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Bargain 3 (last part)

We wash each other and warm up again. Sandy kneels in under the water spray and sucks me after washes me. She gets me hard and pulls me out of the shower and back to bed we go. I lay back on the bed and she takes me into her mouth. I find her hips and pull her over the top of me and I extend my tongue push it into her as far as it will go. Sandy rocks her hips against my mouth and strokes my cock and bathes the head with her tongue.

I pull her hard clit between my lips and tap it with my tongue. Sandy moans around my cock and I feel her body convulse as she comes. Her orgasm begins as the first steamer of cum splatters onto her tongue. She closes her mouth around my cock and swallows every drop. We fall apart again.

“John, I hoped I was offering my body to someone who was a good lay. This would have been a bad experience if you were a lousy lay. It least I can concentrate on the power of the sex and enjoy your cock.”

We lay on the bed getting to know each other while we recover. She has my cock in her hand and softly jacks my cock.

“Sandy, where does your husband think you are right now?”

“He thinks I’m out with a girlfriend. She has used me as an excuse when she has met up with a lover she has. She was glad to return the favor. What about you?”

“My wife thinks I’m at a meeting with city officials.”

“Do you have enough time for another round? Your cock’s ready.”

“Sure, I have plenty of time.”

“But this time John I want it deep inside my pussy, and I will sign”

“Are you sure for this?”
“come on, I need a cock in my pussy, you hit my ass, now it is my pussy you have to do it, Nowwww and it’s a perfect bargain”

“Holy shit,, you are such a horny toad..”

“Suck my tits. Bite my nipples. Oh, fuck, yes. Nip them.” She picks up the pace of her wiggle on my cock and I pinch her nipples with my fingers. She’s moaning loudly and panting as she rises and falls on my cock. “Fuck, I’m cumming again. Fuck it.” I’m not quite ready yet, two cums gives me a certain stamina. She cums choking my cock with her tight pussy. Sandy keeps fucking and screaming. “Fuck my cunnt, I’m cumming again.” She goes over again and she is losing control.

“John, cum inside me. I want to feel it shoot deep inside. Fuck me.” I am now ready. Her blizzard of dirty talk is pulling out my cum. I shoot deep inside and push her up with the force of my strokes. She cums again and then collapses on my chest. My cum running out of her pussy.

“Fuck, John, I’ve never been fucked like this. Where’s that fucking paper I’m supposed to sign.”


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