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My first time with Sandy, who was 32 and newly married at the time, was because she and her husband owned a franchise company that was going under. They had worked hard to bring in money, but they had also spent hard. New house, SUV, car ( fyi – a screwed asshole minded reader a car is different in category from SUV – para ho ito sa mga pinoy ma enhance sa pag read ng English) and suddenly their debt arises.

Sandy did the books for the business. When the recession hit she started borrowing to finance to cope the needs, but they soon exhausted every available source of cash. Sandy came to me, not for more cash, but to help them look at bankruptcy. They were in danger of losing their home to foreclosure and Sandy was distraught at the thought of losing her home.

Gail led her into the office and offered her coffee. She sat and sipped it while I looked at the papers she had brought with her. As I scanned the papers I also glanced up periodically to appraise her case as well. Her face fit her straight lighted semi chesnut color hair perfectly. She had C sized tits that, I noticed, bounced nicely as she walked into the room and sat down. Her thin blouse amplified the slightest move of her full, firm breasts. She was a full-figured woman. I could see her being an underwear model for Lane Bryant, standing in a white lace corset, garter belt, white stockings, and g-string panties. Her breasts would bulge over the cups of her corset creating a distracting amount of cleavage. Suddenly my dick is getting hard looking at her. I look back down at the papers.

I started discussing her case, working through the papers she brought with here. As we talked about her problems, I was thinking about her in a black chemise with black thong panties, the chemise thin so her nipples are displayed both in their state of arousal and their visibility through the thin lace. She is posed in profile. Her tits holding out the material of the chemise, which is short enough to display a full ass cheek. Fuck, I sure can’t stand up now. I reach down under the desk and squeeze my cock, down boy.

As I reviewed their financial records I noticed she got up and started looking at the my pictures and awards on the wall: the plaques for community service and law degrees, and pictures with well known state and national political figures. She stood up and moved close to the wall examining them. She’s now wearing a light-blue satin baby doll nightie that barely covers her ass cheeks, no bra, and tiny panties, nothing more than string and a small triangle covering her shaved pussy. As she walked along the wall I focused on her lightly veiled ass. Think about what pleasure it could provide. My cock had grown so hard it was painful; it needed release. I stroked it a bit, because I couldn’t not do it.

“John, are you married.”

“Yes, my wife and I have been married over thirty years.”

“You seem such a young man for being married for so long.”

“Thank you. You are also quite beautiful.”

“Oh, I could lose a few pounds.”

“Sandy, some woman think they are fat, and they are, and some women think they are fat, and what they truly are is very sensual and erotic. You are most definitely in the sensual category.”

She beamed at me and went back to looking at the pictures. She was sensual as she was now wearing one of my shirts and nothing else. I knew as I looked at her freshly fucked glow, that my cum was in her pussy, and at any second I would see a small stream run down her leg. Shit, I’ve got to stop looking at these lingerie catalogs. I reach down and stroke my cock a couple of times just to relieve some stress. Much more of this and I’m going to have wet pants.

She noticed some people at the bank which held all her debt. Sandy walked over to my desk. My shirt was not buttoned and I could see the inner slopes of her tits and her pussy with it small crown of hair. I was sure she arched her back to show off her breasts to me. My cock was close to unloading in my pants.

“John, is there any way you could use your connections to the people at the bank to help us.”

“I really can’t. Our relationship with them is completely confidential. Our firm could suffer serious damage if I abused this relationship.”

She slowly came behind my desk. I saw she had dropped the shirt to the floor. I blinked and suddenly she was dressed in her suit. My dick was throbbing in my pants. She turned my chair around so I faced her as she leaned over me.

In a voice that promised much she softly said, “John, I will do anything not to lose my house and cars. I need you to help me. Save my house and cars and I will repay you with my love and body. I will offer you my body. I will suck you dry, you can fuck my ass, you can fuck these big tits of mine, you just can’t fuck my pussy. I can not get pregnant.”

“Well, Sandy, that’s quite the offer. Now you will have to sign a paper that states that you absolve me of any legal liability for our affair and that you are entering this consensually and without remorse.”

“I’ll sign anything; I’ll do anything, just help me.”

“Have a seat and I’ll get things going.”

She sat back down. I’m steadily leaking into my pants. She sat in the chair next to the table where my secretary and I fuck several times a week, while I went into my bathroom and called the local Hilton Hotel.

When I walked in Sandy appeared as if I had interrupted her deep in thought.

“Meet me tonight at the Hotel, room 189, at 7 p.m. I’ll bring the agreement and you can sign it then.”

I was standing next to her my erection was still in full force. She looked at the long bar stretching my pants. Her hand came up and touched the bulge. She stood up and said, “I’ll be there.” I watched her ass bobble as she left the office.

I quickly sat down at my desk and waited until I was sure she had left our offices. I pushed the intercom button on my phone. “Gail, could you come in here.”

“Sure, John, I’ll be right there.”

She walked in and I motioned her to lock the door. She gave me a surprised look, then a look of understanding. She stood by the door and pulled up her dress and lowered her panties to the floor. She moved over to our table, bent over it raising her dress, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy to me. I could see her hand start to rub her clit. Her pussy opened and I could see the moisture begin to form. I stood up and moved behind her and unzipped my pants. I quickly lodged my cock into her cunt and started to fuck her hard.
“John, did this high profile turn you on? Did you get hard from her braless tits? Isn’t she a little on the fat side for you? I bet you couldn’t get you cock in her ass through those fat cheeks of hers. She looks so innocent. You don’t like innocent girls do you? You like women like me who know what they want. I know when you need to fuck my pussy because your cock got hard over some blonde piece of fluff. Fuck me, John, shoot your hot cum into my pussy, because if you shoot your cum into that fat blonde bitch’s cunt, I’ll cut your dick off. You know that don’t you, John?”

“Oh, yes, Gail, I know it.” I filled her cunt with a huge load of cum. I felt her pussy spasm around mine as she followed me with her orgasm. I pulled out my wet cock and stuffed it back in to my pants. She stood and leaned down to put on her panties. She smiled at me and returned to her office.


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