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Isnabero II – Game Night

That first meeting was just that, the first of soooo many.

I arrived at your shop, hardly able to make my way from the entrance to the little alcove that somewhat separate your station from the rest. It’s one of those first guild wars, and your avid gamers are excited to say the least. The two of us however, had a different kind of play in mind.

You sat me in front of your monitor, the webcam focused on my exposed cleavage, your arms wrapped around my waist, your mouth so close to my ear whispering “nakakalibog ka… shit andaming tao…”

You pulled up a chatroom, pinged one of your contacts. You’ve removed the top half of my shirt, at nilamas ang suso ko, i forgot the name of whoever we’re talking to. She’s a lesbian according to you “chat her up, palibugin mo…”

I would have refused, but then you were licking my neck, kissing my ear, rubbing my inner thighs. Kasabay ng pamamasa ng puke ko, nagchat ako:

Joyce : Hi

Her: Josh?

Joyce: no this is Joyce

Her: is that you on the cam?

Joyce: yes, Josh is here too

Her: fuck you’re hot!

And she asked me to remove my bra, you did. She asked me to show my boobs, you did. She asked me na lamasin ang suso ko, you did. “How I wish I can suck your breasts right now…” And there in the middle of a jampacked shop with distracted gamers, sinupsop mo ang suso ko, making sure na kita sa webcam ang ginagawa mo.

I reached out to touch you, and sure enough, ang tigas na ng titi mo. You would have continued sucking had it not been for… “Kuya #12 , out na, bayad po!” With only a flimsy book shelf separating our seats from your customers, I had the instinct to run to the wash room (without flashing my boobs to unsuspecting kids) You hurriedly took the payment, reset station #12 and handed me a towel.

However, you decided to stay with the towel. I didn’t need any convincing, we started eating each other’s face like we’ve starved for days. Yung bibig at dila mo gutom na gutom na gumala sa leeg ko, sa suso ko, sa tiyan until you reached my thighs.

Sinimulan mong dilaan ang puson ko, pababa hanggang maabot yung basa “fucckkk…”. You lifted my leg so you have more room… para kainin ang puke ko. But this time, sinabayan mo ng finger mo “aaahhhh…. shiiit…. fuckkkk… ahhhh”

You did not stop fingering my pussy pagtayo mo, pakiramdam ko sagad na sagad yung daliri mo “aaahhhh… sarap… fuck me…”

Nagulat ka. Natigilan. “Seriously??”

Before you can do anything, hinawakan ko ang titi mo at sinalsal. Itinuloy mo ang pagfinger sa puke ko, this time dinalawa mo. I also did not stop jacking you off. But then you really knew my pussy ” aaahhh… i’m cumminggg… ahhh”

Before my knees give in, I sat myself comfortably, and put your cock inside my mouth. Or was it my mouth on your cock? Basta, isinubo ko ang titi mo, ang tigas lalo nito. We heard the yelling from outside the bathroom door, the siege in full swing, much like the blowjob I was giving you.

Hindi natin alam paanong hindi narinig ang mga ungol natin nung nilabasan tayo. I didn’t think we cared too.

It was past 3am when the last of your customers left. Then you told me that Ron, your co-owner would be sleeping at the shop too. Again, I didn’t think we cared.

For when the lights were out and he was seemingly sound asleep on the bed right beside ours, hinila mo pababa ang panty ko. Wala kang pagod, fininger mo na naman ako at sinuso. Pinaibabaw mo ako “Can I now fuck you?”

I said “No.”

Sobrang gigil mo diniin mo pa lalo ang titi mo sa labas ng puke ko, twas dripping wet. You guided me to rubbed it good, pigil na pigil ang ungol, hanggang matapos tayo.

The next morning, before I left, sinabi mo with absolute certainty, “Pagbalik mo dito, papakantot mo na puke mo.”

I smiled nervously and left, knowing I was once again, starting to get wet.


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