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Callcenter fun

this story is one of things that make me smile even when it happened like years ago..
this was when i first got to work callcenter,,,i got myself to work with one of the ortigas callcenters CL..
to those who work callcenter malamang alam nyu kung anung company yun..
so yun,,my trainning started the classic callcenter shift..9pm to 6am..i took the bus to work and looked forward to starting my first day,,i got a wee early but i guess its coz of the fact that i didnt want to give a bad impression on my trainer,,
so i got my ass to CL and had a smoke,,,i know its a bad habbit but its my lungs getting cancer so stay away if u dont like it! so i had my first puffs of smoke when i had a tap from behind,,,it turns out to be..joan one of the guys i met during interview,,,,i didnt have any idea on her on how she is but i know for fact that she has a very fine ass…so yun,,,hi’s and hello’s…i asked her how she was she says that she was nervous,,,i asked her why….first day jitters raw,,,,i couldnt help myself,,binanatan ko,,,

mack:para bang first time? tawa nman sya..
joan:tado,,,its just that i feel rusty..its been a couple of months since i got to work as a i guess parang first time na rin..

she smiled back as she said this,,,i already got the impression that im gonna be liking this girl..

so she and i started the shift,,,magkatabi sa trainning room…
we tried to do small chat during trainning since we had to be seriosly listening to what the trainer was sayin,,,
importante kasi eh..
the only time we got to talk more was when it was break time…yosi bud kmi eh..
so yun,,,,it was like that for a first few days..i guess we got close,,among the batch kaming dalawa ang magkadikit,,
it was like the fifth or sixth day that i noticed her being aloof all of a sudden….
it was obvious that she aint her usual self..
so yun,,,the shift went by that she was acting like that,,
i got to ask her what was bothering her so much that she couldnt even smile,,
so yun,,,,nung uwian na,,,i caught up with her as we were walkin towards megamall to get our rides home,,,
commute lang eh…
so yun,,,,we got into talkin while we walked…
i got to have her come with me to a convinience store in the are to eat something,,

mack:alam mo jo,,di bagay na ganyan ganyan ka,,halatado na may problema ka,,anu ba yun?
joan:ganun ba? wala toh,,its my bf,,,he’s been cheating on me again.
mack:oh,,sorry to have asked..
joan:its ok mack..its just that i never thought he’d cheat on me again?
mack:again? wtf ! looks like this aint the first that this happened huh?
joan:oo nga eh,,binigay ko nman lahat sa kanya,,i love so much mack…but he hurts me so bad,,,

so yun,,,,,we talked about 2 or maybe 3 hours in that store just so she’d get it out of her chest,,we got closer that time,,she even cried on my shoulder…wala nman problema sakin libre chancing kasi medyu gifted sa dibdib si joan…i didnt care about the people lookin at us,,,wala eh,,,ganun tlga kung minsan,,,
so,,i advised her to settle things with her guy and talk…i remember that we took off and went our separate ways around 10am… i kissed her on her forehead and she said thanks for my time,,,i said no problem,,,im a friend aint i?

so i got to go home and slept my ass till 6pm,,just about the same time i get myself ready to get to work na rin,,,
so yun,,,first thing that caught my eye was the message that i got a message on my phone,,it was joan..askin me if i could see her,,,that she wasnt comming to work that night,,,hmm…anu nman kaya nangyare dito sa babaeng toh,,,
i thought to myself,,a bit worried,,,,,women are more likely to do stupid things in such states kasi eh,,,so yun,,,tinamad narin ako pumasok even though na bad ang idea na mag absent sa trainning and decided to meet up with i txted her and asked on how and more likely where kmi magkikita,,,,she replied that she’d pick me up sa galleria…so i took my bus goin to galle,,and waited for her sa mdo sa foodcourt,,,i was having my dinner big mac and fries when she came,,,

mack:hey,,u want some?
giving her some of my fries,,
joan:neah,,im not hungry,,
mack:you look like shit,you’ve been crying all day have’nt ya?
joan: ganun ba ka halata..
mack: hehe,,,medyo lang po,,,anyways,,lemme finish this up and we’ll buy us some beer….
san ba pwede tumambay? pwede ba sa inyu?
joan: pwede ngayun,,,walang tao sa bahay,,,my folks went to cagayan kasama yung maid for a wedding,,
mack:so its settled…we’ll get some beer,,some chi-cha too

so after getting us some beer for us and a bottle of vodka to myself,,,hehe,,we got into her car and drove to her place,,,
malapit lang pala si joan sa ever gotesco ortigas….the place she lived at was the average townhouse crib…good location yun,,,we parked the car and i got to pick the goods we bought…i told her to change into her house clothes that made made her comfy….she did,,,a little too comfy may i say…she wearing tennis shorts..the ones that were loose sa thighs..i clearly got to see her legs and undies when came down the stairs,,,i didnt know if she even noticed me eyeing her or what,,,but that got me hard real damn quick…

joan:so,,what else do we need? ice?
mack: neah…we’ll take the vodka down first then the beer..

but i was saying that as she came past me..i was able to stop myself and gave her a small feel on her tummy,,a small embrace so to speak,,but that wasnt it,,i wanted to feel her slim body,,and wow,,she felt so good in my arms i wanted more,,,she just smiled past me as she took the shot glasses to the living room sofa…

we started talkin about what turned out that her bf didnt want to break it off with the other girl and she called it time off na muna which the guy agreed to.

mack: ang sama nman pala nun,,lookin like di pala ganun kahalaga ang relationship nyu para sa kanya
joan: *a bit teary eyed,,…yeah… ewan ko ba,, wouldnt be good for ya kung pahihirapan mo lang sarili mo dyan,,i know it must hurt but you have to take care of yourself and you shouldnt allow this thing to drag you down…
joan: i guess you’re right..
mack: tagay !

so we got to spend like two or three hours drinking the vodka,,strong stuff by the way,,she told me everything,,she was able to find out about her guys unfaithfulness by seeing an unread txt msg on his phone..and seeing a guys name and some love messages took her attention..of course she confronted the guy,,,well,,,long story short..instead of the guy breaking up with the other girl kagad,,,looked like the guy was taking his time choosing whom he wanted,,,after 2yrs of having a relationship and taking it for granted just like that,,so yun…i advised her to take some time on her own,,,timeout na muna is what the doctor ordered..

joan:hey mack..thanks for doin this for me,,i really appreciate it,,
mack:shucks..nman..dont get mushy on me..wala nman toh eh,,,im just being a good friend..

all that time she was on the sofa..indian sit…that gave a nice view of her undie,,,and damned was it a good!
i really didnt know if she even noticed me lookin down at that fabulous view,,,joan is about your average pinay…
probably around 5’6 in height..medium built and a mighty fine ass and nice round firm looking boobs….hehe
she was lookin tired when i glanced at her,,,i was enjoying watching the show on TV,,,i asked her to join me on the floor so i can give her a back rub…at first joan hesitated but since she got to realize that her body was stressed out with the bf incident she joined me on the floor and sat in front of me…i started by giving her a backrub..a gentle massage on her shoulders to ease her out,,

joan:sarap nman nyan mack,,,
mack:ganun ba? just relax,,dont talk…it also helps if you had your eyes closed,,,
joan: but i do have my eyes closed already,,ang sarap eh,,
mack:ganun ba,,,

by then i was already pumped up and the alcohol in me was makin me feel cocky,,i started to bring the massage to her lower waist,,i enjoyed getting the feel on her waist,,,i was really hard by that time,,,tama na kanina yung nabobosohan ko sya kanina,,i came to her ear and whispered,,

mack:sarap ba joan?

i made sure she felt my warm breath on her neck,,i saw goose bumps on her arms then,,

joan: yeah,,ang sarap mack..

i loved the way she said that,,must be the alcohol in her too..di ko na kaya pigilan sarili ko..
since i already was near her ear,,,i gave her a kiss sa earlobe nya..that made her get more goose bumps,,,
but i still continued the massage i was giving her,,,,i was massaging her right under her armpits,,,i got a cheap feel on her boobs sa sides..the bra she had on was soft,,,i felt the softness of her breast on my fingers,,,damn i was hot,,,i was already being sensual then,,,but i was careful too watching her reactions,,but so far so good,,,she wasnt saying anything so i just had to be gutsy,,,i asked her to get back to the sofa which she did nman without askin why,,,i told her na massage ko nman sya legs,,,so she sat on the sofa with her back on the arm rest..i got beside her and worked on her foot,,

joan:alam mo,,ngayun lang ako namasahe sa paa,,,i’ve never had a guy do that to me..

i just kept quiet and smiled back…
i worled her feet…tenderly and slow..i couldnt get to see her undies this time coz natatakpan na ng shorts nya from the angle i have…anyways,,,she was still laid back on the armrest..eyes closed and feeling my hands on her,,nakakalibog tlga sya eh,,,so im done with the foot,,i was slowly movng my hands to her legs,,,,then to her thigh,,,i pushed my luck this time,,,i got my hands into her shorts and massaged her too,,,damn,,,joan was hot,,,i felt her wetness even with the back of my hand feeling against her undie…i heard her moan a bit and her body reacted,,,but she kept her quiet…i was still watching her all that time,,,i went to work on the other leg and did the same,,,,she reacted the same way,,,a small moan and her body moved closer to the presnce of my hand there between her legs,,

joan: mack,,,kasama ba yan sa massage mo?
mack:dont talk,,,,just feel it,,,,masarap ba?

i was massaging her inner thighs now with both hands and looking deep into her face,,,watching her every expression,,,
she was grinding into my hands caress…she couldnt stop saying..masarap,,,,i got both my thumbs to touch her pussy on the outside,,,,right thumb on her clit the left on her vagina,,,
she was loving every minute of it..
for a moment there tme froze when she opened her eyes and looked at me..
i didnt care to stop,,,i had my right thumb still doin small circles on her clit,,,
but i did get to take my left hand out from her shorts and ran it down her thigh,,
damn the softness of her skin…
she looked straight into me and gave me a smile,,which was good,,for a sec there i thought i was gonna get a hard slap on the face,,thank God she didnt…she came to me from being laid back and is now kneeling infront of me…she held my face with her hands and gave me a kiss,,a small peck,,,,i had my hands on her waist now and held her,,,,,
one peck at first,,,it was long tender kiss with her lips touching mine,,,,,i loved the taste of it,,her lips were like strawberry sweet,,,,and damn..i love strawberries,,,,after that one kiss,,,we looked into each other eyes and i came forward and kissed her,,this time i pulled her closer to me…the kiss was longer this time,,,with both of us breathing heavy this time,,
we kissed french,,,not aggressively,,,,but in a slow slow slow kiss…
this time she spoke,,,,

joan: mack,,,you sure you want this?
mack:jo,,i should be the one askin u that,,i got carried away…
joan:neah,,,,i knew u were lookin into my shorts kanina pa,,nung bumaba ako sa hagdanan nakita ko na nakabukol yung cock mo..
mack..ganun ba? sensya na ha,,di ko nman sadya,,pero nman,,,ur so sexy…plus u have a great personality..
to be honest i wanted to get closer to you..i didnt care about your….
joan:i dont wanna talk about that now,,,i dont wanna stay sad forever you know,
mack:alright,,eh papanu ba yan,,,im still hard for ya….

she looked at my buldger..damn tight pants kasi eh..

joan :oo nga noh,,hehe

this time she crossed over from kneeling on side of the sofa and kneeled in front of me,,,landing on top of my cock,,damn,,i never felt this hard for like a longggggg time..iba kasi yung excitement na nararamdaman ko,,possibly because of the fact that i’ve had a small crush on her…

joan:now this is better..
mack:hmm…i must agree….hehe

we kissed again…i loved the feel of here being on my hardened cock…i was holding her nape and grabbed her hair..
i had my tongue glide down to her neck and ravaged her..her sweat tasted sweet and good…i still had my left hand on her nape and i had my right carressing her boobs and gave her a light pinch on her nipples…she gave a moan..louder than the first ones i’ve heard from her and what a turn on it was…i pulled her shirt up together with her bra in one move…
i leaned back and looked at the woman i now have infront of me…she was ravishing ! light brown nipples on firm breasts..
i dove my face onto her cleavage and kissed her there then sucked on her nipples left and right,,,she was grinding her torso while doing that and held my head tighter to her bossom….i grabbed her ass and stood up…..
we landed slowly on the floor…i took a chance to stop and looked at her,,,this girl i just met is now infont me…
top naked and legs open for me to take her…i dove to kiss her again and kissed her good this time….shw had me trapped in her legs as she crossed them around me…we were already grinding our bodies together,,,slowly..feeling our bodies..
i felt her hands workin on my jeans,,,i broke off for a sec and did the work for her,,,i removed my belt and unbuttoned my fly…she sat up and immediately took my cock into her hand and sucked on it,,,it was like she was starved sexually…
she was suckin so hard that her teeth hurt..but i guess that she was really in the mood…she licked and sucked me whole,,i’ve never seen a girl try and swallow me whole like she did..she smiled when she got to lick my balls…damn,,,wish i had a camera and captured that moment forever!

i couldnt let her do all the work,,,, i had her back on the sofa and i took her shorts slowly down together with her undie…
what a beautiful fucked up sight ! she was trimmed so nicely tulo kagad laway ko…i dove into her thighs slowly kissing them,,,moving from her inner thight to the back of her knees,,,then back again..slowly kissing and licking her skin to her pussy,,she gives a small quiver everytime my tongue tickle her clit,,i did that for about 10 mins just letting my tongue tickle her clit,,,,she moved to put both legs on my shoulders while i ate her,,,long strokes up and down on her pussy and some tongue fuckin made her wetter by the minute,,,i got some ice from the bowl that we had there and ate her away….she loved the chill…i fingered her with 2 fingers and ate her,,,

joan: fuck it mack..tangna ! ang sarap!

i stopped and looked at her with a grin on my face..

mack: anu yun?
joan: damnit dont stop,,,malapit na ako,,,ayan,,,ayan,,,,

she came right there,,,the fluids that came out of her pussy was something my tongue lashed at,,,i knew there was more to come,,,i still ate her coz i couldnt get enough of a sweet and great lookin pussy like hers….

joan:mack..i want you to fuck me na,,,
mack:joan,,i love your pussy so much…i wanna eat you more till you cum again.
joan,,tangna mo mack,,di ko na kaya,,kantutin mo na ako,,

with that she pushed her legs on my shoulders….i was back on the floor,,,she quickly mounted me and grabed my cock and automatically got it inside her,,,,sa pagkakabigla ng motion nya….she had all of it in one fluid motion,,the pussy she had felt so fuckin great,,she was hot and so wet,,,

joan:mack,,bat ganito,,,ang sakit sa pussy ko,,,

she was saying that while she was grinding at me at slow paced motions…

mack: ikaw nman kasi eh,bat mo binigla…u shoulda let me be the one to do that,,,,
joan: sorry…di ko na matiis eh,,pinalibog mo ako,,,,sobra,,,,,,,,ahh,,,ang sarap ng titi mo mack,,,iba ang pakiramdam sa pussy ko,,,grabe,,,,,,sarap…..
mack: ganun ba…well joan,,,u take it slow,,,i want you to enjoy every moment,,

she rode me like that for a couple of minutes,,,,when i laid back,,,,,she went down on my chest too,,,
this gave me more angle to fuck her while she was on top..she loved it….she stopped doing cowgirl while i pumped her hard from below…

joan:fuck…fuck..fuck…fuck….im cumming again !!!

as she said those words she slumped on my chest and came…i was enjoying makin her cum…i really didnt think about cumming myslef coz i really wanted to pleasure this woman im in fuckin..hehe….after that…she rolled oever to my side,,,exhausted from the fuckin i gave her,,,but that didnt mean i could stop right? so since she was infront of me…i got up and positioned myself between her legs….

joan:mack,,,,,teka lang,,hinihingal pa ako….
mack:so? your cunt is still wet…besides,,,i wanna fuck you,,,,i wanted to fuck you ever since i first saw your sexy ass…

i say stroking my still harderned cock inside her while i was saying that,,,

mack:ang sarap mo joan…tangna…
joan: tangna mack..iba….iba tlga mon…..grabe…..iba pakiramdam ng titi mo…
mack:damn joan….just let me fuck you good,,,
joan:ahh,,sarap mack,,ang sarap.. wait,,,,iba nman…..fuck me nman doggy,,

fuckin her doggy didnt last long,,,in less than a minute umayaw na sya,,,maskit raw sa tummy nya eh,,
i dunno,,but i almost came nun,,so we ended up fuckin again with me on top of her,,,,
so about an hour into the first round i finally came…i came real hard after all the build up ng sarap na ginawa namin dalawa,,i came inside her,,,,,at first i wanted it on the outside and be safe but it was her who locked her legs on me when i was about to cum….i guess its a different fulfillment for women to have cum inside them after the act of fuckin…
di na ako nakadalawa coz she was too tried up,,,i got to fuck her for an hour plus and i only got to cum once,,,sakit na raw eh and we didnt have any lubrication with us then…the moment for me then was when she cleaned up my rod after cummin inside her,,,ang sarap grabe…i wanted more but i guess i better let her rest….i mean….i could get to fuck her more and even harder soon…


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