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My beautiful wife Sharon and I have been happily married for eight years. Wherever we go, my sexy wife draws admiring glances like a magnet attracts nails. I often fantasized about watching her with other men, but she seemed so straight-laced that I was sure she would never go for it and kept my fantasies to myself. Or perhaps I was afraid that I would become jealous. I’m not sure which it was. She is a wildcat in bed, never giving me anything to complain about, so I was quite content with the status quo.

A couple of months ago, I kissed my pretty wife goodbye and went to work the way I do five days a week. I had no idea that the events to come that day would change my life. Sharon is a high school teacher who was on summer vacation, so she stayed at home to play housewife. Later that morning I was at my desk when a fierce thunderstorm passed through. I heard a loud crack as a bolt of lightning struck nearby, and at the same instant our power went out. An hour passed in darkness before the boss decided to shut down for the day. As I drove home through flooded streets, I thought about my pretty wife waiting for me. I chuckled when I realized that this was the perfect opportunity for Sharon and I to catch up on the loving. The more I thought about it, the harder my cock became. I picked up my cell phone to tell her I was on the way, but then thought it would be more fun to surprise her. If I had made that call, I wouldn’t be writing this story now.

I expected to find my little wife in the livingroom watching her favorite soap, but the TV screen was blank and the couch was empty. “She must be taking a nap, or maybe she’s masturbating,” I thought, as I tiptoed down the hall to our bedroom. I heard a soft moan. My heart pounded. She was masturbating and I would finally get to watch. I decided to peep for awhile before offering her the real thing. I unzipped my fly and took out my cock and balls. I didn’t want to waste a single second.

The bedroom door was standing wide open. I peeked inside and got the shock of my life! My wife wasn’t masturbating nor was she fucking one man – she was fucking two men, both at the same time. They were in the classic double-penetration position, with her face down on the pussy-man and the ass-man on top of her. She grunted, groaned and sobbed as they put it to her hard and fast. The ass-man was driving his big cock in to the balls on each stroke. I was amazed at her ability to take it so hard in the ass. And to think that I had never had a piece of ass from her! The pussy-man thrust up into her on alternate strokes. Both men were hung much better than me, in the seven to eight inch range, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Their balls were as big and round as baseballs and drawn up so tight that they hardly jiggled.

The pussy-man was sucking her tits. When she moved her arm I got a glimpse of his face and was stunned to see that it was my best friend Ray who lived just two houses away. It turned out that he had been fucking my wife on the sly for more than a year. Before long I was able to identify the ass-man as David, a colleague of Sharon’s from the high school. The foot of the bed faces the door, so they didn’t see me standing there gaping at them. I quietly took off every stitch of clothing and entered the room. I stood at the foot of the bed masturbating and watched my wife get the fucking of her life. I had a front row seat, and they didn’t even know I was there. I was so close I could smell the sex.

David was the first to cum. His ass-cheeks drew together again and again. Each time his ass clenched I knew he was spurting more cum into my wife’s bowel. He strained to get every centimeter of cock up her, even after he had it all in. I almost lost control at that point. While David was still cumming, Ray shot his load. I watched his balls lift as they emptied into her pussy. I had planned on jacking off when either of the men came, but something held me back. “I’ll wait and see where this leads,” I thought.

When they rolled onto their backs, laughing and puffing for air and saw me for the first time their smiles melted away and their faces turned ashen. “I better get going,” David said, frantically searching for his clothes on the floor. Then he seemed to realize that I wouldn’t be standing there naked with a hard-on in my hand if I disapproved of what they were doing. Covering his crotch with his t-shirt, he sat down on the bed and gave me a puzzled look. Sharon, who was so upset that I feared she might have an asthma attack, seemed greatly relieved when I said, “I liked what I saw and want to see more.”

They drew their legs up for me as I lay across the foot of the bed. I told Sharon to mount me sixty-nine style. As she lowered her freshly-fucked pussy to my face, Ray’s cum dripped into my mouth. I had never tasted semen before and was somewhat surprised to discover that it was rather bland. I slurped my tongue across her asshole and sampled David’s cum. It tasted the same as Ray’s. Sharon is an expert cocksucker and it only took her about a minute to suck me off. I shot my load down her throat with so much force that she gagged on it.

A short time later, Sharon had us side-by-side on our backs so she could switch-suck our cocks. Watching her suck their thick cocks gave me a tremendous rush. She told them to turn on their sides and bring their cocks as close to mine as they could get them. She pressed my cock against David’s and engulfed both cockheads with her soft mouth. Then she teamed me up with Ray. The sensations were incredible. It only took a few minutes for her to give us fresh boners.

I badly needed some pussy. I pulled her up on top of me and my cock found its way into her pussy like an iron bar finds a magnet. As soon as we were mated, I reached around to spread her beautiful assheeks apart and invited the guys to take turns fucking her ass. I wanted to experience the thrill of a DP. After greasing his cock with lotion, Ray was the first to penetrate. Sharon sucked in her breath as his cockhead stretched her asshole. She was probably a little sore after the workout she’d had from David. I felt Ray’s head slide up my shaft until it was against, and then past, my own. Awkward at first, we quickly established a rhythm using alternate strokes, his fuzzy balls brushing against mine on each stroke. The thin membrane separating pussy and ass seemed to melt away until it felt like we were both fucking the same hole.

When Ray felt as though he might lose control, he quickly withdrew from her ass and made way for David. Their cocks were so much alike that I couldn’t tell the difference between them. This went on for quite a long time, with them switching back and forth to allow their over-heated cocks to cool down. But all good things must come to an end. They had each taken five or six turns when David lost control. He shouted that he was cumming, then I felt his balls twitch and his cock lurch. I could count the spurts by the spasms of his cock. As soon as he withdrew, Ray took his place and came on the first stroke. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and tried to get it up her ass. One of the guys – I think it was Ray – grabbed my cock and stuffed it in. I was finally fucking my wife in the ass, after two guys had been there ahead of me. With two loads shot into it, her ass felt even slicker than her cunt. I drove my cock in all the way and let the buckshot fly!

We rested for awhile and put away a couple of beers. Then my insatiable wife lured us back onto the bed. “I want to see if I can take two cocks in my pussy at the same time,” she said. We agreed to try on the condition that she suck us up good and hard. What she wanted wouldn’t be possible without first-rate erections. As she took Ray’s cock into her mouth, I couldn’t get over the idea that my pretty little wife was a slut, and that maybe I was the last to know. I had been slapping myself on the back for teaching her how to behave like a whore in bed, but she had probably been practicing with others all along. Her talented lips and tongue soon restored our cocks and we were ready to conduct the experiment.

Sharon mounted Ray and took his cock into her pussy, then she directed David to put his in above Ray’s. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t penetrate. They switched places and tried again, but Ray couldn’t manage it either. Their cocks were just too big. They tried penetrating together without success. Sharon was frustrated but not so much so that she couldn’t crack a joke. “Go get a shoe-horn,” she said. Our laughter broke the tension. Sharon told me to give it a try. I applied lotion to my cock and pressed it against David’s. After a couple of attempts, something seemed to give and I popped right in. We moaned and groaned as we performed what amounted to a three-way fuck. I’m not sure what gave me more pleasure, my wife’s tight pussy or the feel of another cock against my own. Sharon’s body shook as she came for what must have been the twentieth time.

Sharon’s pussy turned extra slippery as David added some of his own lubricant. His cock lurched against mine a few times, then quickly went soft. Sharon frantically called for Ray to take his place. David and I had broken-in Sharon’s pussy very nicely, so Ray and I succeeded in penetrating on the first attempt. We fucked like that for twenty minutes or so before I felt David’s cum shoot out onto the head of my cock. That set me off and I experienced a mind-boggling orgasm as the two of them shuddered beneath me.

The next day, Sharon told me that she hadn’t had many men on the side and that she had always been very discrete about her affairs. She asked me to forgive her, but what is to forgive? Now that I know my wife is a slut, I intend to take advantage of it. My boss has wanted to get into her pants for years. I’m going to invite him over to join the party. That should be good for a nice raise!


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