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Harmony takes another shot of cinnamon whiskey without flinching. “Save your pity for the weak, Danielle,” the short thick brunette says confidently. Her tall blonde friend claps.

“Let me try!” says Sarah the freckled redhead who is the youngest at twenty-one and has very little experience drinking. Knocking back a shot, her face instantly twists in disgust. After a hard swallow, she yells, “Ah! How did you do that?” The other two women laugh in response.

The three are sitting in Danielle’s small cozy living room, playing Truth or Dare. Danielle has just rented the house and is throwing a party to celebrate. Harmony brought her favorite drinks cinnamon whiskey and some red wine. Sarah brought balloons and homemade chocolate cake.

After Harmony’s last shot, totaling a massive six shots, she is having a hard time hiding her stares at Danielle’s chest. Danielle is wearing a low-cut party dress, displaying the top of her DD breasts that jiggle as she laughed. Harmony lifts her eyes from Danielle’s chest and sees Danielle looking at her with a slight smirk.

“Okay, my turn! Um, Danielle, truth or dare?” says Sarah.

“Dare,” Danielle says, breaking her glance from Harmony.

“I dare you to go to the basement!” Sarah laughs, impressed with her dare.

“I don’t know, her landlord said not to go down there,” Harmony warns.

“Don’t be a pussy, Harmony,” Danielle says, standing up. “What’s going to be down there that I shouldn’t know about?” Danielle heads to the door that leads to the basement stairs. Sarah, giggling, follows her.

“It’s locked, you know,” Harmony says, walking over to them. “I tried opening it, thinking it was the bathroom.” Danielle frowns and pulls a bobby pin out of her hair. She fidgets with the lock until they hear a click.

“Not for long,” says Sarah, smiling ear to ear.

Danielle swings the door open wide. The darkness shares nothing with them. Feeling around the wall, she finally finds a light switch that switches on a single bulb on the lower level. The basement looks to be small and dingy. Dread fills Harmony’s stomach.

“That is sketch as fuck, guys,” Harmony says with an uneasy expression.

“Stay up here then. Only Danielle needs to go,” Sarah says, slightly annoyed.

Danielle walks down the stairs, each one creaking louder than the last. When she makes it to the bottom, she yells, “It’s just a bunch of books!” The walls are lined with bookshelves and dust. She walks around for a few minutes, examining each one. Picking one up, she flips through the pages, reading a few lines. “Hey, Sarah! I dare you to read from this book!” she yells, running up the stairs.

Sarah takes the book from Danielle, looking it up and down. “Nercocumiccon?” she questions with a judgmental look.

“Are you scared?” Danielle asks playfully.

Sarah opens the book while giving Danielle a bitter look. She looks down at the pages and starts saying the words the best she can. “I can’t read this. It’s in another language!” she yells.

“That’s probably for the best. Let’s just put that away,” Harmony says, taking the book from Sarah.

Abruptly, the house shakes, knocking the liquor bottles to the floor, and they can hear a loud scream from the basement. The three women look at the basement doorway. A long green tentacle slithers out of the dark basement and falls onto the floor with a wet thud. Harmony feels a burning hot sensation run through her body, making her pussy wet. She knows she should be scared, but the tentacle looks so erotic. She just wants to feel it. The tentacle slides across the floor and over to the ladies’ feet.

“What is that?” Sarah asks weakly.

“A tentacle?” Danielle says uncertainly.

The tentacle wraps itself around Harmony’s ankle. It is warm and slimy. She tries to pull away, but the tentacle only gets tighter. It twists up her leg, leaving the slime wherever it touches. Harmony opens her legs, just a bit. She wants it to touch her. Something about it is so tempting. It makes its way under her skirt. ‘Just a little more,’ she thinks with her clit now trembling. It inches slowly up to her damp panties, moving them to the side. She can feel the tension building inside of herself.

Eventually, its wetness meets hers and touches her ever so slightly. She moans in satisfaction as it pulsates. She has felt nothing like it as it rubs her lips. More tentacles touch her all over. Some grab her arms, binding them together. The others grab her legs, pulling them open. The main tentacle teases her clit. Playing with it enough to feel pleasure, but not enough to cum.

The tentacle slides into her pussy, making her legs quiver. It’s huge and pulsing. It pumps into her until she is about to cum. The tentacle stops. Glancing down, it pulls out of her stringing slime and lubricant. Almost to say “Not yet.” Another tentacle grabs her shirt and rips it off her body. The tentacle then plays with her exposed nipples. Slime runs down her chest and drips onto her lap.

Harmony dimly remembers her friends and looks around for them. They are both moaning and writhing as tentacles play with their insides. The sight of Danielle’s breasts jiggling, as her tentacle plunges into her over and over, makes Harmony weak. Sarah is moaning, loud, as the tentacles take her small body from both ends. The tentacles slip and slide over all of their bodies. The three women only want more.

The tentacle goes back into Harmony as she moans. It feels like it belongs there, a perfect fit. The floor under her is soaking as it plunges and throbs. It is still not letting her cum. It going to use her for all she has. As a tentacle slithers between her breasts and into her mouth, she begins to suck without thinking. Her tongue fondles the appendage. Another tentacle comes and rubs her clit, as if to reward her good behavior.

The slickness of the tentacle grinding against her clit and the thickness of the tentacle in her pussy causes her to curl her toes in pleasure. Her pussy is so close to cumming she can barely take it. “More,” she moans, closing her eyes. “More!” The tentacle vibrates and thrusts harder and faster until her whole body clenches and vibrates. She involuntarily moves her hips up and down. Her pussy tightens around the tentacle and she moans.

Then it comes to a stop. She opens her eyes while panting. The tentacles are nowhere to be found. The three sit on the couch in a stupor. Slime drips from all parts of their bodies with their pussies still tingling.


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Written by Papa Jack

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