and really tight. Now I give good fucking.”

His hips began to rise and fall. His black cock slid quickly in and out of her, pulling her labia back and forth. Sherif growled quietly as he shafted her, enjoying her body.

Now there could be no doubt that my wife was enjoying her fucking. She had brought her legs up to allow Sherif to penetrate her fully and she had her hands on his hips. Her body rocked back and forth in time with his thrusts. Her head came up and she looked down over her stomach, admiring the sight of that black cock stuck into her. Her big breasts wobbled and shook with Sherif’s impacts. She was panting quickly and making small moaning noises. Sherif was bringing her to orgasm. I couldn’t believe it.

Julie climaxed with a loud shout. Her long legs wrapped around Sherif’s body and she pulled him to her. “Aaaah!” She cried, gripping him tightly. “Ooooh! Ooooh!” Sherif slowed and stopped. “Do different thing,” he said. He pulled his wet slippery cock out of her and stood up. “Come Julie” he said, offering her his hand. She took it and got to her feet. He took her to the table, placed her hands on it, then gently pushed her down, squashing her breasts onto the rough wooden top. “We do jig-a-jig best Arab way, very nice. Good way to give lady big baby.” She just lay there obediently, waiting for his next move. I was amazed how submissive she was. She was just going to do everything he said.

He took up position behind her and wiped his cock, slippery with her juices, up and down her backside. As he did this, he used his feet to spread her legs wider apart. Her buttocks opened and I saw her brown bush and puffy pink lips, aroused and ready for more sex. He bent his shaft down and probed at her, pushing her lips open, and he sought out her clit with his fingers. Sherif’s hand went back to his cock. He got it in just the right place, then took hold of her hips. He eased himself forward and his cock pressed into her. Julie’s eyes flickered open and closed as she waited for the penetration. There was a moment’s resistance, his big penis bent slightly, then the bulbous head popped into her and the rest of his thick black shaft followed. He grunted as he slid home, and Julie, eyes half closed, gasped as she felt his full length sliding into her.

“Ees good?” Sherif enquired as he took his first full length thrust. “Ees nice?” His shiny wet shaft slid in and out of her, pulling her lips back and forth. “Ees good?” he repeated, slamming into her. Julie moaned as he stroked her. “Yes” he laughed “Ees good, eh Julie? And it get better, like thees!”

Suddenly he changed tactics, pounding into her rapidly and as hard as he could. He smacked her backside, once on each side, hard. Her body bounced back and forth on the table and she cried out. It was a cry of pleasure. Then he slowed, anxious not to ejaculate too soon.

All this time Ahmed has just been sitting on his chair, rubbing the front of his trousers. Now Sherif spoke to him in Arabic and grinned. Ahmed replied and got to his feet. I didn’t have any doubt that he was going to have her next, when Sherif had finished with her. He began to strip off. Ahmed was younger and fitter than Sherif and he had a magnificent body. His chest and stomach were muscular and his thighs looked as if he worked out regularly. He dropped his trousers and exposed his rampant cock. I have never seen anything quite like this one. This boy was big, a real stud. His cock was fully erect, and so hard that it was bending back towards his stomach. The end was shiny, glistening, ready for sex with my wife. Naked, he stepped towards the table, and placed his hand on Julie’s head, which was turned away from him. She turned to face him. She was rocking back and forth as Sherif thrust into her. I couldn’t see her face, but I saw her hand reach out and grasp his shaft. Her fingers couldn’t close round it, it was too big. She bent it down to her mouth and it disappeared from my view. All I could see was my wife’s head jerking back and forth.. Ahmed put his hands on his hips and smiled at me in ecstasy as she gobbled him.

“John,” said Sherif, turning to me. “You like watching, I think, now you watch good, I fill her, make baby.”

He increased his pace, thumping into her backside, making the globes of her arse wobble with the impacts. His stomach slapped against her and I could see his balls swinging. His hard shiny shaft, wet with her lubrication, whipped in and out of her. Julie had to stop what she was doing with Ahmed, this was too good. She turned her head back and I saw that her face was flushed red and she was panting fast.

Sherif gave a shout and I saw his cock go rock hard. “Aah, aah, aah!” he cried out as his hot sperm gushed deeply into her. He continued to fuck her and sperm appeared on his cock and dripped out of my wife onto the floor. Sherif patted her backside gently and withdrew. “John,” he said, “Julie great fuck, really tight, really hot. Now Ahmed go next. He big boy, give her good ride, like horse. You look, him have cock like big horse, give your wife very nice time.” He laughed and said something in Arabic to Ahmed, indicating my wife’s wet and slippery sex.

Julie stood up and turned to face Ahmed. They stood facing each other for a few moments, admiring each other bodies. Julie was still breathing hard from her exertions with Sherif. She was looking down at his massive and erect cock, staring at it in fascination. I saw her smile wickedly at him, then she reached out and held his cock in her hand. She was aroused and in need of sex. She wanted it very much at that moment. Ahmed then sat down on the chair and held his cock upright in his hand. It was obvious what he wanted her to do. Julie didn’t hesitate. She spread her legs and straddled him. Then, raising one leg slightly to kneel on the edge of the chair, she reached down under herself and grasped him. Her fingers didn’t meet around his shaft, it was so huge. My heart thumped. She maneuvered his weapon into position, opening her sex to him. Sherif’s sperm trickled out of her and dripped onto Ahmed’s shaft. She began to ease herself down on it. It touched her entrance and the head popped inside her. Then the rest of his shaft began to slide slowly into her body. “Arrgh,” she said as his shaft penetrated deeply into her. She sat down in his lap, his cock fully embedded in her. Then she began to ease herself up and down, gently at first as she got used to his size, then more and more forcefully as he stretched her vagina. The contrast between his black cock and her white body was startling. His cock was slippery with her lubrication and blobs of Sherif’s sperm. I saw her smile at Ahmed. Now she really was enjoying herself. What had started as rape had developed into submissive sex, then pure lustful enjoyment. She thumped up and down on him faster and faster, groaning all the time. Her big breasts wobbled and shuddered as she rode him. Ahmed put his hands on them, tweaking her nipples.

Ahmed leant forward and, grasping her buttocks, he stood up, lifting her off her feet, still impaled on his cock. He said something to her, then dropped her off him. Quickly he grasped her arms and spun her round to face the table. Obediently, down she went. It was going to be another rear entry. Ahmed took up position behind Julie. As she sensed Ahmed behind her she raised her body off the table and pushed back at his crotch. She was still bent over, but now she had her hands on the very edge of the table. She wriggled her backside and spread her legs wide apart, inviting Ahmed to take her. Ahmed obliged. He took a pace forward, grabbed her hips and swung. His aim was good. His rigid shaft shot into her with a squelch, making a full penetration in one movement. Julie squealed in pleasure as she felt him plunge deep inside her. I knew by then that she had not only submitted to sex, but was also enjoying what came naturally, mating with these two big men. So I was not surprised to see her taking the lead now, swinging her body back and forth, trying to milk Ahmed’s cock of it’s sperm. Her big breasts swung underneath her, and she moaned, her eyes closed.

Sherif was standing there, watching the show. His cock had gone soft and it drooped, still wet with sex lubrication and semen. “Is good to see, yes?” he said “Your wife enjoying herself? She having nice time with Ahmed, eh John? Maybe she have Ahmed baby, he come in her lots and lots I think.”

I found myself nodding, fascinated by the crude sexual action in front of me. My own cock was still erect in my trousers and I had a hand unobtrusively on it where it couldn’t be seen. I could feel my sperm rising, generated by the superb pornographic performance of Ahmed and my wife. They were going so well together now, a perfect sex act partnership. His hard shaft was running it’s full length in and out of her wet sex, dragging her lips back and forth and exciting her clitoris. The noise of them mating was amazing; wet sucking and slurping noises coming from my wife’s sex. Julie was now in another world, fully aroused and on her way to a massive orgasm. Her body was flushed in patches all over, her eyes were closed and she was panting fast. “Oh, oh, oh,” she repeated over and over as Ahmed fucked her. Every time Ahmed thrust forward, she pushed back. I was amazed that Ahmed hadn’t come yet, but he was still picking up speed. His teeth were clenched and he grunted rapidly. Then Julie gave a long, low howl and, even as Ahmed increased the speed of his thrusting yet again, I saw her buttocks clench together, grasping his cock firmly. She wanted him to come. With a grunt, he began to oblige her, shooting his semen into her in spurts. More and more shot into her and it began to splatter onto the floor between her feet. I wasn’t even touching myself at that moment but, simultaneously, I also ejaculated. I felt my warm fluid spreading around my crotch. I hoped it wouldn’t soak my trousers as I didn’t want Ahmed and Sherif to know just how much I had enjoyed watching them fucking my wife.

Julie stood up and Ahmed’s wet cock slipped out of her, it’s job done. Her hairy bush was matted and soaked and streams of sperm ran down her legs. She looked at me, ashamed I think, and reached down for her clothes. She scooped them off the floor and clutched them to her.

“Sorry John,” she said. “But I did it for us, you know, to keep us alive.” She went back to her bed, then put her bra and pants back on. I just stared at her, stunned by what I had seen.

Sherif was dressing and Ahmed put his trousers back on. When he was done, Sherif said just one word to Julie. “Come.” And he left the room with her, followed by Ahmed. She was still dressed only in her bra and pants. I could hear voices along the corridor, then laughter. Then I heard Julie giggle like a schoolgirl, and a shriek. Then it went quiet for a bit. After that I heard her panting and groaning. She was having sex with the other guards.

About half an hour later she came back into the room. She was completely naked and her pubic hair was wet. She went to the bed, picked up the rest of her clothes and went to leave. As she went out the door she paused. She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. Then she left.

We were released about a week later. During that time I hadn’t seen Julie at all. I knew what she had been doing. In fact she told me a few weeks later. We had a row and she threw it all at me. She had let them all have her. There had been six of them altogether. They took her one at a time, then as a group. She had done it again doggy style, then on her back, then standing, then sitting on two men together. And she told me she couldn’t get enough of it.

After all the press reports died down and we stopped being interviewed, we stayed together for about three months, then she left. I know where she went. Back to Sherif and Ahmed and the others. I can see her now, being mounted by them all, one by one, then all together, and loving every minute of it.


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