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Me and my rabbit guy… 1

I haven’t posted a true story here in awhile.
So I hope you’ll like this one.

I met this guy through a friend a couple of months ago. We became text mates and we talk on the phone till the wee hours of the morning. I find him so nice that’s why I talk to him a lot. And we share a common interest- our love for house music.

His name is JP. He lives somewhere in the south. He’s 28 years old and single of course. I really have no idea how he looks like, but one thing he told me is that he is looking for a job. So he suggested that he gives his resume to me, so I can help him apply. I agreed.

We’ve been talking for almost 6 months already. And I don’t care if I have to stay up late just to talk to him. I’d even call him even if I’m on vacation. I just like him so much I guess. One thing about him is that he has this inferiority complex that I really don’t understand. It got me even more confused when he sent me his resume. Boy! He looked so yummy! I mean, i have this thing for “kalbo” guys, and damn… He’s quite a catch.

He would often ask me to meet up with him. I’d always turn him down, with lousy alibis. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not ready to meet him yet. I’m not sure if he’d like me or whatever. I might not be his type. I might not meet his standards. He is too good for me, that’s what I thought.

Months have passed and we became intensely close. He was extremely sweet and so am I. There even came a point that our conversation became so intimate, and we ended up having phone sex. I’d always sleep smiling. He gave me the most wonderful orgasms of all time. For me, it felt so real, like he was really there, licking and sucking my clit. It felt so real. He kept me wanting for more, craving for more of his loving’. I just love doing it with him. One side of me, wishes, that it’s for real. But I guess it’s never gonna be. How? I can’t even meet up with him. And maybe he’s into hot chicks, models and shits. He’s a gym buff, and I bet his body is one hell of a machine- a sex machine that is.

But one day, something unexpected happened…

It was Thursday afternoon. A buddy of mine called me up asking if I could join them for a drink later that evening. Since I am already too harassed from work, I thought it maybe a good idea. So I said yes to that invitation.

Not long enough, I received a text message from JP.

JP: Hey Anne! I might go to Ortigas later. My cousin invited me to watch their gig in Metro walk. You might wanna drop by even for awhile.

I paused for awhile. To think. Think straight. What am I gonna do? The bar is just 5 minutes away from my place. Fuck! I’m a dead meat!

ANNE: Sure. Iyl let you know if I can drop by. Huz gona be wit ya?
JP: My cuzins. Hey I am going there becoz I really wana c u. But if not, then i ges Iyl hav to live up to that idea.

My conscience bugged me. He has issues in life that he would often share to me. He told me he was never like that to anybody, especially to strangers. But for him, I am no stranger anymore.

ANNE: Ayt. Wat tym r u gona be ther?
JP: Mayb arnd 12. Bsta Ill txt u ha? Please. Try to drop by even for juz a couple of minutes. Please? Sweetie?
ANNE: Aytie. Iyl txt u if Im on my way there.
JP: Ok. C u later!

My heart beat became fast, as if it was being chased by wild horses. I felt cold. Nervous. Confused. Shit. It feels like I’m going on my first date! What the fuck! Im not suppose to feel this way!

After work, I went straight home to change clothes. I was wearing capri denims and black off-shoulder. Of course I wore black undies (just in case).

Then it was already 8 pm. I went to Quezon City to pick up a friend, and then we went straight to New Manila. We bought a couple of beers, chips and yosi. It was only the 4 of us that night. We had a real fun time talking about the past, the present and even the future. I told them I can’t stay long since I have work tomorrow. I told them I had to leave at 12MN.

12MN. I was already preparing to leave. One of my friends teased me.

CATHY: Hmmmm. Bakit kaba kasi aalis? Meron ka cgurong karir no?
ANNE: Sira wala no! I just need to go home. Pucha maaga pa ako tomorrow no! 7 am i have to be in the office.
FLOR: Sus! I know you dear! Basta toma, hindi ka umuuwi ng maaga! Sino bang karir mo tonight ha?

I can’t lie to my friends talaga.

ANNE: Well, actually, I have to meet with a friend. He has problems sa house nila, and he just wanna talk to me about it.
CATHY: Yeah right! Talk lang daw! Ulol! talk to his dick! hahaha
ANNE: Gaga! Frend ko tlga yun. And i am helping him find a job nga e!
EDU: Okay okay. We believe yah! Whatever! hahahaha
ANNE: Hay naku guys! wala tlga to promise!
FLOR: Okay fine! Sabi mo eh! Di wala!

As i cruise along EDSA, I texted JP that I am on my way. I told him that I would ring his phone if Im already in the parking lot.

JP: Stay ka muna to watch the gig. Para ma mit mo din cuzins ko.
ANNE: Nah wag na usap na lng tyo sa car. I won’t stay long din naman e. Ill just drop by to see u.
JP: Cge kaw bahala.

Then judgment time came. I am already in the parking lot. I told myself bahala na. So i ringed his phone. Fuck! I’m gonna see this guy who made me cum for so many nights!

I closed my eyes and waited for someone to knock. Then after roughly 3 minutes, there he was. Looking so cute outside the car. i lowered my windows so I can take a good look at him. Shit! So cute!

ANNE: Come on, sit beside me. Umaambon na e. Pasok ka dito.

As he entered the car, he was all smiles. He was just looking at me smiling.

JP: Finally! I met the girl who cares for me! Finally Anne, nakit na kita.
ANNE: Yeah…

Shit! That was all that out of my mouth! I was speechless. I cannot even look at him straight in the eye.

JP: Hey Anne! Tingnan mo naman ako… I wanna see you looking straight into the eye. Ano ka ba? (sabay hawak sa chin ko)
ANNE: Nah, I just feel a little awkward. I mean, nahihiya lang ako sayo, tingnan mo naka pambahay lang ako halos. I mean i look like trash.
JP: No you don’t. You still look cute to me!

Oh well, whatever!

So we talked about so many things. I even gave him a CD that contains all our favorite house music. We laughed, talked and smoked. Then all of a sudden, he asked me if I could give him a kiss, not on the cheeks, but sa lips. It really surprised me.

But then, I obliged. He held my face, until my lips met with his. His lips were so smooth, and his tongue so soft. Before I knew it, I am already French kissing the guy in every girl’s dream.

Then he stared kissing my neck, my ears. Then he went down to my chest. He reached for my nipples, which at that time, was already hard. He sucked, licked and played with it. Ohhh fuck! It was so damn good.

Before we get so engrossed with the moment, we stopped. He looked at me and asked me if I want him to stay. Of course i do! Then he told me that he can stay with me and leave his cousins there. I told myself “This is gonna be one hell of a night baby!”…

He came back smiling, and he told me “Okay na! tara! Let’s get out of here.

JP: So san mo gusto magpunta?
ANNE: I don’t know. Ikaw? What do you have in mind?
JP: I just wanna hang out you know, tambay lang.
ANNE: Well, since wala naman tao sa house except our house help, we can stay there if you want.
JP: Okay! Sure ka ba?
ANNE: Oo naman!

So we headed towards our place. As we entered our unit, we were tip-toeing so that the maid wouldn’t hear us. We went straight to my room and there he sat in front of my PC.

ANNE: So jan ka muna ha? Browse ka lang ng mga songs jan sa PC ko, you can copy them if you want.
JP: Okay. Why where are you going?
ANNE: Shower muna ako, amoy yosi na ako e.
JP: Okay then. I’ll wait for you.

As I took a bath, i made sure that I smell good in every corner of my body. Good thing I already shaved this morning.

When I finished bathing, went back to check on him. He was just there, listening to my music. Then I changed into my sleeping outfit. As I was drying my hair, he reached me from behind, and then kissed my nape. And he said “Anne, I wanna taste you tonight.”….


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