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Summer vacation. The boredom. The lack of activity.

Joanne had nothing to do. Because of some personal family matters, she couldn’t go back to her hometown of Batangas. She was stuck in the dormitory all day doing nothing. Thank goodness for Wi-Fi.

“Ang boring talaga. Nakakainis, grrrr!”

She fiddled with her phone, browsing whatever she could. She could take a nap, but it was too early for that. She decided to go on Pinterest when BEEP! The familiar Facebook bubblehead icon popped up.

“Hey, Pash!” the text scrawled across her screen. It was Jayvee, a guy she met at her best friend Aya’s birthday party. He studied in the school in front of hers. He was your typical fuccboi, but Joanne was too bored to care.

“Yeah, what’s up?” she replied. “Sooo boring ng bakasyon. Ugh.”

Jayvee was ever so eager. “I know, right? Free ka ba? Hang out naman tayo! My treat.”

This wasn’t unusual. Joanne knew damn well where this was going. She remembered how Jayvee would stare at her and Aya that night; and he wasn’t even drunk yet. “Sige, G. Saan tayo?”

“Coffee nalang.” Jayvee typed. “Along Taft nalang para malapit sa inyo. Hehehe!”

Finally, she had something to do. Looks like this day was going to be eventful after all. “See you there.” coupled with the ever popular wink emoji.

While excited, she was too lazy to actually dress up. It was time for a quick closet raid. She took out her distressed denim shorts and a loose black t-shirt which had the word “D’Lish” plastered over the chest area. Classy.

She put on her Chuck Taylors, picked up her bag, and headed out to the local coffee shop.

Jayvee, as expected, was early. He already found a spot that didn’t have too many people. He was passing time browsing Joanne’s photos on Facebook: El Nido 2016. “Tangina, Joanne. Nakakalibog talaga kayo ni Aya! Ang kikinis niyo. Fuck. I get a boner just by thinking of you!”

Aya is Joanne’s frenemy/schoolmate/drinking buddy. You can say she’s the exact opposite of Joanne in terms of features, but equally hot and desired by men. But that’s a story for another day.

“Hey, Jayvee!” beamed Joanne, drawing attention to herself upon entering the establishment. The young man almost dropped his phone as he closed all the photos. “Oh hey! Tara, upo ka. Bilis mo ah.”

Naughty girl that she was, Joanne moved the chair in front to Jayvee’s side. She took her seat and crossed her legs. “Talaga? Parang ambagal ko nga eh. Sorry if I kept you waiting.” Jayvee’s hands were on his knees when Joanne arrived. After this turn of events he could see that his fingers were about an inch away from the smooth, caramel-colored legs that caught his attention two months ago.

“So, are we gonna order or what?” Joanne asked. She was moving her crossed leg slowly from side to side, grazing Jayvee’s fingertips. “Uhm. Sure. Anong gusto mo?” Jayvee could feel the heat swelling up in his chest. So smooth, slightly cold to the touch; those legs were turning him on. “Mocha Frappe. Venti.” said Joanne, puckering her lips teasingly afterward.

Jayvee headed to the counter. He was a hodgepodge of emotion; excited, turned on, but worried that he was still misreading signals. “Shet, baka hindi siya DTF (down to fuck). Tangina, baka masyado lang akong nalilibugan. Fuck!”


“Uh..ha?” replied Jayvee, snapping out of his dazed state. The barista was starting to think he was going mad.

“Name po nila.”

“Oh. Jayvee. Thanks.” He made his way to the claiming area, constantly glancing at the gorgeousness that graced him today. She just sat there, fiddling with her phone, legs crossed as they were. She’d sometimes look up and catch his gaze, winking naughtily.

“Fuck it. Got nothing to lose.” With drinks in hand, Jayvee made his way back. He took a seat, pulling his chair a bit closer to Joanne. He had a lot in mind. “Uy, salamat sa treat ha. You’re my savior today!” said Joanne as she took out the straw from her cup and gently licked off the cream.

“So, kailan ang pasukan niyo? Di ka nag-summer class?” Jayvee asked, inching closer. “Sa August pa. And summer classes? I don’t need that kind of stress. Hahaha!”

She was just waiting for Jayvee to make a move. She even sat a bit more sideways just to see the reaction on the guy’s face. There wasn’t any effort necessary. She didn’t need any booze. She didn’t need to be wooed. She was just bored as fuck. So…she needed to fuck.

“Ah, tama ka. Hehehe!” Jayvee chuckled uneasily. But uneasy as he felt, his hand finally found its way onto Joanne’s knee, gently caressing it. “Good boy.” she thought. “Now we can cut the crap.”

“So, Jayvee, got a girlfriend?” Joanne asked, eyes locked into Jayvee’s. “Oh. Wala eh. Why do you ask? Ikaw ba?”

“He’s from QC. Ibang school. We meet up every week or so.” Jayvee’s hand stopped, but he didn’t remove it. “Bakit wala ka bang girlfriend? You’re pogi kaya. Hihihi!”

“Naku, wala pang nagkakamali. Hahaha!” The idea of Joanne having a boyfriend while being this open to his advances turned him on even more. “Do you really mean it, though?”

Joanne grinned. “Of course. Actually, both Aya and I find you…kinda hot.” Jayvee was now caressing Joanne’s thigh. Gigil na siya, kumbaga. He was hard as a rock. Joanne was down to the last drop in her cup. “I really appreciate this coffee. Sarap. Pero parang mas masarap to.”

Jayvee felt a sudden jolt as Joanne rested her leg on top of his raging hard-on. “Tama ba?”

“Oh God, you’re so naughty.” whispered Jayvee as he went in for a kiss. “Hep hep hep!” Joanne held up her hand. “Follow me in one minute. Got it? Knock first.” She then made her way to the washroom.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jayvee stood up and quickly followed; hiding his massive boner from the other patrons. He knocked twice. The door promptly opened, Joanne’s hand quickly grabbing him.

“Tangina nakaka-” All words were cut short. The two teenagers were making out torridly; sucking on each other’s mouths, tongues twisting and entwining with so much lust and hunger. Jayvee’s hands were all over her ass and her thighs, caressing and mashing like crazy. He then lifted her up and placed her on the large ivory sink. Joanne quickly wrapped her legs around Jayvee’s waist as he kissed and licked her soft and smooth neck. This was ecstacy. She was so glad she accepted this proposition. She was braless, and as Jayvee soon found out, he promptly lifted her loose shirt and started licking her small, brownish nipples. Joanne moaned as the young man sucked hard on her tits. Jayvee had to cover her mouth to avoid rousing any suspicion.

But Joanne wanted more. She placed one leg in front of Jayvee, right on top of his crotch and started rubbing up and down. “I want this. Now.” Jayvee helped her off the sink and gave her one more deep kiss; this time with Joanne biting his lower lip. “Time to say hello.” she said, kneeling in front of the massive bulge in Jayvee’s pants.

As Joanne pulled down Jayvee’s boxers, the already hard cock sprung forward, accidentally hitting her in the face. “Ay puta!” she exclaimed, clutching her cheek. “Holy shit, I am so-” Once again, there were no words as Jayvee’s dick disappeared into the lovely lady’s mouth.

She sucked on it gently at first, then harder and harder. She licked Jayvee’s nuts tenderly, then popped each one into her mouth, making soft popping sounds which drove the young man wild. She licked the entire shaft of his penis, alternating with heavy deepthroat action. Joanne was a professional, and Jayvee was a slave to her will. Within five minutes, Joanne was swallowing all of the pent up sexual frustration which started when they chatted on Facebook. She was staring into his eyes the whole time, never breaking her gaze up until the last drop of cum. She licked her lips. “Creamy.”

As Jayvee lay on the floor, totally spent from such a glorious blowjob, Joanne started to unfasten her shorts. “Oh, finally some-”

She couldn’t believe her eyes. The guy she just gave the best head to was unconscious on the floor.

“Oh, for Christ sake. MABIBITIN NANAMAN BA AKO?”

She stormed out of the washroom and promptly tossed Jayvee’s pants and undies into the wastebasket outside.

“Haaay, tangina talaga! Palagi nalang!” Indeed, Joanne’s been down on her luck…sexually, for the past few days. She wondered how to get her sexlife back on track.

“I wonder what…or who Aya is doing right now. That bitch.”


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